SUMMARY î Little Liberia

  • Hardcover
  • 304
  • Little Liberia
  • Jonny Steinberg
  • English
  • 13 August 2018
  • 9780224085663

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Little Liberia

Jonny Steinberg º 8 SUMMARY

Ork's Liberians a man who had sat out the war in America but who harboured hopes of one day returning home to run for presidentWithin a year the two men were locked in a conflict that threatened to consume the community The suspicions and accusations the residents had bottled up for years exploded at once To observers it appeared that this enclave of exiles was frozen at the time of their flight restarting a war that had ended back homeJonny Steinberg spent two years in New York shadowing Rufus and Jacob eventually journeying to Liberia to piece together their biographies from the people who. This book taught me so much about Liberia and its connection to the USA which I never understood before I always find it confusing when reading books about Africa that the Africans often have a love hate relationship with the USA It is also evident in this book; yet America gives them an opportunity which they otherwise would not have had in terms of furthering their education finding employment getting health care etc In this case however there seems to be a type of entitlement Is this perhaps because of America being Liberia's 'parent' body I also found the relationship between the America Liberians and the native Liberians interesting It seems that money or the lack of it plays a vital role and much is made of who holds the power

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Once knew them What emerges is a story of a horrific and heart wrenching civil war of a deeply troubled relationship between America and West Africa of personal ambition wrestling with moral responsibility of memory wrestling with forgetfulness and of the uest to be human in a world losing its humanityMixing history reportage and a wealth of extraordinary personal stories Jonny Steinberg takes up the tale of a fractured African nation and its diaspora to remarkable effect Little Liberia is a uniue and important book told with clarity and compassion by one of our best and brightest young write. Well written the story and writing grabbed me from the first chapter and I much irrirated I had to put the book down and go to work Steinberg clearly has done a wealth of research and I appreciate the notes and further reading sections at the end of the book He wrote about African politics in Liberia in a compassionate way I much appreciated the history lesson about the civil war in Liberia and story of immigrants such as Joseph Rufus who fled a war zone to come to America

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On Park Hill Avenue in New York City almost everyone is Liberian Most people know one another; if not by name then by face And yet neighbours do not ask one another what they did in Liberia for the uestion is considered an accusation Many people here fled Liberia's brutal civil war a conflict that claimed the lives of one in fourteen Liberians The uestion of who is responsible is a bitter oneJacob Massauoi arrived on Park Hill Avenue in 2002 limping heavily Before he had been there a week a hundred stories abounded about his injury By this time Rufus Arkoi was the acknowledged leader of New Y. Maps the histories personalities and institutions behind a political battle within Staten Island's tight knit but fractious Liberian refugee community from the perspective of a white South African journalist who spent a year living in it Helpful for understanding the dynamics and legacies that have created challenges for organizing SI's and NY's African communities Steinberg is an entertaining writer; I would seek out his other books