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    45 stars Oooo smut smut smut smut smut D Is it terribly shallow to admit that I snapped up this book because I heard there was hot whispers dragon sex in it? I rarely read paranormal romances these days but all of the reviews I saw for this book were raves so I was wild with curiosity Besides I have a serious weakness for shapeshifters which has sometimes led to disastrous reads and sometimes led to really fun ones I'm happy to report that in this case the book than lives up to the hype The story is actually really good and so well plotted that in some ways I'd say this is a lot closer to urban fantasy than your typical PNR; there's as much focus on the story as there is on the relationship Pia the central character is very strong and principled When we first meet her she's just been coerced into stealing from a powerful dragon lord Being a clever woman she's stolen only a single penny and she even left a note of apology in its place Dragos doesn't care however and comes after her with all the force of his formidable powers and bristling with outrage and fury Things begin to get interesting when they realize that Pia's coercion is actually part of a bigger political game between the Fae and the Elder Racesand when they discover their unwilling attraction to one anotherAnd boy oh boy is this relationship HOT Dragos is a very um masculine guy and he's overwhelmingly attracted to Pia The rumors of crazy dragon sex in this book were not exaggerated but what I also love is that the relationship between them is portrayed with a great deal of respect and tenderness They're strong as individuals but they're so great together that you really want them to overcome all their obstacles and get their happily ever after The secondary characters are also great and the set up for the next book Storm's Heart is skillfully woven into the plotAside from a small bit of info dumping in the beginning this is an exceptionally well written novel for the genre and filled with humorous situations and hilarious one liners Several of my friends have pulled this out as a favorite uote and I have to share it as well because it just makes me giggle “So is that your long scaly reptilian tail or are you just happy to see me?”Tee hee hee How can you not laugh? This is a book that isn't afraid to poke fun at itself which is a nice change from all the paranormal books that take their own mythology so seriously Speaking of which I also enjoyed the reveal of Pia's mysterious past and herpowers It was a fun surprise and perfectly doneIf you're inclined to read this sort of book I can't recommend this enough it's truly the best PNR book I've ever read Every element that you could consider the story the magic the characters the romance the sex the writing is absolutely terrific You really couldn't ask for a entertaining read

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    Why did it take me so long to discover this series???? Dragon Bound is the 1st book in Thea Harrison's Elder Races Series The world that she's created is uniue fun and so cool A world where shape shifters vampires dragons and humans all trying to live togetherI loved this book It had everything I want in a story An uniue and fresh plot romance tension action unforgettable characters exotic settings and great dialogueDragos Pia are my new favorite fiction couple I adored them being together Their chemistry is filled with hot sparks and sexual tensionwow off the charts Their interaction was really fabulousthe banterI just loved their dialogue together Dragos Cuelebre This is an incredibly dominant alpha maleand a gorgeous dragon too He's sexy possessive and totally dangerous “I am cursed with a terminal case of curiosity he said I am jealous selfish acuisitive territorial and possessive I have a terrible temper and I know I can be a cruel son of a bitch Pia Giovanni Half Wyr half human but her animal form is a secret she keeps very well hidden A totally fabulous heroinesexy strong funny brave and not a doormat Not afraid to stand up to DragosI enjoyed the way their relationship developed through the storyThere are so many incredible characters that are introduced and I can't wait to read their storiesDragon Bound was absolutely fabulous and I am looking forward to reading the entire series

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    Reread on Audible done in May 2020I was inspired to do a reread since I finished Serpent's Kiss and absolutely loved it This book was as fantastic as I remembered it to be It's strange to look back at a book nine years later Some things struck me different but I still really love this book This time around Dragos didn't seem as edgy as he did the first time I guess it's because the edgy hero is fully in vogue now I love Pia's sass and her tendency to talk to herself The world building is really excellent and I can see why it was such a firm foundation for such a long series I have rekindled my paranormal romance love and I'm off and running Thoughts on the Audible version free with Audible Escape I enjoyed Sophie Eastlake's narration immensely She is very good at voicing the various characters down to their specific timbre and cadence I loved how she voiced Dragos he definitely seems like an ancient bossy grumpy sexy dragon I would recommend checking it outDragon Bound was an awesome book I loved just about everything about it I'm not even going to pretend that my favorite element wasn't Dragos 'cause it was I have an unnatural attraction to possessive jealous stalkerific heroes who are scary as heck and Dragos is going on my list of favorite heroes of this type I liked that although Pia started out as a thief who dared to steal from him she became his own personal hoard He acted like a dragon of old used to having his way in all things Even though he came on kind of strong it was clear that he wouldn't do anything to hurt Pia He cared enough to make sure that Pia was happy He brushed her hair all the time He was actually a softie underneath all that hard scaly dragon armor Ms Harrison knows how to write this kind of hero very wellDragos is like a Harleuin Presents hero done well with an intensity times one hundred He is unbelievably wealthy prominent and gorgeous He is also immensely powerful And he was done so well there was never that incredulity factor where I have this sarcastic cheerleader moment in my head Yay he is so awesome rolls eyes Dragos truly was awesome Sick girl that I was I liked that even though Pia found him hot and fell in love with him she could still see he was a scary guy Who doesn't like a guy who would give you the world but he could also slaughter a whole army of enemies for you? Who's so jealous he doesn't even like his crew touching you? PSA awareness moment Not okay in real life but I like it in books So shoot meI thought the world building was really good I loved the fact that this book has a strong fantasy element eual to the romance It wasn't just a backdrop for paranormal loving which was verra nice mind you There was a lot of thought put into creating this world in which humans live alongside Wyr shapeshifters and Faerie folk of all kinds and old magic is alive and well in this world and into the adjacent magic realms It seemed eminently plausible that one of the most powerful economic figures could be an ancient dragon Don't I wish?Dragos is an awesome hero and Pia is an eually awesome heroine She is gutsy intelligent funny and sweet She never gave me the urge to ignore her and focus on the hero because I didn't like her I loved her a lot I could see myself having similar reactions to the strange circumstances she faces I loved how utterly fearless although inwardly uaking she was when faced with the very scary Dragos and especially at the end when she finds herself in a very rough situation I loved her self deprecating humorous way of looking at the world very down to earth and resourceful I loved her secret heritage and how Dragos cherished that part of her and all parts of her I felt tears brimming when she discovers what she truly is You have to understand that I was the little girl who was in love with Pegasus Unicorns and all mythical creatures It was a sweet moment for this little girl who has never truly grown up insideI loved Dragos' crew especially Graydon who reminded me of Butch from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward and Tricks a very hip elf who works as Dragos' PR rep and happens to be the true heir to Throne of the Dark Fae How cool was it that his sentinels consisted of four gryphons and a tough female Harpy she reminded me of my girl Xhex from the Black Dagger books It was funny how Dragos came to life when Pia came around and seeing how his crew reacted to the new Dragos I don't think my review can really add anything because there are some great reviews out there of this book I really did love everything about it It was just hip enough but not annoyingly so the story and the fantasy elements were fantastic there were many laugh out loud moments this book was really funny and some poignant moments I loved the relationship between Pia and Dragos and how they had to work at some things but they weren't going to give up on being together view spoiler And my being a romance reader who likes babies I was so happy that she even had that element Not enough PNR books have pregnancy and babies in them for me I know some readers hate that but not me So I was glad she did have that in this book and it was so cool how she did it Definitely some 'aww' moments there hide spoiler

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    5 stars – Paranormal RomanceA M A Z I N G This time the author endorsements and reader hype are than justified I haven’t been this blown away by a paranormal romance debut or as energized and jazzed about a new PNR series in a long time Not since diving into the addictive worlds of JR Ward’s bold unbeatable Black Dagger Brotherhood Lara Adrian’s mesmerizing Midnight Breed Larissa Ione’s distinctive dark Demonica and Nalini Singh’s uniue Psy Changeling have I gotten such a thrill from discovering a new paranormal romance series Dragon Bound the first book in Thea Harrison’s innovative compelling Elder Races gave me the same kind of high I absolutely loved it Paranormal romance was my first foray into the vast world of romance after devouring the Twilight Saga and jonesing for mature and hotter fare and therefore will always have a special place in my heart But after reading so many and finding blissful escape in other romance sub genres that I love I find I’m much selective about PNR I’m ecstatic that I’ve found a new series that’s got me excited about paranormal romance once againDragon shifter Dragos is one of the most ancient and powerful Wyr in the world and his rule over New York City is absolute Nobody defies him so he’s enraged and enchanted that a slip of a woman like Pia Giovanni would dare to steal from his prized treasure Half breed Pia was raised to closely guard her half Wyr nature from other wyrkind even if that means becoming a thief to protect her secrets from her ex boyfriend’s threats of blackmail The last thing she needs is to anger and arouse the fiercest Wyr predator in existence but that’s exactly what happens when Pia invades a dragon’s private hoard In exchange for a pardon and her very life Dragos makes Pia a bargain she can’t refuse and she finds herself thrust into the mysterious dangerous world of magic she’s fought so desperately to avoid If only she could resist the smoldering attraction that burns hotter than dragonfire between her and DragosDragosBe still my predator lovin' heart YUM He’s a hot dangerous possessive dominating alpha hero used to getting anything and anyone he wants and always having everything his way and he’s completely undone by his unfamiliar feelings for Pia It was hilarious to witness his attempts to tame and gentle his beastly side for Pia and sexy as all get out when he let the beast loose in their lovemaking YOWZA I loved Dragos and Pia together and they had such funny sexy banter and explosive chemistry Pia’s resistance to Dragos annoyed me at times because I would have rolled over and begged for him but her spunk was also charming One of the things that impressed me the most is how the author created such an imaginative complex alternate modern society with so many fascinating varieties of magical beings shifters raptors fae elves witches goblins and yet managed to avoid bogging down the story with too many heavy details and excessive world building There is an amazing cast of secondary characters that has me very eager for future books in the series With a hotter than hell possessive alpha hero a uirky feisty heroine fast paced action clever dialogue sexy banter snarky humor scorching sexual tension strong intriguing secondary characters and steamy love scenes Dragon Bound has everything I crave in a romance It kept me thoroughly entertained I highly recommend this for fans of Ward Ione Singh Cole Showalter and Feehan and anyone who enjoys an excellent paranormal romance I can’t wait for Storm's Heart to see what’s in store next for this thrilling series Big 5 starsA few of my favorite lines Oh my God not only is he older than the Grand Canyon but he’s like the pope and the Fae King and the president of the United States all rolled up into one To some ancient cultures he had been a god He was going to hurt her so bad before he killed her so dead and all she could think of was how hot his kiss had been in the dream and how delicate the touch of his finger was as it traced down her bodyFor God’s sake The male was injured and here she was ogling him like a pervert in a porn storeHe rested his cheek against her head and rubbed her back “I am cursed with a terminal case of curiosity” he said “I am jealous selfish acuisitive territorial and possessive I have a terrible temper and I know I can be a cruel son of a bitch” He cocked his head “I used to eat people you know”

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    You know what is totally awkward? Listening to sexy books in audio format There was a really great moment while I listened to this one when a friend of mine got in the car I turned on the engine and the narrator said something along the lines of “he caressed her breast as he pushed her legs further apart” and I frantically tried to switch to the radio stumbling all over myself and hitting all the wrong buttons Awkward City population 1 Chalk that up as one reason I prefer listening to murder mysteries YA sci fi and fantasy Also it feels weird being turned on while I’m driving around BAM How’s that for TMI on Goodreads? But you know what the ultimate libido killer is in books? The scrunchie Oh didn’t you know? Some contemporary authors are under the impression that despite the calendar reading 2011 we are somehow still living in the 1990s Bare midriff shirts? Holy hell Pretty soon I’m going to read a new release where the main character wears backwards overalls like Kriss Kross with one buckle undone a hypercolor shirt and Airwalks I don’t want to harp on one tiny non issue because this book was loads of fun I initially started reading it with a friend but she blew past me because frankly I’ve been a sucky reader with the attention span of a caffeinated toddler as of late So I started it again as an audiobook and half listened half read it the second time round I’m a bit tired of fairies scratch that totally tired of them but not at all tired of dragons yet so this worked really well for me Plus there are several exciting Wyr kind in this book—Gryphons Harpies Thunderbirds Goblins view spoilerA FRAKKING UNICORN hide spoiler

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    Loved Dragos and Pia They meet after Pia achieves what no other has done before and steals from the Wyr leader She goes on the run and he catches than just his little thief The connection between the two was strong I loved Pia as a heroine because though she was physically weaker she was of strong conviction The story was full of great action progressive plot development and written well The characters are complex uniue and pretty darn awesome The world that the writer has created is captivating I enjoyed this book and am SO glad it was recommended by a few friends 3 I am eternally grateful Safety No OWOMSharing though Pia's story starts off with ex boyfriend drama No rapeabuse No condoms Neither were Vs

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    4 12–I'm In Love With A Dragon–Stars There are so many fantastic reviews for this book that my two cents won't bring anything new to the table so I'll just say that if you like paranormal romance this is one of the best It's delightful uniue humorous and oh so sexy To top it off I dare you not to fall head over heels in love with a dragon

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    ✌ Buddy read with my MacHalo Freaks ✌ Warning my reviewing mojo is still AWOL This will therefore be a Super Crappy Review SCR™ I really didn't feel like writing it and tried to get out of it by subcontracting to one of my ungrateful dear friends but not a single one of these wimps lovely people felt up to the task So it's their fault if you have to suffer through this Piece of Crap PoC™Confucianism Confusion is me There usually are two possible outcomes when I read Freaking PNR Novels FPN™➽ 9999% of the time these delightful pieces of literature make me feel like this➽ 001% of the time a miracle happens I lose all judgement and end up feeling like this Yeah I get all pink and levitate and shake and stuffWell that was until today Sorry what was that? I finished reading this FPN™ almost a month ago you say? Err yes And your point is? I shouldn't say until today because technically it's until about a month ago you say? Oh bloody hell would you get off my back for once? Would that be too much to ask? Please don't bother to answer that I think I know what you're going to say sighs dramatically Some friends you are Anyway where was I? Oh yes the two possible outcomes and all that crap So the whole feeling either like this or like that thing lasted until the day I finished this book view spoiler← happy now? hide spoiler

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    “So is that your long scaly reptilian tail or are you just happy to see me?” This is funny paranormal smut The guy is a dragon and the girl shifts into something so OTT that you will have to laugh Is that my voice?So our girl Pia steals a penny from the dragon man Dragos and he's pretty pissed off Until he gets a whiff of her lovely girly smell You all know by now that girls smell like sunshine and flowers and boys smell like leather and masculine trees It's nature Could be worse A lot worseInstead of killing her he finds himself falling for her But he's not even a bit civilized which is hilarious She scratched an arm “Did you kill the Fae horses?” Dragos said in a cautious voice“Was I not supposed to?” She shrugged “It just wasn’t their fault” “If it helps any I was hungry and ate one” “I guess that does help some” Yeah she's a vegan and he's a carnivorous beast It is a match made in heavenAs long as you come into this book understanding that it's fluffy smut you will have a good time with it If you want a truly original storyline a slow burn romance and amazing world building you need to keep shopping As for me I'm happy with this smutty little dragon filled world for now I'll keep with the series until I get bored

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    Dragos and Pia “You took a 1962 penny” Dragos said His teeth were gritted “You left a 1975 penny It’s no replacement”She stared at him “Oh my God it’s scary you noticed that”“I know everything in my hoard and exactly where it is” he told her “Down to the smallest piece”“You could go to a doctor get checked out for OCD” she panted “There might be medication for that”His chest moved in a silent laugh My God I love Dragos And Pia You cannot find easily a couple so well matched in PNRAnd how can you not love a book about a powerful dragon?A book which starts with the stealing of a pennyPia managed to infiltrate Dragos’ hoard and to steal a penny from him She did that in order to save her douche ex boyfriend by someone powerful unknown in the beginning who wanted something anything that belonged to Dragos Cuelebre ie The most powerful being on Earth A multi billionaire tycoon The boss of all the Wyrkind Someone who used to be considered a god by many old civilizationsBorn when the earth was formed and the sun shone with a different lightThe Great BeastAnd now twenty five years old Pia Giovanni has managed to draw the ancient Great Beast’s attention to her “No one takes what is mine” His growl reverberated through the ground He bared his teeth and bent down until he was nose to nose with her “No one” What Pia needs to realize really soon is that Dragos has already included her in his collection “She is mine” Dragos bared his teeth gold eyes flaring to lava His growl shivered through the ground at her knees and long fingers clenched on her wrist He tensed and began to rise The chemistry between Pia and Dragos is explosive “There is not another entity in the world who would dare to act that way with me”She froze and the blood drained from her faceHis expression changed He held a stiffened finger under her nose and said “No I did not mean that as a threat”Her lips trembled “What did you mean then?”He laid a hand on her cheek It was so long it almost covered the length of her head “You’re mine” he said “You can deny it argue throw fits try to run away But You’re Still Mine”“That’s insane” she whispered “I have no idea what that means I don’t belong to you or anyone else”“Yes you do” he told her His thumb stroked her lips “You are mine and I will keep you I will not hurt you and I will protect you And you’re beginning to trust me All of that is a good thing”“I am not a piece of property damn it”“But you are in my possession”She enunciated “I think you are a lunatic”“Since you are too that works well enough” Pia has many secrets Mainly she needs to trust Dragos enough and tell him what she really is And then Dragos will help her Dragos starts as a stubborn scary monster with OCD and as the book proceeds he will melt for PiaSo this is an alternative world full of magic A world where the Elder Races and humankind had lived together openly since the Elizabethan AgeThe Elder Races comprises of the Wyrkind the Elves both Light and Dark Fae Vampires and Djinns Every book or less introduces an Elder RaceAn amazing series I cannot recommend it highly enoughIf you love PNR or Urban Fantasy or Fantasy in general you need to try this series

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Dragon bound

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Ia finds herself targeted by one of the most powerful and passionate of the Elder RacesAs the most feared and respected of the Wyrkind Dragos Cuelebre cannot believe someone had the audacity to steal from him much less succeed And when he catches. Loved Dragos and Pia They meet after Pia achieves what no other h

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Half human and half Wyr Pia Giovanni spent her life keeping a low profile among the Wyrkind and avoiding the continuing conflict between them and their Dark Fae enemies But after being blackmailed into stealing a coin from the hoard of a dragon P. Reread on Audible done in May 2020I was inspired to do a reread s

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The thief Dragos spares her life claiming her as his own to further explore the desire they've ignited in each otherPia knows she must repay Dragos for her trespass but refuses to become his slave although she cannot deny wanting him body and so. “So is that your long scaly reptilian tail or are you just ha

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I write paranormal romance urban fantasy and other stuff I taught myself to read when I was four That was around the time I tried to ride my tricycle to work I wasn't sure where work was but I knew it had to be interesting if people went there every day Now I combine my love of books with work and I don't have to ride my tricycle to get there My Elder Races series began May 2011 You can