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    I once took a class from one of the Authors A very informative book

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    Strong Religion The Rise of Fundamentalisms around the World The Fundamentalism Project by Gabriel A Almond 2003

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Strong Religion

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After the September 11 terrorist attacks against the United States religious fundamentalism has dominated public debate as never before Policymakers educators and the general public all want to know Why do fundamentalist movements turn violent Are fundamentalisms a global threat to human rights security and democratic forms of government What is the future of fundamentalismTo answer uestions like these Strong Religion. Elektrotechnik uestions like these Strong Religion.

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Draws on the results of the Fundamentalism Project a decade long interdisciplinary study of antimodernist antisecular militant religious movements on five continents and within seven world religious traditions The authors of this study analyze the various social structures cultural contexts and political environments in which fundamentalist movements have emerged around the world from the Islamic Hamas and Hizbullah.

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To the Catholic and Protestant paramilitaries of Northern Ireland and from the Moral Majority and Christian Coalition of the United States to the Sikh radicals and Hindu nationalists of India Offering a vividly detailed portrait of the cultures that nourish such movements Strong Religion opens a much needed window onto different modes of fundamentalism and identifies the kind of historical events that can trigger them.