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Ave less to do with sport than with survival no referee no rules not even gloves In A Mean Utility we enter an even desperate arena dogfights where Rottweilers pit bulls and Dobermans fight each other to the deathDavidson's stories are small monuments to the telling detail The hostili I found this on J Kent Messum's 10 Books That Made Me Suirm listhttpjke

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In steel tipped prose Craig Davidson conjures a savage world populated by fighting dogs prizefighters sex addicts and gamblers In his title story Davidson introduces an afflicted boxer whose hand never properly heals after a bone is broken The fighter's career descends to bouts that h It's no secret I'm a fan of short story collections There is something Tigerfeeling introduces an afflicted boxer whose hand never properly heals after a bone 5 Steps to a 5 500 AP U.S. History Questions to Know by Test Day is broken The fighter's career descends to bouts that h It's no secret I'm a fan of short story collections There Talking to the Ground is something

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Ty of his fictional universe is tempered by the humanity he invests in his characters and by his subtle and very moving observations of their motivations He shares with Chuck Palahniuk the uncanny ability to compel our attention time and time again to the most difficult subject matter What about a 35 I love this dude and I'm going to be following his car

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    I bought this book for a penny A MOTHERF'ING PENNY WOOT WOOT and then a client sent this Now someone bring me a fork

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    It's no secret I'm a fan of short story collections There is something about getting through a story in its entirety during a reading session that feels wholly satisfying You can knock a short out on a bus or subway ride read one over a lunch break get one in before bedtime You can pick up and put down a book a short stories for longer periods of time with no real guilt and start relatively fresh each time you crack it back open The downside is that you invariably enjoy some stories than others which becomes a real bitch during review time because you end up pitting the little tales against one another in an effort to appraise it overall By comparison the ratings will rise and fall in a balancing act and I rarely emerge thinking every one of them was stellar because of this I'm pleased to report 'Rust and Bone' comes pretty damn close I'd like to think of it as an assortment of small situational suirms that cover a wide spectrum and has the ability to get under every inch of your skin The book is mostly tales of tough folks in trouble a sea world trainer being mauled by a killer whale a couple involved in the brutal underground world of dog fighting an alcoholic father inadvertently ruining his kid’s prospects in life and the stresses of being a sex addict among others There are ugly violent and sadistic sides to life commonly happening behind closed doors trespasses and indulgences committed by everyday people This collection holds your head up to the keyhole for a peekDavidson’s writing is raw and visceral giving you every bit of the grit and discomfort he intends It isn’t necessarily the gore that gets you although there is some of that rather it’s the predicaments the characters find themselves in two pitiful amputees starved of affection trying to feel each other out for instance I found the tone and originality than satisfying The writing is razor sharp making for a lean book There are echoes of author Thom Jones in the pages an influence that results in a very masculine and unflinching read Rust Bone has a uick pace and a keen eye for everyday horror that most might be unaware of There were stories I enjoyed than others ranging from great to good and occasionally I felt that shock value was employed simply for the sake of it but other than that there were few ualms to be had If you enjoy short stories this is a book I highly recommend This book was one of my '10 Books That Stuck With Me' piece Check out my other selections

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    When I was in high school 1990 1994 I read everything through the lens of a drama student The drama nerds at our school in the time that I was there were all very serious about the craft We competed at tournaments and competitions I would have given anything to have found a short story collection like this one in order to pull monologues from it to compete withCraig Davidson is hands down my favorite author next to Stephen KingHe's a genius the way he works with words and insight is remarkable He knows people He knows human beings better than so many other authors that work from the plotoutside and work towards the charactersinsideDavidson is the opposite he works from the InsideOutThe plot serves the peopleAnd the people are so flesh and blood I feel like I'm inside a real person for the duration of the storyThe title story Rust Bone knocked me on my ass like a sucker punch to the throat Some of the visuals and wordsmithing here was so poetic so beautifully tragic I found myself reading the words over and over again before moving on in the story my eyes blurry with tearsAnother favorite story was Friction which was about sex addicts but it wasn't really it was about the tangible reality of all addiction Something anyone could relate toWhen she reached over the counter to pay you saw these downy hairs a raised blue vein and I wanted to touch that spot smell it and taste it Crazy but I wanted to shrink myself atomize like that those scientists in fantastic voyage view things at a cellular level I wanted to know everything about it not her you understand I didn't care about her history or goals or fears any of that Just be intimate with that unthinking portion of herThis portion gave me goosebumps as an actor To see someone stand in a spotlight on a stage and monologue this scene to a room full of people MAN It would form a connection It would move everyone in that room to a dark still space where it's just the words and the peopleAnywaysI loved this collection and I loved that I was able to savor them periodically over a long period of time dipping in and out of it as I needed between horror books this yearTruly Craig Davidson is a gifted writer and I look forward to

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    Hey all you midlifers who think dog fighting and porn are edgy and know a story is deep when it delivers on the shitty fathers and vague regret these seven Thom Jones and Chuck Palahniuk covers and one unreadable novella are for you With all first person narratives and zero subtext and every third sentence lacking a subject noun these stories are woven with all the lyrical grace of a loudmouth drunk who won't leave a tip before getting up to paint the sidewalk in vomit These tales of blue collar woe were imagined on the mean streets of Iowa City too probably the ones off campus where other Iowa Writers Workshop attendees might not have even been willing to buy their weed so you know you're getting the genuine Thug Lit article Tongue now removed from cheek my itemized beefs with this collection are as follows The no subjects thing is one of the most tiresome attempts at a stripped down collouial style I've seen and only serves to annoy after the first story These stories are extremely plot driven and intentionally gritty and yet have little than a toehold on any verisimilitudinous reality The depictions of violence lose their power to shock with repetition and there is a lot of repetition The best story is probably Living in the Flesh but entirely because it is the most loyal Jones copy and even that one has a tacked on surprise ending in favor of actual character development just like A Mean Utility earlier in the book The attempts at clever connections between the stories just came off as impotently postmodern jibes and further undermine the verisimilitude am I supposed to imagine any one city with this many flat unredeemable people in such close proximity to one another?Planting my tongue firmly back in cheek I will say I did like writing in the margins and omitting unecessary words sentences and whole paragraphs for the author It was great practice for any workshops I might be in someday And gaining the expectation that attending such a prestigious workshop all but guarantees the publishing of one's stories regardless of uality sure gives a lazy young writer hope

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    'Rust and Bone' had two really great things going for it different and disturbing Not too different nor too disturbing but a healthy dollop of both that made it a book to remember and recommend These are not your typical short stories They are violent gritty bleak; tales about broken people or individuals reaching a breaking point The writing is sharp and packs a punch A lot of the subject matter is the stuff found in the darker dirtier corners of life which Craig Davidson illuminates with a goddamn floodlight

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    I found this on J Kent Messum's 10 Books That Made Me Suirm listhttpjkentmessumcom2014041410

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    What about a 35? I love this dude and I'm going to be following his career but you can tell he's still a young writer and learning how to put a collection together how to reel it in I'm sueamish so some of these stories were tough to stomach but he's definitely talented writer who's not afraid to grit it up he just needs to find that balance between being violenttransgressivewhatever for the heck of it and using it to tell the point between writing in his voice and the narrator's Adored Rust and Bone A Mean Utility The Rifleman actually I liked most of them I just don't have my copy of the book handy and I don't remember the titles

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    Having read one of the pieces in a magazine I wanted to read the collection However this is one of those unfortunate collections where the work shrinks as one keeps reading Really there are only a few good stories here and side by side they fight with each other to be noticed The only way to read this collection would be to read one story wait several months and then read another Of course you won't be able to remember which ones you have already read but that won't matter in the least They are all or less the sameSo much writing talent — and to what end?

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    I was hesitant to rate this book somewhere between 2 3 stars but ended up with 2 stars because the last short story was mentally torturous which evoked an instant regret in buying this book As a fan of the film I had a rather high expectation in the book but in the actuality only a few elements were taken into the film adaptation I noticed that most of the taken elements are from Rust And Bone and Rocket Ride where the life turning events of two protagonists in the film adaption are based on The novel is a compendium of short stories comprised of various male protagonists mostly tough audacious guysI thought the first three chapters were beautifully well composed and heart gripping enough to keep me reading the entire book in one sitting but my interest uickly diminished after half way into the book that I became somewhat resentful and decided to avoid reading it for a month The first short story Rust And Bone one of my favorites among a few others resonates the heart wrenching tale of a bare knuckle fighter whose right hand is severely damaged in the attempt to save his nephew from drowning The story was beautifully unraveled and tinted with shades of blood and bone shattering excitement of brutal underground fighting The writing captured the palpable relentlessness of the protagonist and how he became acuainted with bare knuckle fightingThe first story alone was enough to give this book a powerful prologue filled with originality and rawness of Davidson's sharp writing Each short story was written using the similar overtonesemanticfancy words which was undeniably intriguing at first but it all seemed overly done and redundant after a while Some of the stories are without doubt thought provokingly allegorical and mind absorbing but they can be disoriented and difficult to ingest at times due to the excessive brutality of animal cruelty and the vomit inducing violence The originality of the book and its beautifully written prose astonished me greatly The author is also great at utilizing medical terms in some of the chapters which denoted how well researched this book is But when reflecting back on the entire book as a compendium of short stories it didn't uite live up to my expectation nor was it captivating enough I wouldn't recommend this book to any sueamish reader because some chapters tend to be very graphic and gruesomely disturbing I'd certainly like to re read this book a couple years from now and reflect back on it somehow because I feel like my mild aversion towards this book stems from the fact that I lacked a sentimental connection with this type of short stories and the underlying theme of masculinity in blood sport

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    It wasn’t the praise from Chuck Palahniuk on the front cover that made me read this; it was Thom Jones on the back Their placement should have been reversed the first few stories in this collection start out echoing the humble voice and style of Jones but uickly degenerate into the weary shock and ugh tactics ‘perfected’ by Palahniuk it gets exhausting rather uicklyThat’s not to say the stories here are bad perish the thought Any one of these stories about the everyday damned is worthy of four or five stars but put together the collection doesn’t uite work Each story follows the last with the brutality cynicism and hopelessness turned up another coupla notches “Rust and Bone” was powerful and memorable and “The Rifleman” as sad as any washed up drunken father but “A Mean Utility” “Rocket Ride” and “Friction” though individually strong all carried with them a sense that Davidson was trying to shock the reader by being increasinly edgier It felt too jarring to be appreciated; fortunately ‘On Sleepless Roads” moved it down a notch between some of the harder stuff and “Life in the Flesh” brought us full circle And after all that “The Apprentice’s Guide to Modern Magic” was a welcome 180; after aging boxers drunks dogfighting trainers amputees and sex addicts it was refreshing to read about two siblings trying to find their magician father who “vanished” during a magic act twenty five years ago Don’t get me wrong this collection is really good but these are not stories to read in one sitting I read them carefully one at a time over the course of two weeks and that took enough of the edge off Craig Davidson is a fantastic writer just in small doses It’s just something to remember if you give this book a try

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