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    In Debra Salonen's newest book the reader finds bull rider Will Cavanaugh and professional business woman Anne Fraser Will ambition's the top bull riding slot; however an injury has sidelined him for the summer Anne's just one pinch from making it big in New York's business world Fate steps in to change Will and Anne's course in life When Will's grandfather A J Cavenaugh calls asking for summer help Will immediately headed home Anne receives the same reuest setting her and her asthmatic daughter Zoey on the same path She can't say no to her stepfather With well developed characters and a slow built up of the romance between Anne and Will Salonen created a sweet story I love the way Salonen did not rush them but let the emotion build from a simmer to a roaring fire Through the trauma of asthma attracts the influx of guest and fighting their feelings this book keeps the reader entertained Anne and Will have ghosts from the past they must overcome Anne lives and works in New York while Will's on the rodeo tour They know this life would not be the proper fit for a sickly child or marriage Meanwhile Zoey's growing and becoming healthy in the dry western weather; making friends and loving the lifestyle With so many obstacles to overcome Salonen skillfully crafted an HEA romance Although the story does contain intense emotional attraction the love scene is not graphic or explicit Instead I found it sweet and full of emotionSalonen's scenes transition smoothly the plot will hold your interest and the pacing's in line with the length of the book Salonen created to two independent people who are strong and reliable Will's a true gentleman of the range with heart and commitment Anne always juggled her professional obligations and her love for Zoey It's lovely to see Anne mature and grow as she comes to understand her purpose in life and find her happy ever after Zoey's a beautiful character; typical of children her age Without her the story would not have been the same Cowboys ranching a sweet child and romance; what could you want I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend FootnoteAdditionally I received this book from the author and chose to voluntarily review the book with an honest romance book review Lastly book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion All book reviews online and on my blog are my opinions Also the ARC did not affect my voluntary romance novel review

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    This was a decent romance book Anne is a single mother of a highly asthmatic little girl named Zoey whose father never wanted kids so once she was born he decided to leave the marriageAnne comes back home to help run The Silver Rose ranch for the summershe is surprised to find that Willwho she had a thing with briefly in high school is also helping out for the summer caring for the ranch'so horses Their mutual attraction is obvious but Anne has been hurt by her ex husband and she has Zoey which is her number one priority and she will also only be there for 3 months and will then be going back to her career in New York Will plans on only staying for the summer and then plans on getting back to his career in bull riding Will doesn't plan on how hard he falls in love for the sweet little girl he gets to know and he knows what he feels for her mother Anne is a love like none he has ever known before view spoiler Luckily they both figure out that they are meant to be and wind up together in the endand they both move permanently to the ranch which has been signed over to them They are the new owners and they seem to have found their happily ever after yay hide spoiler

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    DNFAm I the only one who couldn’t make sense of how Anne’s mom was married to Will’s grandfather and yet the two of them are about the same age? It just didn’t add up for me Perhaps I misread it?

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    Her Forever Cowboy is the first story in Debra Salonen’s new West Coast HEA series Linked only by location these stories can each be read as stand alones They’re contemporary romances each bearing that warm inclusive feel that is Debra Salonen’s trademark styleSingle mother Anna is trying to balance her career aspirations with the needs of her daughter Zoey who suffers from asthma and stress induced allergies Anna is living a guilt trip guilt from not being there for her daughter because of the demands of her job guilt over not being around as much as she’d have liked when her mother was ill and guilt over leaving her boss in the lurch so she can take leave to help her stepfather AJ fulfil a promise to his dead wife She’s also concerned about seeing AJ’s grandson Will with whom she shared her first kiss 15 years earlierMeanwhileheart throb bullrider Will has problems of his own He’s determined to win the PBR at least once in his career but one injury after another and now a hairline fracture of his skull has him sidelined for the rest of the seasonWill Anna and Anna’s daughter Zoey are the stars of this charming story but they are ably supported by AJ and a string of other people who all help to make the story flow I really enjoyed watching Anna and Will develop as they learned to work together and make the Silver Rose ranch a success under their managementThis story is perfect for lovers of sweet small town romances Perfectly paced and with plenty of conflict it kept me guessing to the end I loved it and after sneaking a peek at the fist chapter of book two in the series I know I’ll love that too

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    Wow What a delicious second chance romance Star crossed lovers precious child and wonderful supporting casrI've never used the word tender in a review but it lept to mind as a I sat down to write Anne is an all too consumed mother inches from the glass ceiling rarified air indeed and driven to succeed Will is a broken cowboy on a medical time out from bull riding rodeo star and obviouly insane The smoldering childhood attraction kicking into sizzling mode Then the inevitable couldashoulda woulda drama plays out Remembering it' s a guranteed HEA Derba Solonen's special chemistry and adorable child Zoey and you have ding ding ding a 5 star winnerThe backstories are sob worthy but no triggers well I had Asthma as a child also but outgrew it endearing tender and heartwarming A triumph of a novel that checks all the boxes I love how the author allows the readers to see through the BS delusional justifications for distance and rub our hands in excitement for the protagonist to get a clueOn a book lover note I reached the sad realization that the book would soon end as the HEA rushed to fulfillment Several sighs later I made the bold step to allow myself the joy of finishing a deeply moving contemporary romance A great storyYou can bet I already ordered Never Say Never book 2 in the series Sounds scrumptious

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    I am very biased when it comes to Debra Salonen who continuously writes such uality pieces of work This book is no different its her new series West Coast Happily Ever After The captivating characters chemistry between Will and Anne is instantaneous and sizzling hotThey meet when they were younger as Will's Grandpa married Anne's mumboth went their different ways Anne to New York in the Hotel business and Will to Bull Riding with the RodeoBoth brought back after Anne's mum passed away to look after the ranch while Grandpa takes his wife's ashes to the places they never got to go togetherA brilliantly written romance entertaining fun sexywith passion and heat I thoroughly love this book I was hooked from page one a definite attention grabber and will keep you coming back for Do I recommend this book 100% yes Would I re read this book Yes it goes without sayingWould I read future books by this author Of course I wouldI highly recommend this book and cannot wait to read the next

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    This charming and lyrically told tale describes the coming of age of a driven and overworked single mother with a severely asthmatic child and a rodeo cowboy on medical leave from his extreme sport of bull riding Both are uprooted from their lives to run a working dude ranch Once I got started reading this one I found myself reluctant to even pause for meals I love that the internal dialogues move forward rapidly no wallowing in or endless repetition and the external dialogues are relaxed and natural We uickly get to know the characters and sense their depths as we learn their hang ups and motivations; the solutions to issues are thought out and logical; the conclusion is a bit O'Henry Now about that pink car

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    This story touches all of your emotions from laughter to sadness and everything in between It is a very real story of heartache and how it affects the characters Heartache over a broken marriage a sick child and a parent dying or a spouse dying Debra Salonen takes you on this incredible journey and will leave you wondering until the last page how the journey ends She also throws in several surprises tooI received an advance copy of this book and I willingly chose to write an honest review

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    This was just an okay book Story is sweet and a little different from most I’ve read but unfortunately I kept getting lost or falling asleep in some overly descriptive internal monologues Descriptions are great but not when they seem to go on forever and then serve no purpose to the actual story It was cute and sweet but I would have preferred less of the day to day and a chapter or so of after they settle down on the ranch as a family

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A Cowboy Summer Harleuin Superromance No 1196

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Ially when she discovers that her stepfather has also talked his grandson champion bull rider Will Cavanaugh into helping out at the Silver RoseNow in addition to running. Wow What a delicious second chance romance Star crossed lovers precious child

characters A Cowboy Summer Harleuin Superromance No 1196

Anne Fraser can't refuse her stepfather's reuest to manage his ranch while he's away but she has reservations about taking her daughter back to Nevada for the summer Espec. This was a decent romance book Anne is a single mother of a highly asthmatic

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The ranch worrying about her child and reassuring her boss in New York that her absence is temporary Anne has to find a way to deal with the feelings she still has for Wil. This story touches all of your emotions from laughter to sadness and everythi

  • Paperback
  • 304
  • A Cowboy Summer Harleuin Superromance No 1196
  • Debra Salonen
  • English
  • 02 October 2019
  • 9780373711963

About the Author: Debra Salonen

Born and raised in Brookings South Dakota Youngest of five much youngest A Baby Boomer who married her high school sweetheart our lockers were side by side Mother of two grandmother of three darling princesses dog mother of 25 mutts Graduate of South Dakota State University with a Master’s degree in Geography and History Job history taxi driver flax seed counter cartographer r