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The two brothers who no longer meet or speak to each other are neighbors in a northern Swedish village They used to share a wife each thinking he had sole tenure Each thought that he was the fath. I picked this book up randomly from a mall kiosk selling used books Definitely one of my better impulse buys I found that this book almost had a fable type aspect to it and I enjoyed that part of it very much It is about two estranged brothers both sick but with polar opposite symptoms The main character is a female lecturer trapped because of a snowstorm She visits both brothers and they each tell their own version of their feud and the story of the woman that they both loved I don't normally re read books but this is one that I would like to read again It seemed to me so rich with meaning that I am sure I missed things in my first reading

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Give a lecture and lodges with one of the brothers She becomes the mutual messenger the joint repository for their recriminations A tour de force by one of the true European masters of black humo. One of the most original things I've ever read though Hummelhonung Honey is disturbing and difficult in its own way There's a dangerous lack of human beings in the counterposition of two twin brothers in a remote corner of Sweden Like salt and sugar the two old brothers are impossibile to mix together and the only thing that keeps them alive is their reciprocal hate Each of them has a lethargic selfish and out of time life just aiming to survive to the long wished death of his twinTorgny Lindgren gradually unveils the reasons of this incomprehensible competition thanks to the presence of a third character a woman preacher accidentally blocked by a snowstorm in the house of one of the twinsDivided between salt and sugar the woman doesn't pick a part She tries to understand two opposite solitudes being forced to live a third and sour one

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Er of the woman's only son The boy died in an accident while the two men bickered as to which of them should rescue him All the petty rancors come to light when a woman arrives in the village to. Stranger than strange Someone told me he was thinking of the Berlin Wall writing it Love his way to make Sweden a strange and exotic place I listen to his books he reads them himself in swedish and he is so so good

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