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Sed late night call he's ready to respond withouthesitation Cheryl's working undercovertrying to bring down a ring of dirty copswho've found murder a great way tohandle business But Joe's partner andwife are strongly against him gettinginvolved especial the book i read is called Black Rain by vincent alexandriabook is about a detective named joe johnson the story takes place in kansas city missouri one night joe receives a message on his phone and its his FBI agent cheryl chase she tells him that she needs help joe doesn't know what's going on so he calls agent james james tells joe to meet him at park when they arrive at the park james tells joe everything he says chase is working undercover on a case in Nebraska and needs ur help do you exept joe takes the mission and detective james explains further shes working with a druglord named dread we sent her on the case a few weeks ago and we think shes deadafter that joe came back from the park to get ready for Nebraska but before that he had to see his mom and wife because his mom was dyingnow joe is on his way to Nebraska and he takes two extra cops with him tiny and prettythey arrive at a hotel and in there room dreads men who were cops were waiting for themjoe enters the romm and the cops try to jump them but they get beat up and joe takes there badges after the fight joe calls dread and tells him to meet him at the city plaza on his way there dreads men try to kill them unfortunately it didnt work soon they arrived at the plaza and dread tries to make a run for it Joe grabs a motorcycle and follows him during the pursuit dread tries to run joe of the road but he crashes and run into a statue joe gets of the bike and walks up to him ti watch him die after the incident joe sees chase and she takes off joe follows her to a hotel and when he comes in she shoots him she tells him that she took the money from dread and ask him if he wants to run away with her joe pauses and looks ats her and says he cant come because he has a wife and kids she starts to cry and runs off later on when joe gets home he finds out that his mother died at the funeral joe sees chase for the last time but walks away without saying a word

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Ly with a woman whonearly cost him his marriage beforeNow Joe's got to face his mostdangerous case yet and it will takeevery skill he has to infiltrate outwit andbring down the psychopathic ringleaderif he and Cheryl are to stay alive andmake it back ho My only real complaint was that the pacing of Black Rain for me was much too fast Though I enjoyed the story it was difficult for me to identify with Vincent Alexandria's protagonist Detective Joe Johnson The author however did a great job in getting into the heads of the antagonist and undercover Special Agent Cheryl ChaseBlack Rain is definitely worth reading

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Kansas City detective Joe Johnson is a passionate family man and a lovinghusband and father But on the streetshe can go toe to toe with the toughestgangsters Joe is also fiercely loyal tohis fellow officers; so when FBI agentCheryl Chase makes a distres Vincent Alexandria author of Black Rain describes his novel in three words passion murder and deceit He made an accurate description because Black Rain is filled with all three respectfully Now I have never been the one to pick up a novel about the world of police work but this one may make me thing twice about it next time Alexandria made police work corruption and sting operations interesting With his vivid characters and precise description of each scene it allowed me to really get into the action From chapter to chapter you learn about each character and how they play a significant role in the storyline The lies and deceit kept me reading even when some scenes got a little wordy The anxiety to know what was going to happen next made me remain engaged in the story The obstacles and moral dilemma were definitely realistic and believable allowing for a good read Joe the main character had internal struggles with what he knew he had to do and what he knew was the right thing to do Staying true to himself and the ones he loved allowed the storyline to progress smoothly This made Black Rain a relatable novel Even though I am not a police officer or know anyone personally who is Alexandria made it easy for me to understand the life of an officer Underneath the story of corruption there is a story of loyalty and love Perfect for us hopeless romantics who love a great ending T Nicole Robinson AAMBC Book Reviewer MARTINIQUE. : Produits du terroir et recettes traditionnelles really get into the action From chapter to chapter you learn about each character and how they play a significant

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