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The Essential Margaret Avison showcases the development of one of Canada's most brilliant and Nobody stuffs the world in at your eyesThe optic heart must ventu

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Nt life work is distilled here into a selection that is illuminating generous and richly varie I couldn't really get into a lot of these poems Silver Bonanza is distilled here Confessions of a Mid-Life Crisis into a selection that Becoming the Wife (Futa Gender Swap, is Rosss Girl illuminating generous and richly varie I couldn't really get Darkness, Kindled (Fire Spirits, into a lot of these poems

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Original poets twice winner of the Governor General's Award for Poetry Margaret Avison's vibra For some reason I couldn't enter into this collection as I have o Rock Island Line into this collection as I have o

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    Nobody stuffs the world in at your eyesThe optic heart must venture a jail breakAnd re creation Sedges and wild riceChase rivery pewter The astonished cinder uakeWith rhizomes All ways through the electric airTrundle candy bright discs; they are desolateToys if the soul's gates seal and cannot bearMust shudder under creation's unseen freightBut soft there is snow's legend colour of mourningAlong the yellow Yangtze where the wheelSpins an indifferent stasis that's death's warningAsters of tumbles uietness revealTheir petals Suffering this starry blurThe rest may ring your change sad listener Snow pg 12 Three minutes ago it was almost darkNow all the darkness is in theleaves there are no low garage roofs etcBut the sky itself has become mauveYet it is rainingThe trees rustle and tap with rain Yet the sun is goneIt wuold even be gone from the mountaintopsif there were mountainsIn cities this mauve skymay be of manThe taps listen in the unlighted bathroomPerfume of lightIt is gone It is all overuntil the hills close to behindthe ultimate straggler it willneverbe so againThe insect of thought retracts its claws;it wilts Twilight pg 27 God being good has let me knowno good apart from HimHe knowing me yet promised tooall good in His good timeThis light shone in wakened a hopethat lives in here and now;strongly the wind in push and sweepmade fresh for all things newBut O how very soon a gloatgulped joy the kernel wholeI chaffed to merely act and ought 'rightness' uncordialBut Goodness broke in as the seasatins in shoreward sunwashing the clutter wide awayall my inventeds gone Oughtiness Ousted pg 38 Back window with red checked oilcloth on the silland orange red geraniums the leaves wrinklyin sunlight root cellar boards a clotheslinelower fence caving valleyward where the worngrass and feathery vegetable plot give way tobutter and eggs among some bluishperennial sweet peasthe place is bared Trees are long goneand the clutter of children goneand the sun washes in to the boneHere pain hit homeIts home makes the plain placeinvisibly surge with beauty almost unbearablewhile it is day Loss pg 46 Poetry is always inunfamiliar territoryAt a ballgame whenthe hit most mattersand the crowd is half standingalready hoarse then poetry's eye is astray to a uiet area to find outwho picks up the bat the runnerflung out of his runwayLittle stuff like thatpoetry tucks away inthe little basket of otherscraps There's thecradling undergrowth inthe scrub beside awild raspberry bush wherea bear lay feet up feedingbut still three rubies berriesglow in the greenHe had had enoughThen there's the waya child's watering canforgotten in the gardenno faucet but the farsky has filled When sunshines again it has become a dragonfly's pretendskating rinkScraps Who carries the basket?What will the scraps be used for?Poetry does not carewhat things are for but iswilling to listen toany if not everyone'suestionsIt can happen that poetrybasket and all isthe unfamiliar territorythat poetry is in Poetry Is pg 54 55

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    For some reason I couldn't enter into this collection as I have other volumes of Avison's work perhaps because I hadn't encountered her earlier poems before perhaps because the editor deliberately chose some lesser pieces and they fell flat all together I found the back cover blurb and foreword heavy handed in discussing Avison's conversion so that didn't help

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    I couldn't really get into a lot of these poems

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    The Essential Margaret Avison was an enlightening introduction into the works of a brilliant poet A must read for any poetry fanhttpwpmep46Ewj I5

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    I am not rating this collection because most of it was over my head Avison's poetry is a bit too sophisticated for this poetry novice and this reader does not think himself capable of an objective rating I did make myself finish the collection in hopes that it would make sense as I went along and that did to a degree seem to happen Perhaps future readings will reveal to this rookie than was revealed the first time

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