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Fields of Honor Pivotal Battles of the Civil War

characters Fields of Honor Pivotal Battles of the Civil War

Few historians have ever captured the drama excitement and tragedy of the War Between the States uite like Edwin Bearss The acclaimed Homer of the Civil War has won a huge devoted following with his extraordinary battlefield tours and elouent solilouies about the heroes scoundrels and little known moments of a conflict that still fascinates America Antietam Shiloh Chickamauga Gettysburg these hallowed battles and than a dozen come alive as never Mr Bearss truly shows his expertise but unless one is themselves something of a scholar of the Civil War this book would be very difficult to follow The narrative is no where near as powerful as it might be if there was better development of the characters I know this is not fiction but without a map to consistently refer to or the knowledge of a War College graduate this book just isn't as user friendly as other Civil War Classics Killer Angels Shelby Foote's III Volume Classic etc

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Gly plainspoken but expert account demonstrates why he stands beside Shelby Foote James McPherson and Ken Burns in the front rank of modern chroniclers of the Civil War as the Pulitzer Prize winning McPherson himself points out in his admiring introduction A must for every one of America's countless Civil War and history buffs alike this major work will stand as an important reference and enduring legacy of a great historian for generations to co Had the honor of meeting the author Edwin C Bearss in Charleston SC The man is as engaging as is his book about the most significant battles of the civil war Fields of Honor was the inspiration for met novel of historical fiction The General The Lady A True Story of Civil Love and War

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Before rich with human interest and colorful detail culled from a lifetime of study Illustrated with detailed maps and archival images this 448 page volume commemorates the 140th anniversary of the war's end with a uniue narrative of its most critical battles translating Bearss' inimitable delivery into print As he guides readers from the first shots at Fort Sumter to Gettysburg's bloody fields to the dignified surrender at Appomattox his engagin A book on the various battles of the Civil War It was hard going as he concentrates on the important battles and not any of the smaller skirmishes and firefights I normally don't like this type of books as it is dealing only with army movements and not the individual stories every battle spawns but overall it is a great book if you are planning on visiting the battlefields Hellbourne (Hellbourne, you are planning on visiting the battlefields