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  • Hardcover
  • 256
  • Brainsteering
  • Kevin P. Coyne
  • English
  • 08 June 2019
  • 9780062006196

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Kevin P. Coyne è 3 read & download

“The Coynes’ logical thinking exercises will help readers to maximize their ideation skills both by systematically exploring every possible nook and cranny of an issue to find new ideas and by systematically evaluating and honing the results” Publishers WeeklyFrom business. Great book to structure a creativity

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Strategists and brothers Shawn and Kevin Coyne comes a breakthrough approach to developing better ideas  Brainsteering is a comprehensive research based tried and tested approach to the principal challenge in business and life how to consistently and effectively create powerful n. I was looking for a bit of insight into describing how the brain creates ideas as I couldn't figure out how to help others unlock their creativity While some will likely balk at the idea of putting a framework around creativity others I believe will appreciate what the author attempts to do Many good insights which to me include 1 How to use groups effectively vs what is common and doesn't work2 The use of analysis and anomalies in creative thinking3 Culturalhuman obstacles that are artificial beliefs to be removed a The belief that a well functioning process doesn't bear uestioning b Over simplification of the problemchallenge via averages and norms4 How to be intellectually honest about the critiue of your greatnot so great idea a Why hasn't someone else thought of it What's the constraint 5 Identification of critical assumptions to your idea ie how to move your idea forward6 Less obvious showstoppers that are small but decrease the need for value of your great ideaAll fantastic stuff

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Ew ideas Brainsteering offers a way out of fruitless brainstorming sessions In the tradition of the Heath Brothers’ Made to Stick and Gordon Mackenzie’s Orbiting Giant Hairball the Coynes deliver the surest path to success for anyone looking to unlock the secrets of innovation. This is a good book in conjunction with something like the Business Model generation or other toolsmethods you might use where you are generating lots of ideas Some good advice on how to structure the brainstormingideation around uestions in order to to be effective It's straightforward but a uick read and some worthwhile ideas