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The Human Experiment Two Years and Twenty Minutes Inside Biosphere 2

Characters The Human Experiment Two Years and Twenty Minutes Inside Biosphere 2

It's a story that has never been told until now Imagine being sealed into a closed environment for two years cut off from the outside world with only seven other people enduring never ending hunger severely low levels of oxygen and extremely difficult relationships Crew members strug. 'The Human Experiment' is a must read for anyone who still uestions the

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Gled to survive in Biosphere 2 where they swore nothing would go in or out no food or water not even air all in the name of science For the first time biospherian Jane Poynter who lived and loved in the Biosphere is ready to share what really happened in there She takes readers o. So far 1st 2 chapters the book seems to be I grew up so rich that I did

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N a riveting fast paced trip through shattered lives scientific discovery cults love fears of insanity and inspiring human endurance The eight biospherians who closed themselves into the Biosphere emerged 730 days later much wiser thinner and having done what many had said was impossible. This was an okay book I mean I'm interested in the topic and getting a

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    I've been looking into books about the actual study of people in psychologically strange circumstances This is one where eight people were closed inside a massive airtight greenhouse for two years In it coalesce the stories of hippies striving for environmental harmony hard science space age oriented unforgivably efficient agriculture human psycho drama and a science mystery thriller Now the reader may wonder how in the world is this not the top selling book of the last few decades? And how can the popular discussion of ecology be just about silent on an 200 million 8400 suare metre airtight greenhouse including a sample rain forest coral reef wetlands savanna desert and an agricultural system along with living uarters all of which has been tested in the two year mission? This book tells an insider's story of that mission and while it has all the prescriptions for enormous success the book simply doesn't bear it out It's not that it's boring it's just not fascinating in the way for instance the Feynman stories are This is simply the story of the everyday life of the Biosphere inhabitants the drama that unfolded during their stay and useful hints for any future long term space exploration It tells you about the science and technology behind the greenhouse explains the agricultural techniues crops and animals used and why they were chosen tells about the hunt for the missing carbon dioxide It's often exciting and it's certainly a uniue story but it's simply not a hit

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    'The Human Experiment' is a must read for anyone who still uestions the complexity or fragility of our planet’s environmentIt’s the story of eight ‘biospherians’ who spent two virtually uninterrupted years in the early 90's inside a sealed environment called ‘Biosphere 2’ Earth is Biosphere 1 designed to duplicate Earth’s ecology on a smaller scale No material was allowed in or out during the entire two years All food water and even the air they breathed was produced within the 38 acre structure which had five ‘biomes’ representing the most important ecological zones on Earth This is exactly the type of environment people would have to live in if they wanted to colonize Mars or some other far flung planetIt’s hard to decide which is scarier the almost clownish debates between the top scientists of the day about how the plants animals humans and billions of microbes contained within the mini environment would interact in a closed system or the desperate fight by the biospherians to control the levels of carbon dioxide exhaled by animals and produced by many other biological processes versus the levels of oxygen generated by the plant life within the structure sound familiar?The book is also a fascinating study of human interactions in a closed system The biospherians good friends at the outset eventually formed into two opposing groups who were spitting on each other by the time the experiment was overFascinating in so many ways interaction between man and the environment between project management and the captive biospherians between the project and the press between the management and the scientists they hired to oversee the experimentHighly recommended

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    I am immensely torn about this book On the one hand Biosphere 2 is an amazing architectural and technological accomplishment Arguably it’s a scientific achievement as well On the other hand I found myself disliking many of the people who inhabited or managed it The individuals who went in were all affluent privileged folks who could magically afford to take two years off from their lives to play at being astronauts They lost a ton of weight from a mostly vegetarian diet and suffered a variety of ailments from a steady loss of oxygen in their habitat They split into politely but passive aggressively warring camps with their attitudes and mental states worsening due to the lack of calories and oxygen I wonder truly if humanity will be able to function inon other worlds if these are the sorts of conditions they’re likely to face And how much worse would it be on the Moon or Mars where a benign world and infrastructure civilization are not close at hand to bail out a future settlement? Space advocates need to read this book—not just for the technical lessons learned but for the social stresses and conflicts which remain unpredictable and unresolvable We are who we are and that won’t change by living on another world The book gets four stars because it made me ask hard uestions of myself and the dream of living beyond Earth

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    So far 1st 2 chapters the book seems to be I grew up so rich that I didn't have experiences in Nature I grew up so rich that it was hard for me to tell my parents that I didn't want to do the career they told me to do Poor girl Next she lives in an art gallery with a bunch of hippies and studies meditation I was REALLY interested in the Biosphere 2 experience but it doesn't seem to be about that After reading other reviews that indicate there weren't SCIENTISTS in the dome just rich hippiesartistsactors I can see there's not a lot of educational value to look forward to PS Her big point about 2 years AND TWENTY MINUTES in the biosphere seems so pompous self centered and UGH don't get me started

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    an interesting account of life in Biosphere 2 by one of the inhabitants A lot of scientific stuff that bogs it down a bit but interesting overall

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    A detailed account of one of the largest scale experiments in recent history from one of its original participants I'm not sure I needed the blow by blow descriptions of every argument the crew and management had with each other but it does provide a vivid example of what happens to human psychology when you confine eight people to a small space for two years

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    This was the worst book I have read in a long time I was so fascinated by the idea of the biosphere after seeing it in Arizona But this book was just so poorly written How the writer could take such a fascinating topic and make this so boring is incredible First it took getting through about a third of the book before we even got into the biosphere Next the most detailed writing was the lists of foods they ate which seemed copied from a journal entry Then I was so appalled at the lack of science I didn't realize the first people in the biosphere weren't scientists but instead a bunch of people who knew each other from a theater group I could have forgiven that if the story had been better written I almost didn't finish this book but I was so interested in the subject matter I kept hoping I'd get even just a small nugget of something that made it worthwhile but I've read text books that were interesting

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    Oh man I am totally obsessed with Biosphere 2 again This was exactly what i needed The information on the web is pretty paltry so this was a solid behind the scenes account of what was going on I will probably need to read one book on the subject either John Allen's or Abigail Alling's There was so much contention and all the participants inside the dome and outside fell into two warring factions Jane's book seems pretty even handed and logical and I can't help but feel sympathetic to it But i think for a true understanding it's best to get multiple points of view Alling apparently was responsible for sabotaging the second mission by opening all the airlocks Which is weird since she was a Biospherian in the first mission I'd love to try and understand what her logic was Also I want to go visit it ASAP

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    This was an okay book I mean I'm interested in the topic and getting a first hand account of what really went on in Biosphere 2 was really interesting but I just don't think this author is meant to write I just didn't really like her writing style I guess But I do want to look into the topic a bit and get other views on it I was looking for the science in this book and there really wasn't any of it and I guess that's what really made it bad for me

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    Interesting recap of the Biosphere II experiment Unfortunately the book is badly edited

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