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The Choice Virtual War Chronologs Hardcover

SUMMARY The Choice Virtual War Chronologs Hardcover

The Final Battle Ever since Corgan escaped his mortal enemy Brigand by fleeing the Florida domed city he's felt haunted He's haunted by the fact that Brigand is still in power in Florida torturing innocent citizens including Corgan's friend Thebos but above all by the bitter memory that he ran away from Brigand rather than staying. “And that’s what you want to be A real hero” Sharla “Right A real one Not a fake

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To fight Corgan believes he made the right choice at the time but now he wants to face Brigand in one final battle His passengers in the stolen zero gravity spaceship Sharla Ananda and Cyborg have different ideas Tired of arguing Corgan chooses to land the ship in the only place he has ever been happy But even there disaster foll. While this was enjoyable it felt a bit disjointed The first half of the book almost take

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Ows him until Sharla reveals a secret that gives him hope hope that he can once again become the hero he was meant to be This time Corgan intends to stand up to Brigand win or lose in a fight to the death This thrilling seuel and conclusion to the Virtual War Chronologs has been eagerly awaited for by Gloria Skurzynski's many fans. This shows the triumphs a person can experience from being good and moral

  • Hardcover
  • 228
  • The Choice Virtual War Chronologs Hardcover
  • Gloria Skurzynski
  • English
  • 10 March 2019
  • 9780689842672

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    “And that’s what you want to be A real hero” Sharla “Right A real one Not a fake” Corgan These are some uotes from Sharla and Corgan two of the main characters from the book I read called The Choice by Gloria Skurzynski This is the fourth book of a series called The Virtual War Chronologs Although I haven’t read the first three books I still understand the fourth book In this story a team of four people three genetically modified superhumans Corgan Sharla and Cyborg and one super strong girl Ananda take on the battle of Cyborg’s twin brother Brigand to defeat him and stop his evil ways of hurting citizens and torturing them Through the battle of the Virtual War and many other events they have finally stopped Brigand and will live happily ever after in the future One thing that I like about this book is that it has a futuristic touch to it For instance the series starts off in the year 2001 but ends in the year 2082 There are also things in the book like super tech spaceships domed cities age locker machines super tech computers that are programmed to recognize the iris of your eye and only talk to you and only you can hear it and much much The futuristic devices and other things make the book interesting One example from the book is when Corgan and Brigand fight through virtual reality with virtual avatars with places on the body that you can hit and knock out The futuristic theme to this book definitely adds to the story and makes it interesting The second thing that was very enjoyable about this book is that it is understandable even if you start reading the last book in the series and haven’t read the first three like meThis makes the book enjoyable and not boring like other books in a series that you start reading without having read the books previous to that book The reason I say it is boring to jump into a book in a series of which you haven’t read the previous books is that half the time you have no idea what is going on For instance it might mention an event that happened in the previous books but you have no idea what it is and for the story to make sense you must know about it The fact that you can jump into the series that this book is in without having read any of the previous books makes the book enjoyable Another thing that is amazing about this book is the storyline You never know what is going to happen next This aspect makes the book so interesting to read because what happens next is not always predictable like it is in other books I really enjoyed the story in this book and it made me want to read The storyline is 100% the best part of this book The last thing that was very cool about this book is the adventuring There is so much adventuring in this book and it makes the story exciting The main characters fly around in a spaceship and go to different places The characters and relationships among all the people make the story an action packed emotional adventure for not only the characters in the book but the reader too The adventure is what structures the whole book After reading this I think this book was uniue and very enjoyable There were certain ualities that I myself think made it interesting I would definitely rate this book as a 5 out of 5 star book I would absolutely suggest reading it because I thought it was an amazing book The storyline is so interesting and adventurous that it made this book one of my top ten favorites

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    While this was enjoyable it felt a bit disjointed The first half of the book almost take a vacation from the Brigand plot as we watch our heroes embark on a completely pointless journey Filler It was basically filler until we got to the last 100 pages and returned to the original plotThe final showdown between Brigand and Corgan was definitely not as exciting as one would expect since we've been building up to this final battle for a good 500 pages at leastAll in all we did see a lot of character growth from Corgan and all of the loose ends are tied up Still it seems like the author had 2 very different story that she wanted to tell it might have been better to separate them since the dome city virtual war story line didn't fit very well with the Robinson Crusoe meets Lord of the Flies aspect SIDENOTE The author seems to have some very interesting views about malefemale relationships Of course this could just be Corgan's viewpoint however it was the author not Corgan who wrote Sharla's line of dialog where is makes sure Corgan knows that she is still pure aka did not sleep with Brigand It seemed out of place and made me uncomfortable and was just an example of how Sharla has changed drastically as a character in this last book She was very independent and outspoken except for most of this book she basically submitted to Corgan entirely even though it has been demonstrated time and again that she is the intelligent of the two It just didn't sit right with me

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    This shows the triumphs a person can experience from being good and moral

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    Fantastic series

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