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  • Overheated DIG Security #1
  • Laina Kenney
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  • 13 January 2019
  • 9781610340199

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Overheated DIG Security #1

Laina Kenney Ý 1 READ & DOWNLOAD

Ead of the stalker Dash realizes that his need to take over and protect will not help Sara have confidence in her own abilities So he goes against his own primitive instincts and his training to teach her to protect herself and reclaim her freedom The only problem is when the danger is over how will Dash ever let Sara go. Didn't live up to its billing for me I like introvert heroines and heroes who actually like that uality in them This book does have that but it's just not long enough to allow any believable characterisation or my emotional engagement with the main characters I should have liked this ps It's way too expensive for the length


After moving to escape a controlling ex shy Sara James takes a job with a personal security firm intent on settling down But her sudden hot attraction to her dark and dangerous new boss is a complication she cannot afford or understandFormer Army Ranger and Security Specialist Dash Williams takes one look at his new empl. When Sara James was hired at DIG Army Ranger and specialist Dash Williams knows she is the one for him Sara's shy demeanor has him baffled on how to approach her usually women throw themselves at him where Sara is concerned she keeps her distance When Dash finds out that an ex boyfriend is stalking Sara he not only sees his chance to keep her close what he doesn't expect is the passion that he sees in her eyes when he makes his intentions clearI love this series the first book is semi short but pack full of passion intrigue and hints towards the next book This was a reread for meReread still my favorite in the series Carefully crafted with little pebbles of hints fo the next book

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Oyee and falls hard But how can he approach a woman who outwardly ignores him while her soft yearning eyes send another message entirely His dominant instincts fire to life and when Sara is plagued by a depraved stalker he steps in to protect the woman he wants to claim as his ownAs they work together to stay one step ah. I really wanted to give this book 5 stars but I felt like when I started the book that I was coming into the middle of the story instead of the beginningthere could have been a great lead in story and everything happened at such a fast paceI do have to say though that it was a great short read and I will read the next one