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After successfully but bloodily dismantling a complicated hostage situation at a bank in the suburbs of Stockholm Detective Paul Hjelm is faced with the reuisite investigation by Internal Affairs It is a potentially career ending inuiry but he is plucked out of it by the National Criminal Police commissioner who drops him into an elite task force of officers assembled from across the country to find an elusive killer with a sophisticated modus operandi and even sophisticated tastes  Detective Paul Hjelm finds himself in a hostage situation and for the first time

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Targeting Sweden’s high profile business leaders the killer breaks into their homes at night waits for his victims places two bullets in their heads with deadly precision and removes the bullets from the walls a ritual enacted to a rare bootleg recording of Thelonious Monk’s jazz classic “Misterioso” As Hjelm his young doggedly energetic partner Jorge Chavez and the rest of the team follow one lead after another in their pursuit navigating the murky underworlds of the Russia Between a 35 and a 375 rounded upMisterioso is very different from normal Scandin

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N Mafia and the secretive members only society of Sweden’s wealthiest denizens they must also delve into one of the country’s most persistent ills a deep rooted xenophobia that affects both the police and the perpetrator in a small nation that is becoming rapidly internationalized The first novel in Arne Dahl’s gripping Intercrime series widely considered to be one of Sweden’s best Misterioso is a penetrating dark and absorbing introduction to this acclaimed author’s worl Someone is knocking off Sweden’s most rich and powerful men one by one Who is d

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About the Author: Arne Dahl

Jan Arnald an internationally known Swedish crime author and literary critic His writing can also be seen in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter He published Barbarer 2001 and Maria och Artur 2006 under his own name but under his pseudonym he has written the

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    Misterioso by Arne Dahl is a uniue and wonderful book It is part mystery part police procedural part existential philosophy and part comedy There is something so distinctive about this book that it resists categorization On the surface it is a mystery but so much of the novel lies below the surface getting into the characters' minds and thoughts as they live their lives and work at trying to catch a serial killerThe title of the book comes from a piece of music composed by Thelonius Monk a famous American jazz pianist and composer now deceased There is a serial killer on the loose in Sweden who is killing very rich and powerful men The killer waits for his prey in the victim's living room listening to Monk's Misterioso on the stereo and when the victim arrives he is shot in the head two times The killer views the music as a pantomime a peculiar dance of death The Swedish police put together what they call an A Team to find this killerPaul Hjelm is one of those chosen for this select group It is ironic for him as on the afternoon he was picked he expected to be fired He was with his colleagues that morning and there was a hostage situation in a building near police headuarters An Estonian immigrant here illegally was holding a group of people in the immigration office hostage Paul decides to take matters into his own hands and he goes into the office and shoots the man holding others hostage Paul feels very badly about doing this and expects Internal Affairs to fire him for his impulsive action He acted on his own without waiting for back up Instead of being fired he becomes a national heroThe group gathered to form the A Team is very original There is a singer a man who used to be Mr Sweden when he took steroids; there is a Chilean who is called black head because he is not blonde like most Swedes; there is a woman who also sings and likes to masturbate in her office; there is a Finn who has a secrets from his past life prior to coming to Sweden; there is a pedantic idealist who loves to give his political views The reader sees how the team interacts and gets to know one another Hultin the team leader always enters the room through a mysterious door that no one knows about Where it comes from and where it leads to is a mysteryAs the team works together there are four victims dead The A Team checks out all kinds of leads including the Russian and Estonian mafia the victims' businesses and personal lives and they find out a lot of information One of the victims is a pedophile together the three of them tried to rape a woman who later committed suicide and some of their businesses are involved in mafia corruption An amphetamine babbling proprietor of a video store with private viewing booths in Norrmalm had cheerfully offered them some child porn films with Russian subtitles even though they had shown him their police ID He was arrestedPaul is in the midst of a marital crisis an existential aloneness where he and his wife of many years Cilla can no longer communicate and find themselves totally separate Paul has this dreadful unbearable feeling that we can never really reach anyone else Never ever not even those closest to us The horrifying sensation of absolute existential aloneness And now he saw this same emotion in Cilla's eyesWe learn about the Palme murder that is a huge deal in Sweden It is mentioned several times in this novel Olof Palme the Prime Minister of Sweden was assassinated in 1986 and the murderer was never found The A Group does not want to be seen as ineffective like the investigation of the Palme murder turned out to be It is very much in the back of their minds as they search for the serial killer When they do not have luck finding the murderer after a month either they were doing something fundamentally wrong or else they were dealing with another Palme murderWe also learn about the prevalence of xenophobia in Sweden The term black head refers to anyone who doesn't have blond hair as do most of the Swedes There is a great deal of prejudice against immigrants and looking like a Swede is considered very importantThe they got to know each other the harder it becames to understand each other As always This background of existential ennui reminded me of Sartre and Camus especially Sartre's book Nausea Paul becomes obsessed with a mark on his cheek most likely a common pimple However he worries it's melanoma and the mark takes on different shapes depending on his mood and the different crises he is facingMuch of the dialog is tongue in cheek and I found myself laughing at the oddest moments Tiina Nunnally did a wonderful job of translation and the book flows throughout There is not a dull moment It seems like the Scandinavians are having a true renaissance in crime writing and Arne Dahl is right at the top

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    Detective Paul Hjelm finds himself in a hostage situation and for the first time in his life shoots someone after feigning being unarmed Hailed as a hero by the press his tactics are under review by the police department; however he is asked to join a task force of misfits to capture someone who is methodically killing high profile business leaders in Sweden breaking into their homes at night listening to Thelonious Monk’s jazz classic Misterioso and firing two bullets into their heads even taking the bullets with him A bit meandering with a substantial focus on the detectives personal lives and their uirks

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    Please Note I read and reviewed this book in May 2011 from a copy I received from the Vine program in exchange for an honest review Just adding formatting and that disclosure All opinions are my ownAbout the Book Misterioso is the first in the A Group series from Arne Dahl a published author in his native Sweden You can tell he is an experienced writer by how smoothly this story runs and by how it sucks you in and keeps you in Originally published in 1999 in Sweden it has now been released in the US My Synopsis Paul Hjelm arrived on the scene of a hostage situation an ethnic Kosovor Albanian who with his family had been in Sweden a long time but now due to a legislative ruling he was due to be exported back to Albanian Hjelm wanting to make sure the hostage taker would not be killed rushed in and talked his way into the office then shot the Kosovor in the arm to cause him to drop the shotgun he was holding Hjelm was in the process of being investigated by Internal Affairs and certain that he was going to be fired when instead he is brought into a new elite team of detectives whose sole duty would be to track the worst murderers and serial killers across Sweden starting with one who is targeting businessmen across Sweden My Thoughts One of the best things about this novel is the extreme care taken to give each of the characters a strong background and various motivations While they occasionally clash especially in the early days the team soon becomes cohesive and close knit There are some truly funny moments in this book too which I always enjoy This is a fast paced book with lots of twists and turns and the killer is kept mysterious until well toward the end This is definitely a book that any lovers of thrillers mystery and suspense will enjoy don't miss it

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    Between a 35 and a 375 rounded upMisterioso is very different from normal Scandinavian crime fare but still good I liked it with a couple of reservations see belowMisterioso is another fine example of Scandinavian crime fiction this time of a police procedural with a few twists and turns along the way There is definitely no measure of cutesiness to be found in this book it's police work through and through and some of the scenes are a bit violent At the end of the book there's a page that says that Misterioso is the first book in the Intercrime trilogy but looking at Wikipedia I see that there are actually eleven novels in this series one prior to this one The main focus of this novel is a group called for lack of a better term the A Unit which is top top secret answering only to the National Criminal Police NCP Each member of the A Unit is in a position of higher authority than those who come to his or her assistance be it the Stockholm Police or the NCP itself The unit was formed largely because of the frustration over the failed attempts to solve the real life case of the murder of Olof Palme after years of investigations that got nowhere for a number of different reasons The A Unit is desperately needed at the moment a serial killer is out there committing a series of crimes labeled by the press as The Power Murders so named because he or she is targeting some of Sweden's high powered business leaders This is a top priority case The killer leaves very little behind two bullets removed from the wall after the deed is done Then he sits back on the sofa and listens to the Theolonius Monk song Misterioso on tape The A Unit must stop the killer before he can strike again a task easier said than done because of the number of investigative paths the Unit is following The main character of the novel is Paul Hjelm whose career is about to be trashed after he intervenes in a hostage situation A Kosovar Albanian man is holed up at the Immigration office angry because after he and his family waited for years for their citizenship he recently found out he was being deported and snapped Although Hjelm is hailed by the press as a hero his department wonders if he's got a racist anti immigrant bent which in Sweden's current political climate would look bad for the police department As Hjelm waits for the curtain to come down on his career as he is made an example of he is snatched up by the NCP and dropped into the A Unit where he works with some of the best crime fighting minds in the countryMisterioso is well written the characters are interesting with varied personalities especially the crew of the A Unit they're all flawed in some way as humans normally are and they have egos and differences that must be put aside to work together They learn from each other as well especially Hjelm who for example by dint of having to share an office with the only blackhead Jorge Chavez he comes to realize that perhaps he's not as racially unbiased as he believes And then there's Söderstedt whose reports sometimes diverge into tangential revelations about the economic or political woes of the country á la Sjowall and Wahloo Sometimes the group members use less than savory methods to get what they want from suspects or from people they're interviewing the special weapon of the Unit's leader is a killer head butt and the members of the group often take advantage of their status as being higher in authority than everyone to get what they want I don't know if I agree with that but then again the author could have made the Unit do worse things than they did to produce results And it's probably a realistic scenarioI liked Misterioso and would definitely recommend it not just to fans of Scandinavian crime fiction but to anyone who likes police procedurals If you're looking for a suspense filled action packed adventure well there is some of that in places but largely it's a lot of tedious police work stakeouts going through records following up leads talking to witnesses etc all uite well portrayed by the author I had just one small niggle here I like the team approach but with so many characters it's hard to really engage with than just a few of them Not that this is a deal breaker but outside of the main characters you get a few snippets here and there that don't really give the reader than a bare bones outline of who these people really are And finally not a complaint but if you're a bit prudish you might want to gloss over some of the racy bits although they're not prolonged to any great length which is always a definite plus as I hate sex as filler or something unnecessary that needs to be in the book to sell itOverall with the abundance of red herrings the story hooks you then lets you run and play with the bait for awhile before reeling you in at the finish Misterioso definitely held my interest tempting me to stay up all night and finish it and I'll be eagerly awaiting Dahl's next novel

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    This is a police proceedural crime novel The story is about a special team that is assembled to find out who is killing prominent businessmen in Sweden I enjoyed the beginning ending of the story but found the middle just too dry The crime team spent uite a bit of time examining each of victims' connections to each other through their corporations subsidiaries holding companies along with the boards they sat on and on their potential connections to the Russian Estonian mafiaThe numerous characters corporations how they they were all connected was a little confusing I stopped reading for a couple of days because I just found the going too slow at the half way point Although the story dragged at this point there was some humour sprinkled throughout which encouraged me to finish the book Not sure if I'll read any of this series but I will look for the dvd of the tv series

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    Too many characters and a plot with too many convolutions Jazz fans may have an interest in reading this because Thelonious Monk's 1958 Five Spot recording of Misterioso with a bootlegged addition plays a part in the book I have the feeling that Arne Dahl is a jazz fan who used his musical interests as a part of the novel though I could be way off base about that It did seem a bit far fetched to me that two police officers would have the same interest but perhaps I just don't know enough police officers and no Scandinavian police officers

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    Misterioso by Arne Dahl is the first in a Swedish series called The A Team Despite this to me somewhat unfortunate name the book is interesting and suspenseful I found however the first part of the book which follows the hero Peter Hjelm who rockets to hero when resolving a hostage drama to villain the hostage taker was an immigrant which leads to charges of prejudice on the part of Hjelm back to hero as he is hand picked to be a part of a team formed to track down a serial killer targeting some of Sweden's most powerful businessman After each murder the killer sits and listens to Thelonius Monk's famous recording of the tune Misterioso This set up is probably the most interesting aspect of the book I also liked the hero Hjelm and his relationships with colleagues and familyMuch of the hunt itself is predictable but well written There is a political content throughout the novel depicting Sweden's movement from boom to bust economy Some of the ideology is expressed by the team's most overtly political member but much is obliuely expressed through the events of the bookDespite it's sometimes predictable prose and plot I enjoyed the story which is a smooth and suspenseful read I recommend it to fans of Scandinavian mysteries and police proceduralsFavorite uote about work relationships and perhaps relationships generally The they got to know each other the harder it became to understand each other

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    Someone is knocking off Sweden’s most rich and powerful men one by one Who is doing it and what is the connection among these men? Whoever it is leaves no clues behind and even removes the bullets The only thing we know is that the person listens to a tape of Theloneous Monk’s jazz piece of the book’s title As the case gets solved we follow several detectives and learn a bit about their personal lives A good read

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    NoI'm not turning into a Scandinavian groupie but it's sure looking like it I read Bad Blood which was excellent giving it five stars and this one was great as well However as seen by the four stars didn't blow me out of the water like Bad Blood If you haven't put your toe into this genre of writing it might be time

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    A gripping and occasionally hilarious thriller about a disparate group of dedicated but eccentric police officers and their attempts to catch a bizarre serial killer Nordic Noir with a distinct twist of black humour

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