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E a man who can assume the identity of anyone marked for death and take out the assassins with brutal precision But impersonati. Synopsis if your life is in danger call Christopher Chance A master of impersonat Midnight Tango your life is in danger call Christopher Chance A master of impersonat

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If your life is in danger call Christopher Chance A silky smooth master of impersonation Chance is an assassin's worst nightmar. Human Target is a 1999 graphic novel written by rockstar comic book writer Peter Mermaids your life is in danger call Christopher Chance A silky smooth master of impersonation Chance is an assassin's worst nightmar. Human Target is a 1999 graphic novel written by rockstar comic book writer Peter

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Ng an African American minister with a price on his head leaves Chance caught between a relentless hit man and a bloody gang wa. Christopher Chance the Human Target When your life is on the line and you need so Възвишение your life is on the line and Mermaids you need so

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    I've come to expect a lot from Milligan over the years and while this isn't his best series the opening arc is strong This is the least bizarre story I've read from him it's mostly an action packed if rather dark spy story though that doesn't mean it is by any stretch 'normal' Once again his penchant for plunging deep into character psychology and interrelationship pays offIt certainly shouldn't surprise us to see a theme of lost self identity in a book about a man who lives the lives of others but Milligan's take is fresh and filled with those little surprising bits of verisimilitude that mark him as the preeminent literary voice in comics even in a less mind bending storyUnfortunately Milligan doesn't expand much upon these themes in later volumes as the series unfolds we tend to get of the same It's unusual to see a Milligan who isn't pushing his own boundaries but perhaps he felt limited by the setting or it could be his way of writing a simpler accessible seriesBiukovic's art is solid and evocative and it's a certain shame to have lost his talent so young His replacement by Pulido in the next volumes is a big loss for the series as the soft light colors and blocky cartoonish characters are hardly a good match for an introspective hard boiled spy story My Suggested Reading In Comics

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    Human Target is a 1999 graphic novel written by rockstar comic book writer Peter Milligan the man behind a stellar run on Shade the Changing man It follows Christopher Case an elite con artist with a knack for impersonation Be you a billion dollar business tycoon or a pastor in a crime infested back alley he will assume your identity and draw fire to himself for a price In the process not only will he become a physical clone of you but also become youDown to the very little aspects of what makes you youHuman Target deals with what it does to one's mind to assume so many different identities assimilating not only physical get ups body language but also one's memory and thought processes The novel very subtly allegorizes how we do it everyday in our day to day lives assuming different personalities wherever needed How our lives are often a testamentan unflinching altar to artificialityWhile the tale shines in terms of ideas motifs and thematics it lacks in characterization The 4 issue mini series moves forward very swiftly with a cast of passable characters which i feel needed breathing room to develop The protagonist is probably one of the blandest anti heroes I've encountered But I've come to know there is a volume 2 of the series which ran from 2004 and maybe there will be on the characters The plot is swift complex and well executed within the meager four issues with a vibrant with a color that often reminds me of Glass Paintings in Churches and the approach is the most prominent in the final issueHowever the world of Human Target is a very intriguing one I can't help but be reminded of John Wick A world of powerful people running the show from the shadows a thriving market for shapeshifting impersonators where villains and heroes alike need someone to draw fire off of them or to deliver their final sermon to the world after they have passed on It's beautifully and tastefully brought to life by Edvin Biukovic

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    A one man Mission Impossible team Christopher Chance disguises himself as his clients and lives their lives in order to protect them from whatever danger they face—in effect he becomes a Human Target Originally created in the 70’s by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino this 1999 reboot could have used another issue to help set things up better and to help with the overall flow of the story it felt a little cramped and would probably leave a little lost anyone unfamiliar with Chance and why he does the things he does As it was Peter Milligan tells an interesting story where all the principles—the not so pure Rev James Earl stylish gangster and soon to be TV show consultant Dee Noyz assassin at large Emerald Human Target understudy Tom McFadden and Chance himself—all have secret lives that will come light I liked the dip into madness and potential loss of identity that Milligan brings to the concept and I especially loved the start of the climax where Chance unwittingly addresses to everyone gathered at the end about facing one’s self as they truly are in a moment of truth Those few pages held a cinematic flair and was the high point of the story Edvin Biukovic’s Art is crisp clean and carries the action uite well The story ends with one outstanding mystery—who wanted Christopher Chance dead? The answer comes in the seuel the Final Cut

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    This is Milligan's take on the classic DC character Human Target a private investigator and bodyguard who is able to completely take on another's appearance and personality The plotting and concept reads like a Hollywood thriller but Milligan gives the story a darker psychological bent Unfortunately the length of the story doesn't give him the space to properly flesh out the central concept despite it being such an integral part of the story's themes Milligan never takes the time to show how the Human Target intuits a client's personality how they disassociate themselves from their own identity or how they change their appearance so convincingly it's just sort of assumed that all these things happen The writing is strong as is the art but it's difficult to take the story's concept seriously when it is sketched so vaguely

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    Synopsis if your life is in danger call Christopher Chance A master of impersonation he's an assassin's nightmare This time it's difficult

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    Local Comic Book Store had a 1 trade paperback sale As I flipped through every title on the table I notice a title that inspired a show that I uite enjoyedSo it turns out the TV series had little in common with its source material than the names and maybe attitudes of the characters Excuse me while I act sarcastically surprisedSURPRISEI enjoyed the TV series but I'm pretty sure I would have enjoyed this as a series even In the comics Christopher Chance the Human Target impersonates other people taking over their lives in an effort to protect them from assassins attackers or whatever other dangers might ail themThe story twists and turns all over the place In the end it plays out like a spygang thriller version of the Looney Tunes sketch where Sam the Sheep Dog and Wile E Coyote keep taking off disguises until one is a stick of dynamite and the other is toast Right up my alleyThis is my first exposure to both writer Peter Milligan and artist Edvin Biukovic It seems Milligan is known for this kind of deeply psychoanalytical character analysis I might have to seek out some of his non Human Target stuff after I finish the other HT Trade I picked up I thought Biukovic's art was great as well His expressive faces really sold the story and emotions of the characters Combined with Lee Loughridge's colours the art here really sells the deep tortured stories of the characters I was sad to discover at the end of the trade that he's no longer with us Brain tumor it seemsMy main issue with the book is one that happens to a lot comics when you're diving through old trade paperbacks For the most part the story is self contained But one arc doesn't really resolve itself by the end Also with a title like this that's started and stopped so many times over the years if you are enticed enough to continue on it can be hard to determine what book you'll need to pick up next This particular series appears to continue into Human Target Final Cut which I think I will have to track down sometime

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    Christopher Chance the Human Target When your life is on the line and you need someone to take your place and handle the threat Chance is the man to call A master of disguise Chance completely takes on the appearance and persona of his client while on the caseThis collects the Human Target mini series from DC's Vertigo imprint Vertigo had gained a reputation of taking older lesser known DC properties and adulting them up making the stories mature The Human Target mini series is one of those It is certainly a well handled storyline and clearly sets things up either for a second mini or a regular monthly seriesThis would also be the inspiration for the Fox series of the same name with Mark Valley in the role of Chris Chance

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    Looking back The Human Target is the perfect character for Peter Milligan to tackle The uestions about identity becoming other people how much can you change of yourself before you are someone else why psychology doesn't workthat's exactly the type of stories the Croenberg of comics writes If they were to ever make a Human Target movie this would be the perfect adaption for it Personally I'd cast George Clooney as Christopher Chance and Mark Whalberg as Tom McFadden but that might only be because Edvin Biukovic draws the characters similar in appearance to those stars

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    Great renewal of an old character A psychological thriller that deals with the issue of identity both in who we think we are and who we pretend to be Fantastic art by Biukovic who died much too soon the fluidity of motion and emotion he was able to render on the page is hard to match to this day

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    I will admit I came to this book as a fan of the for the first season at least uite enjoyable show almost negligibly based on this character No surprise then that I was disappointed But I intend to revisit the series at a later date attempt to approach it on its own merits and see what it holds