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    This is so disappointing because I wanted to love this book The premise that recently dead teens go to schools to learn how to be dead looking exactly as they did at the moment of their death It sounds right up my alley As if I needed anything else to hook me I loved the idea of the main character being so desperate to be reunited with her still living boyfriend that she'd plot his death Then they'll be together forever I really wanted to like this book I feel like I should have been able to like this bookBut The world building was confused and incomplete In this afterlife high school there are Risers good and Sliders bad What's the difference? A Slider was actively doing something bad at the moment of their death Risers weren't That's it That's the difference So a really terrible person will if not actively being bad at the exact moment he or she dies will become a Riser and it's implied though never outright stated will eventually go to heaven And vice versa But I don't really know exactly what happens to the dead teens when they eventually leave school I don't even really know why they're in school Nobody at the school really seems to know either Or care for that matter But I do care and it bothers me that so much of the setting much that I think is important was completely ignored I wonder if Russell was thinking this could be a series or at least a reusable setting and that he wouldn't have to answer all of the uestions in one book Honestly I would have taken the gaps better if I'd known there was eve if I didn't intend to read itIt probably would have helped if there'd been a few likeable characters in this book Nearly all of the characters are either awful people or boring Awful Jana's still living boyfriend Michael Boring Jana's dead love interest the too perfect Mars Awful Sherry who's moving in on Michael Boring Jana's dead roommate Arva There are really only two bright spots Jana herself and Mars's sidekick Wyatt Jana is painfully obsessed with Michael smothering and single minded If it weren't kind of funny it'd be unbearable I feel like a terrible person but I couldn't help laughing every time Jana would carefully consider murder methods Nothing that would leave too much of an impact Maybe a nailgun to the back of the skull? So yes she's kind of awful but at least she's amusing about it Wyatt on the other hand is actually a cool guy I'm not sure how he made it into this bookI did like the underlying idea that completely giving yourself over to a relationship the way that Jana did for Michael isn't good for you and will only lead to disappointment and heartache Maybe something that needs to be in YA But view spoilerhaving Jana immediately move from a relationship with Michael to a relationship with Mars totally undermines that message hide spoiler

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    I saw this on an update a while back and reserved it at the library I enjoy a good YA bookUnfortunately this one wasn't As I've seen happen before it was the idea the thought behind the book that drew me in While there are reviews here that show many like this book I just couldn't get into itI disliked it I wanted to like it but soon I found myself skimming through it just trying to get it overIn fairness I'm not into romances much and this is sort of a romancesort of being the operative phrase The blurb tells us this is about Jana who finds herself dead and feels the injustice of itof losing her love That the story is about how she decides to go get her boyfriend Michael To bring him along as it wereto kill himHad that been the story I think the book might have been interesting As it was it was a this is my picture of death herethis is how it works We get a lot of dead relationships in this book Take that phrase in several waysMaybe if you're 14 or 15 full of angst and the unfairness of life this will appeal to you Otherwise I doubt itview spoilerThe whole disillusionment with lifedeath theme here has been SO OVER DONE that it's tired from the start I think the idea behind this might make an interesting book Maybe in a less angsty no one understands me look at me I'm a rebel everybody lies and I can't trust anyone even the one I lovedlife and now death is SO unfair type of story telling format it can hide spoiler

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    It is indeed an amazing book However I'm still waiting for the scene where Mars kisses Jana They are so perfect together Love 'em But how are they gonna be together when Mars has became a Riser while Jana is a Slider? Man how I wish there'll be a seuel next Oh by the way damn Michael Yeah I know he just wanted some space from Jana but that doesn't mean he needed to do that stupid prank on her Hey I also hate it that Jana had been so blind when she was still alive and she should have considered Michael's feeling and what he ever wantedbut I think I can forgive her for being an idiot Well she was just a girl blinded by love Doesn't love make us a total idiot sometimes?On the other hand I think Mars is a total hero who found courage and strength through love pAnddamn MichaelBut if he hadn't kill Jana there would be no Jana of Webster and Dreamcoat right? LOL SO stillthanks to Michael for killing Jana p

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    Dead Rules is a portrayal of teenage love's dark side After dying in a freak double date bowling accident Jana finds herself a Junior in Dead School While trying to come to terms with the confusing new Dead Rules she fixates on her lost love Michael and how to stay together Even if it means killing him This fun and exciting book is not just another paranormal love story Alive with authentic dialogue and interesting afterlife facts this story will keep you smiling and entertained throughout

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    Absolutely brilliantWhen Jana Webster dies in a freak bowling accident she finds herself in Dead School She uickly plots to bring her boyfriend over to the other side completely unprepared for the challenges that will bring I was fortunate to get an ARC of Dead Rules and once I began reading I couldn't put it down I devoured the book in one sitting and didn't want it to end And now I can't stop telling people about it Randy Russell has created the ultimate paranormal romance but has also infused a dark comedic element that sets the novel apart from others in the genre If you enjoyed Twilight you will love Dead Rules Jana and Mars show Edward and Bella how it's done In addition the cast of supporting characters is so strong they each deserve a novel of their own I want a Beatrice doll I know I'm gushing about this book but I truly loved it

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    I received my copy of DEAD RULES fromARCycling Thanks guys If I rated DEAD RULES for the first 300 pages the rating would be around 05 stars That's how bad it was Yet the last 70 pages were actually pretty good If the rest of the book matched the ending it would have gotten at least a 3 star rating maybe fourHow could there be such a huge change in the last 70 pages?Well if you know me you know how much I love weird uirky Tim Burton esue things They're my favourite things Ever If it's advertised a Burton esue I'll be there no matter how low the ratings are or how unknown the book is Like this One reviewer called it Burton esue and boom I'm here I was disappointed but then I wasn't Weird I know but let me explain before y'all go storming off pg 1 pg 305 wtf is this? It's stupid and demeaningpg 306 pg 376 view spoiler view spoilerdon't tell anyone but I liked this part hide spoiler

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    It was supposed to be Jana and Michael Webster and Haynes for always She wasn’t supposed to die Their future was all mapped out They were supposed to be together ForeverBut if she had to die then he should be with her He was Romeo to her Juliet And without Juliet there was no Romeo Romeo couldn’t live without Juliet and so he followed her in deathMichael should not have wanted to exist without her for a single moment Her death should have meant somethingSo where was he?Jana was forced to ride the bus to Dead School alone And with each passing moment she was forgetting little details from her life She didn’t want to forget Michael Not his face not his voice nothing He was her everything and she was his but yet she sat here aloneDeath would not separate the two of them She wouldn’t let it They would be together Even if it meant she had to kill him to bring him to herDead Rules is the wildly funny dark and disturbing yet light and at times sweet debut young adult novel from author Randy Russell This exceptional story pulls you in from the very first lines and is an extremely fast incredibly ironic and immensely entertaining readThe story is told mainly from Jana’s perspective – a girl who met her untimely demise in what appears to be a freak bowling accident – with a few alternate perspectives and peeks at the world of the living throughoutAs awareness slowly dawns on Jana about her new situation and the fact that she is separated from the love of her life she becomes determined to make sure that she and Michael are reunitedAnd if she can’t convince him to join her in death then she plans on taking matters into her own hands to ensure that the two of them are together foreverThe author has written an exceedingly creative one of a kind story with Dead Rules Each character has such a distinct personality all of whom create such a nice balance in this book Jana is driven but lovable Mars is a bad boy seeking redemption Wyatt is sarcastic but supremely likable and Arva is the voice of reason and responsibilityThe story moves incredibly uickly and will keep readers engaged from beginning to end And even though this story may be centered around a dark subject that is treated with humor it has an uplifting side too showing that redemption is possible that not everything is hopeless and that being selfless can have positive resultsThis is a story not to be missed by readers who love books with a wicked sense of humor an enormously inventive storyline and a refreshing look at life after deathI consider this an absolute must read and look forward to much much from this authorOn the blog I gave this my 6 star ratingOn a personal noteThis book is so full of awesome you can’t imagine – that’s why you have to read it like I did and which I plan on doing again It’s a completely twisted but utterly fantastic version of what comes after death And it totally appeals to both my darker side and the side that’s a sucker for a love storyI adore the way this author’s mind works The story is the perfect mix of brilliantly funny slightly gruesome and wonderfully heartwarmingI fell in love with this story immediately It seemed like such an easy read but one that I found had a lot depth than I initially thought And the longer I thought about it the I discovered and the deeply in love I fellJana is my ideal main character She was completely devoted to the love of her life Michael Even when presented with a totally hot alternative she still remained dedicated to the boy she promised her heart to That made her admirable even if she wanted to kill him to keep him with her alwaysJana was strong and determined and slightly devious and she would let nothing stop her from getting what she wanted – and that was Michael – even if it meant getting herself into some pretty outrageous situationsBut she was also an extremely sympathetic and lovable character for a dead girl She had a lonely life with a self centered mother who put her down and who made her feel less It’s no wonder she attached herself so strongly to MichaelI loved the way this story was constructed slowly revealing pieces of information as the story progressed from not only Jana’s perspective but other characters in the book and how it was interspersed with the tales of how several of the characters met their unfortunate ends Absolutely brilliantAnd those slow reveals kept you riveted and left you wanting Plus those little déjà vu moments each of them had were the perfect touch giving their stories continuityThe author’s sense of humor was just so wickedly funny I am trying not to tell all but from the opening lines to the chapters to the subtle and not so subtle descriptions and actions of Jana’s fellow classmates the writing kept me snickering evilly throughoutOne of my favorites had to be when the author mentioned that Pauline was beside herself Actually really every single aspect of Pauline was so totally hysterical and disturbingAnd the irony – initially I thought there were just one or two examples of it in the story but looking back I see that the author used it several times to great effect But that end was so completely ironic it makes me grin wickedly every time I think about itWhat else did I love? Everything From the characters’ names which were unbelievably uniue to keeping the characters’ appearances frozen at the moment of their death to the different factions at Dead School – the Risers the Sliders the Grays the Virgins the Stretchers And although Risers are supposed to have it so much better being a Slider sounds like way funWhat made this story absolutely perfect were those little touches – elements that didn’t have to be there but just made this story complete – the lawn dart the hairdos the croaky voice the skin color the body temperatures the drinking water They also kept this story from being completely dark making it feel light and funAnd finally after probably revealing every little thing in this book that wasn’t a major plot point I loved that the Risers smelled of Ivory soap – 9944% pure so not uite at the status of the Virgins but still headed in the right directionI probably should have saved most of this rambling for a Book Buzz post but I just couldn’t help myselfI could continue to go on and on about this book which made me smile right up to the end I will definitely be re reading Dead Rules and I wish that it was a series – I have no idea if it will be one – because Dead School has been a great place to visit and I really want to know about Jana and that super hot Mars Dreamcote

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    Words cannot even describe how excited this book makes me So I leave you with my excitement askdfjaslkfj a;sjasljfasfasNow that I've had my spasm I stand by my words when I say Randy has created a completely fascinating world in Dead Rules Jana is the COOLEST protaganist and I want to be her friend in real life Too bad she's fictional and well deadDefinitely worth reading This is one killer of a book that can live up to the hype no pun intended

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    Dead Rules is a fun creative take on what happens to us when we die As soon as I read that Jana died from a bowling accident I was intrigued My imagination went wild until I started the book and found out what happened And I’m not giving that away You’ll have to read it The idea of Dead School doesn’t sound thrilling especially since I’m a teacher and already spend five days a week in school But Jana discovers that there’s to Dead School than she realized which makes the story even betterJana’s obsession with her boyfriend ex boyfriend now? fits very well with the comparison to her as a modern Juliet The problem is that Michael didn’t follow her lead and act the part of a lovesick Romeo This becomes the driving force behind Jana’s need to make contact with Michael Mars Dreamcote becomes an important character in the story because as a Slider he can help Jana make that contact Honestly I was rooting for Mars the entire time I read Dead Rules And maybe that’s odd because he’s dead Yeah that’s probably odd but he’s such a cool and mysterious character He’s looking out for Jana even though she as a Riser shouldn’t be hanging out with him The mystery behind Mars won me over and took the story to that extra levelI can’t write this review without discussing the deaths At Dead School it’s pretty typical to discuss how you died And I don’t want to give any of these stories away but the creativity Birds and yard darts? Some simply made me crack up while others shocked me and caused me to cringe Any story that gets me to react in those ways is a winnerIt’s difficult to write this review without giving away major plot points Randy has written a fantastic and original debut that I look forward to recommending to my students and friends And if I ever go to Dead School I’m pretty sure I’ll want to be a Slider

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    Whilst I thought that the idea behind this book was fascinating unfortunately this book was just not for me I loved the idea of 'Dead School' where this book is set but I thought that the execution was a little lacking with the numerous plot holes and not so engaging characters I can see that uite a few people will enjoy this though especially if you like reading paranormal books with a strong focus on romance and sort of love triangles The story is like a twisted version of Romeo and Juliet which sounds good but could've been betterJana our main character dies whilst bowling with her boyfriend Michael and their friends She is uickly transported to 'Dead School' which is uite self explanatory a school where those who have died go for a certain amount of time There we are introduced to Risers the 'good' people Sliders those who are 'bad' Greys those who have committed suicide and Virgins virgins who are seen as angel like figures I have to admit that I had a bit of a problem with the how the 'Greys' were portrayed It was as if those who had committed suicide were singled out looked down upon and punished Sure this is a fictional world that the author has created with it's own rules but it just didn't sit right with me Then again throughout this novel I think that there are uite a few times when you will ask yourself what kind of behaviour is right or wrong I also had a bit of an issue with the sexual references in the book I'm by no means a prude or easily offended but it just seemed like I was reading a book with with some random sexual references thrown in for the sake of it there wasn't actually any need The writing in this book felt as though it was for younger teens but the content is definitely for older teensThe characters that we're introduced to in Dead School were interesting I found their thoughts on the afterlife and the stories of how they died to be rather fascinating There were a few recollections of obscure deaths which did make uite successful yet bizarre stories in themselves I especially enjoyed reading about the Sliders the main two being Mars Dreamcote and his friend Wyatt I'm not a fan of certain strange names in books and Mars Dreamcote was one of those names that made me cringe That was uite easy to forgive though as I did like his character he was a seen as 'bad' a rebel but his intentions felt down to earth and sensitive I can see why Jana liked him I enjoyed finding out about his friendship with Wyatt and how he ended up in Dead SchoolAs for the people she left on living Earth I just couldn't stand them I wasn't meant to like them sure but they were just simply awful From the little we found out about Michael Jana's boyfriend he seemed totally arrogant and rather egotistical When we find out about him he just seems like despicable From the start I also found Jana's interest in him just too obsessive When she dies he is the only thing that she thinks about and tries to find a way to murder him just so that they could be together Jana wasn't very logical she was 'blinded' by her love which contributed to her poorly made decisions Despite not liking the characters very much I think that apart from the setting the plot behind how Jana died when she was with Michael and her friends was the most interesting part of the story It held the most mystery and intrigue but it still could've been complexUnfortunately this book was simply not for me It felt a little disjointed and had too many plot holes for my liking Whilst I did like some of them I couldn't connect with any of the characters which is something that I need to be able to do to have an enjoyable reading experience The idea was there but it felt all over the place and slightly confusing at points I'm not sure whether there'll be a seuel there wasn't a solid conclusion but if so I probably wouldn't read it I understand that a lot of people have read and enjoyed this one it's just a shame I am not one of those

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