review ☆ The Children of Witches

  • Unknown Binding
  • 321
  • The Children of Witches
  • Sherri Smith
  • en
  • 02 October 2018
  • 9781847371874

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The Children of Witches

Sherri Smith ☆ 3 read & download

To pursue their own agenda As innocent townsfolk are accused a climate of fear prevails No one is safe and at the heart of the terror is Anna's own son As the death toll mounts Anna realizes there is only one way to stop the madness But can she act against a mother's deepest instincts. This book was not w

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Er younger son That he is not like other children he does not communicate doesn't make eye contact lives in his own private world endlessly collecting and arranging piles of leaves and stones When rumours of witchcraft sweep through the town Manfred is seized by those who would use him. Found this book in

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Married to a drunken tavern keeper Anna Wirth takes solace in her two sons hard working Konrad and the beautiful flaxen haired Manfred who sings like an angel and who some say has been touched by God But at the same time Anna is desperate to prevent people finding out the truth about h. I had this on my bo

About the Author: Sherri Smith

Sherri Smith has previously written two historical fiction novels for Simon & Schuster UK When not writing she spends time with her family three rescue dogs and restores vintage furniture that would otherwise be destined for the dump She lives in Winnipeg Canada where the long cold winters nurture her dark side FOLLOW ME DOWN Forge Books March 2017 is her first thriller