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River Thieves

characters River Thieves

T of history one that has to go over the same events a few times before they begin to give up their secrets temporarily leaving his readers as disoriented as his benighted characters The book's real heart the Beothuks never becomes fully articulate; the Beothuks remain buried on the shore or encamped among the snows of Red Indian Lake Anyone who wants this kind of story to come euipped with heroes and perhaps even answers should turn to Rudy Wiebe but Crummey's labyrinthine approach has its own distinct appeal Jack Illingworth I LOVED Michael Crummy's second novel The Wreckage I had River Thieves for months before starting it for fear of being disappointed I wasn't ready until Galore was published As it turns out I was disappointed which is not to say River Thieves is not a very good book It's just very different from The Wreckage It is Michael Crummy's first novel What disappointed me was that I had to really work to get into the book unlike the Wreckage which had me hooked right from the beginning That said it is a very interesting novel which takes place in the early 1800's in Newfoundland Based on actual events it concerns interactions between native indians British settlers and Naval officials It's set on the northeast coast where the settlers fish in summer and trap in winter The Navy is hoping to establish friendly relations between the two groups both of whom depend on the same resources for their survival Michael Crummy is a Newfoundlander and the dialogue between characters is rich in collouialisms It is an interesting window into a different time and place

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2001 Giller Prize Nominee2002 comBooks in Canada First Novel Award Shortlist In River Thieves his first novel poet and short story writer Michael Crummey reaches far into Newfoundland's past to tell one of the colony's most tragic stories the extermination of the Beothuk people Through the lives and reminiscences of some of the colony's most prominent European residents David Buchan a naval explorer and idealist who attempts to bring the isolated Beothuks into productive contact with the British Empire; John Peyton Jr the obed Michael Crummey draws a very rich portrayal of a little known struggle in history between the early settlers in newfoundland and the Beothuk Indians who were driven to extinction by being cut off from their resources and way of life The characters are portrays as multilayered flawed individuals faced with difficult choices to make in order to survive in a harsh landscape The story moves back and forth in time to reveal and details on a pivotal event which has a profound effect on all involved both directly and indirectly in it Michael Crummey is truly a Canadian gem

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Ient son of a relentlessly patriarchal local trader; Cassie Jure John Peyton Sr's literate aloof housekeeper; and Joseph Reilly a transported Irish thief and a genuinely decent trapper Crummey recounts a halfhearted attempt foiled by the colony's petty tensions to save the Beothuks River Thieves is an oddly meandering novel and this is its greatest appeal Rather than offering a grisly guilt ridden adventure story that rushes from its suitably portentous beginning to its inevitably sombre end Crummey works with a meandering sor Review coming soon