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Ho of his soul and knows this warrior will obey her every commandHari has been used and abused for millennia But he sees upon his release from the riddle box that this new mistress is different There is a hidden. This is Liu's first book and the first in the Dirk Steele series It's pretty decent with some solid strengths and some fairly noticeable weaknesses This paranormal romance erotica not urban fantasy IMO is told in 3rd person with POV alternating from heroine to hero It was easy to follow the shifting POV MILD SPOILERS I keep it pretty obscure Content Explicit sex and different sex no swearing bloody savagery suggested rape Plot The story reminded me of X Men with differently gifted outcasts and loners coming together to fight crime and support each other in a bonding community It's a romance involving a tiger shifter named Hari who has been cursed by an evil magi to appear when summoned from his puzzle box and to obey every command and a telepathic knife maker named Dela Delilah who unwittingly summons him but promises not to command him Together and with help from Dela's friends they must break the curse and set him freeSetting Wow Liu did a superb job describing Beijing It felt authentic I have been there The crowds so many people it frightened Hari who'd been sleeping in a puzzle box since his last summoning 600 years ago It smelled right too references to coal sweat etc The maze like market description felt really solid The taxi driver the traffic Towers as far as Hari could see She nailed it One of the best settings I have read in a romance novel For example this compares favorably to the recent CR The Unwanted Wife because some reviewers weren't even sure where that story took placeBut Liu screwed up the setting when they flew to San Francisco I lived there Dela lives in a 2 story brick building with floor to ceiling glass on all four walls this is earthuake country She mentioned a river but never the ocean Mentioned the smell of cut grass but never the eucalyptus and cedar never the sea spray brine or fog When driving no mention of hills You know the streets of San Francisco It did not feel at all like the San Francisco I know or the surrounding suburbs despite their evening at the famous night club KizmoPacing I started off really liking this book and eager to follow a tight plot to free Hari from the magi's curse and recover his tiger self his metaphorical skin but pacing bogged down A lot Too much thinking feeling guilty rehashing events etc Lots of long flowery sentences especially when Dela was introspecting A little rumination goes a long way with me and when the character starts repeating her thoughts Talk to the handSuspense mystery Given that Dirk Steele is a detective agency I expected detecting but most problems were resolved easily For example Hari finally got his tiger self back But how did they find it you ask Not by clever sleuthing that's for sure Another example is the way they discovered who killed the No gathering assortment of clues The murderer's identity just dropped into our lap Liu is telling two stories here totally unrelated The murder of the and the subseuent attacks on Dela have nothing to do with the magi plot line Liu lost the main conflict with the digression into the Chinese Mafia and didn't do justice to either threadOn the up side I thought the dragon character was well developed and added suspense to the story I knew she would pop up again but not how or why or even who she was Also I liked the final battle scene where everyone took part I liked the chase that led up to it and the sacrifice necessary to save the day That congregation of kick ass characters kinda felt like the end of Harry Potter Not really Well a little But but but I was totally grossed out by the magi and wanted him to suffer Why do we get to see the good guys endure so much pain but the devil dies a uick death This happens in too many books Characterization I sympathized with Hari for his dreadful past but honestly it did not feel real to me But I adored him Such a huge heart The scene when he played with the children in Beijing Loved it I think Liu did a good job portraying his constant struggle to retain his humanity despite the harm he was forced to unwillingly inflict on others Plus he was tender and hot ツ I liked Dela but didn't uite get her She makes deadly knives for a living but feels guilty when one is used to murder a Yet not guilty when they are used to murder anyone else And didn't she expect that a might be killed Also at times she seemed like a kick ass Buffy type and at times a crybaby Odd But I liked her and that is important to meRelationship Development I was happy to see Hari find a friend lots of talk of being friends They uickly became than friends and there was almost no conflict in their path to true love On the first day they met she managed to see briefly into his mind heart not mind reading so she knew he was noble and could be trusted He didn't trust her as uickly but by the end of the day he did So the rest of the book was mushy love Sweet and tender ♥ Hari was protective and mildly possessive of her always there to comfort and support when she got all sad and weepy which happened several timesSex Lots of kissing and foreplay throughout but the first full on love scene occurs about 80% in Steamy hot Phew But it made me a little uncomfortable Readers might guess why Also I wish he wasn't 7 feet tall I'm not attracted to giants and Dela was average height The logistics ツI am told the series gets better this is Liu's debut and I liked the secondary characters so I may try book 2

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Power in Dela's eyes and with her he may regain all that was lost to him Where once he savaged now he must protect; where once he only knew hatred now he must embrace love Dela is the key For Dela he will risk al. Read because of a strong recommendation of the author Personally I wasn't impressed I know this title is in a romance centric series which doesn't bode well for uality and maybe I have some confirmation bias going because of that but while I found this book fluffy and easily devoured and I did finish it so there's that it has a lot of problems 1 The plot Also closely related the pacing A middle 30% of the book doesn't have much going on really after a strong start I think the characters should have stayed in China personally One antagonist solves that mystery for them and they do nothing about the other antagonist until he makes another move Flimsy intro mysterious shopkeeper sells mysterious object only to disappear the next day Why Dela again Oh and pops in to save the characters' asses periodically so they don't have to try too hard Climax rape threats Rape threats for everyone For not especially logical reasons on the part of the villain who is just evil and power hungry 2 The characters Everyone is a shallow caricature Dela's friends are a pack of badasses with hearts of gold but there's no sense of danger to them even when they're dispatching intruders or talking about Those Mysterious Places they know they can get rid of bodies at Black Best Friend only really serves as a vehicle to make them meet another shifter but I see she gets her own book later2a Hari himself is a shallow angst puppet Forced to do bad things But only killing and having sex with women Never raping women or children no Just so much death and punishing abuse Which yeah right he could fight that one kind of command Also he was never forced to service men Uh huh Okay so damaged goodswho magically trusts the special new master within an hour of being awakened by her No PTSD No trustcommitment issues beyond the flimsy desire to have total privacy when he and Dela first have PIV sex but handjobs are totes different So basically typical Romantic Lead angsty background inexplicably drawn to the heroine overly protective to the point of physically stopping the heroine from doing something including locking her in her room until she starts screaming though otoh the heroine has typical Put Myself In Danger inclinations For some reason he repeatedly mentions his masters and everyone else fearing him whichreally There weren't any dismissive cocky bastards in your list of owners People who implicitly trusted the binding enchantment Also adjusted very uickly to the modern world despite last being exposed in the 15th century And stupid multi color hair Shouldn't he and couldn't he have looked like an actual Indian man instead of rainbow hair and a tan India is never named explicitly but that's gotta be his area of origin 2b Dela herself is dropping Canon Sue flags all over She's a metalsmith but no mention of her being buff or having rough hands But she's not a girly girl like those other useless women naturally She's just a homely jeans and flannel kind of girl though the only times her clothing is mentioned that's certainly not what she's in She swoons when Hari dismisses some other women feminine giggly openly checking him out as not real women like HER She is of course the first and only woman in 2 millennia who is brave and forthright with him All the characters have to comment on how brave she is How kind Soft but fierce Legit artist but besties with tough men who love her like a kid sister So sensitive that she makes knives to sell but is heartbroken that one was actually used to kill Also filthy stinking rich a trust fund that would make Donald Trump weep as she puts it She's a loner but with a decent network of friends and family and even restaurant owners who know and adore her 3 The interactions and reactions are not really realistic Re that knife everyone hard men included are just so shocked and appalled about the murder of a teenager So unforgivable killing a child The ultimate moral event horizon except for rape You know be pissed that the girl was probably innocent of perpetrating the deeds that drove the murderer to it And have some sympathy for that murderer because he did it in revenge for some horrible shit done to him and none of this calling him a coward or overwrought accusations Dela that he used you to commit murder No Maybe if you were a caterer and he deliberately didn't tell you about someone's peanut allergy or something So he kills himself and some of the immediate reaction no joke is how selfish he was to do it in front of Dela Not that killing yourself in front of someone is a kind thing but really Yes someone felt pushed to suicide but let's only talk about how much it hurt our cute blonde heroine Minor antagonist basically put himself in the fridge At least Hari had some sympathy and Dean chimed in as the voice of reason for the second time to point out that things must have sucked for the murder too Also throughout the story heroine centric behavior Okay 7' tall hottie especially in China is going to attract some attention but it seems everyone always has eyes locked on Dela and Hari They get a little PDA in a dumpling shop and decide to uickly leave because everyone's gone silent staring at them Dela suggestively sucks Hari finger at an airport and all the men in a 20' radius have their eyes glued to her as she saunters off No People are not that interested in you or even your freakishly tall boyfriend I already mentioned the disgusting suite moment4 The Relationship okay I know this is the genre but Hari and Dela are pledging each other eternity within days of meeting Dela even ponders what if she can't stand living with him Giving up her solitude Which is never mentioned again even though she also has 4 other guys crashing her place to guard her That was a good concern Never to actually be used or mentioned or explored At some point after declarations of undying love and loyalty the two of you have to pick wall colors and cabinet knobs too or decide what kind of culture you're going to raise tiger cubs in Oh and they move off to some mountainside wilderness somewhere Dela for all her much loner very solitude wow attitude liked to get her restaurant on apparentlyhave fun with that4b The sex I misinterpreted the meaning of shifted and thought it meant Hari transformed during sex Haha oh no silly me And then a page later Dela is literally blowing a tiger Eeeww No you know what she is the specialest person to ever special because while I think these days random people than not would be compassionate towards Hari most would probably not exchange oral sex with him while he's an Actual Literal Tiger It's supposed to be emphasizing how Special Dela is for always seeing him as the man he is and not a piece of meat or a monster but uhIn other news there were a lot of Laurell K Hamilton ish aspects to this book which came out in 2005 I wonder whether Hamilton or Liu got were bestiality first Hamilton definitely got the Stupidly Tall Hottie all women everywhere yes even you will assault just to have a chance to touch while ignoring or glaring at the obvious girlfriend SoyayIf I need hyper fluff again and can't find anything else I may see if the library has of these Otherwise meh

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He looks out of place in Dela Reese's Beijing hotel room exotic and poignant some mythic tragic hero of an epic tale With his feline yellow eyes he's like nothing from her world Yet Dela has danced through the ec. I recently decided to reread the Dirk Steele series because I have fallen behind and haven’t read the last couple books Since the later world building gets and detailed I figured I had better freshen up so as not to find myself confused by forgotten plot elements Plus they’re good How can I say no to a sure thing If you’ve read the back of the book and been underwhelmed just wipe that slate clean I don’t know who wrote that summary fingers crossed that it wasn’t the author because awkward but it doesn’t do the story any justice The bare bones setup is that Hari a tiger shifter has been imprisoned in a puzzle box for the last two thousand years and forced to serve as a slave for whichever master owns him at the moment Dela buys the box not knowing what it is and finds herself bound to Hari when she opens it Let’s pause it right there I can already sense some of you rolling your eyes but really this story does not fall into familiar lines Liu takes the clichéd setup and turns it into something tender and heartwarming Hari has been used and abused constantly throughout his time as a slave and he is not happy to have another master Dela has a magical gift herself but when she’s dropped into this situation with Hari she has a hard time swallowing it They both have to find a way to make it work because even though Hari has a hard time believing in her she can’t stomach the thought of making the situation easier for herself by getting rid of him She didn’t want her life tied to some random stranger but she can’t turn away when she sees his suffering Hari fears trusting her but he can’t keep himself from hoping that she really is different than all the rest The romance develops between Hari and Dela in a shorter amount of time than I usually prefer but it felt right between them I think a big part of the reason was that in addition to being attracted to each other they also became friends That is such an important element for me in a relationship that I’m always thrilled when I find it Watching Hari and Dela slowly grow closer and closer was so touching Their love was not the stuff of most Paranormal Romances Their feelings for each other didn’t need drama or fanfare They recognized and accepted their feelings and treasured the opportunity to be together Their love was a uiet tender thing and I found it lovelyAlthough the romance is an integral part of the story that’s not the only focus of the book The way Liu writes the Dirk Steele books reminds me of Eileen Wilks’s World of the Lupi series The relationship develops as the events take place as opposed to most romances where the events develop while the romance takes place It a fine difference but you'll know it when you read it If you are fan of that type of book I strongly urge you to give this series a try It might just be up your alleyThe writing style itself was at times beautiful and captivatingShe drowned in emotions not her own lost to the story of the blade the man Rolling deep deeper into a forest of sharp teeth and steel cutting her mind on desperation an echo plunging through the flashing images and sensations of endless battle violence Every death had meant something to the man who held this weapon Every drop of blood was a dark testimony to some terrible heartbreak and at other times humorous She showed him his passport but scowled when she saw the last name Roland has chosenWhy am I called Hari DasypygalDela growled That's the last name Roland gave you It's an obscure Greek word that meanshaving hairy buttocksThe shifting tones melded together to form an adaptable style that worked well with both the lighter and darker aspects of the bookI loved getting to meet some of the Dirk Steele guys Dela’s a part of the organization but really only because she’s family They’re only called into the situation because she needs extra protection It was nice to see the friendships she had with them and I especially like Eddie He is so sweet Added to that the other shapeshifters we ended up meeting fascinated me I’m looking forward to learning about them and others like them as the series continuesWhile I loved a lot of things about this book I still had some issues that kept me from bumping it up to a 5 star grade One of the biggest things for me was the pacing The first part was great and the last part was great—although I would have preferred a bit longer ending—but the middle sagged Once Dela got back to her place things seemed to slow way down Hari and Dela started talking out some issues and making plans but I found myself a tad restless during it The fact that they were actually discussing these things was much appreciated but paired with slower action I was left a bit wanting Despite the issues mentioned I enjoyed this book a lot The reread has only confirmed what I knew before This is a solid first series entry and it looks like there are a lot exciting stories to come with other Dirk Steele membersFavorite uote Let me fall into the earth at your side and I will be content An eternity dreaming of youThe review is also posted on Fiction Vixen

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