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Nine Lenses on the World

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Importantwhat we should look for and what might threaten our values what we should look out for Our lenses can filter the world accurately or distort our vision Our schemas can be pliant and ada.

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Ptable or rigid and maladaptive We can don other lenses and points of view to perceive better what our vision might be blind to the Enneagram helps us too look at our lenses as well as through th.

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Nine Lenses on the World the Enneagram Perspective describes nine personality styles each with its own way of looking at and responding to the world Our preferred paradigm informs us about what's.

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    Amidst a genre that is littered with over identification of personality styles with who YOU are Jerome Wagner takes the road less traveled when it comes to appropriating the enneagram each type is merely a set of glasses outside of you that we grab to make sense of the world and spoiler while we may identify with one type primarily we’re prone to grab many of the typesAfter pushing back on the notion that the enneagram is ancient to be sure it is less than 100 years old much less if we consider how long it has been a tool for personality typing this work is absent the language of discovering your “true” or “authentic” self and thus appropriates within the Christian worldview most robustly For example those who identify primarily with the personality patterns present in a Type 1 do not have the “divine gift of God’s goodness” Vancil 84 but rather intensely value and are uniuely attracted to goodness Wagner 29 Needless to say this is not a subtle shiftIndeed this is Wagner’s significant deviation from the Enneagram literature and because of it the Christian is not tempted towards one of the great historic heresies of the faith to think we can discover God by looking inside ourselves This is the ignorant or insidious nature of most of the popular Christian Enneagram works used today but Wagner keeps us on the right track and in the right realm with regards to conceptualizing the Enneagram as a tool for self awareness nothing 55

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    Great insight but soooo many editing issues

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