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Bedded by Blackmail

Julia James ¿ 1 SUMMARY

In London England at the most glitteringsocial event of the year all eyes are on sexySouth American billionaire Diego Saez Alreadyinfamous Julia James really likes to have the Hh indulge in hot sex that is somehow toxic to both of them Then true love and forgiveness ride in to save the day and the Hh's mental health I thought she pulled it off in Purchased for Revenge because the hero's motivation was a little clearer and the heroine's motives for sleeping with the hero were a little noble Here the hero stalking the frigid heroine turns into a bit of revenge and blackmail when the hero misunderstands why the heroine is turning him down The heroine thinks he's an entitled rich guy who won't be denied and then will dump her when he's done The hero thinks she knows about his poverty stricken past and she's being a rich bitch snob by turning him down The heroine's motivations for having sex with the hero are so her brother can keep the family estate and she is attracted to himThe Hh go on to have a sexual affair that lasts a few weeks as the hero travels for work and takes the h with him The heroine goes into a weird catatonic state when he's not with her and only comes alive at night when they have sex The hero keeps flashing back to a horrible woman who threw him out of the house after his mother died and then later tried to seduce him when he was rich It's all kind of weirdEventually the hero feels guilty and lets the heroine go Heroine feels empty and whore like so she liuidates her assets and gives the hero a check for a million dollars to pay for sex Now they are even Then she flees to the hero's home country and begins to work as a teacher in a mission The hero shows up a few months later because his old priest friend keeps inviting him down Here among the impoverished orphans the Hh show their true identities and are now free to love each other instead of having sordid sex based on misunderstandings from the hero's part and negative feelings about sex from the heroine's part They each grovel and I just don't understand how that is supposed to work but the Hh feel renewed and all is well for an HEA

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Has been leftpenniless Diego wants her Now Portia's gotonly one chance of survival if she'll surrenderto his blackmailand to himin his bed American billionaire Diego Saez used to be penniless and had nothing but now he is in London England standing at a party where everyone can see him He thinks that money will buy him whatever he wants What he wants is Portia Lanchester she used to be a society heiress but now she is penniless She tells Diego that she will never be his and he now knows that he has to blackmail her so he can have what he wantsThis book made me sit back and think about what I would do if this happened to me I know that it never will but I can dream When I thought what I would do and what I would do is two separate things You might think you will do something but what you say is something totally different


For his astounding rise from rags toriches Diego is convinced that everything andeveryone can be boughtSociety heiress Portia Lanchester I own this paperback and have read it many times over the years The first half of the book is my favorite I love Diego's pursuit of Portia His passive aggressive behavior made me swoon However when things take a darker turn and Diego plays his ace I am a bit disappointed If you yearn for something and then finally get it do you then treat it poorly? Plus the final chapter is too far fetched to be believable Yet I still have to give this 4 solid stars because I have reread this book many times over the last decade and will continue to keep it in my prized possession

About the Author: Julia James

Julia lives in England with her family Mills and Boon novels were Julia's first grown up books she read as a teenager Alongside Georgette Heyer and Daphne du Maurier and she's been reading them ever sinceJulia adores the English countryside And the Celtic countryside in all its seasons and is fascinated by all things historical from castles to cottages She also has a special lov

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