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    Yikes Maybe reading this one instead of the first book first was a huge mistake I was in the mood for some age play read and somehow I found this author Wanting to skip the Hero's pov I immediately got the second book Since hey Apparently it's the same book only written in the heroine's pov so it should be okay right? Wrong Since both the Hero and heroine have a huge language barrier it's hard to interpret what the Hero is saying most of the time And not to mention any type of age play they participated to seems 10x barbaric because the heroine was in a state of shock and confusion at the beginning until about the middle of itIt's a so hard to enjoy any aspects of this book It's a NO for me

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    This one was just as strange as the first The lack of an attempt for true communication is annoying to me as well as all of the humans acceptance of the treatment I don't know if I will try the 3rd book in this series because this was the one that should have given me greater insight It did not I would not loan this book to anyone either TTFN Elise

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    Pani's story was much less humorous than the first book Pets Bach's Story because from her point of view the entire scenario was vastly terrifying and traumatic In this book we find out that Pani is a human woman named Judy who was abducted while jogging in a park this happens at the very beginning of the storyAlthough we already know what happens from reading Bach's story I had hoped to get understanding about Pani's behavior at the end of the story Unfortunately I didn't I still have no idea why she would go to the lengths she did and why she loved him It looked like a case of Stockholm's Syndrome to me and if it wasn't the author should have done a much better job making the reasons for and evolution of Pani's feelings clearUntil that turn around in Pani's attitude towards Bach her feelings and reactions were pretty realistic I finally understood the reason behind one of her attempts to run away which had made absolutely no sense to me when seen from only Bach's POV It was interesting reading and I did have a hard time putting the book down but I think a better job could have been done with the story structure and evolution The third book Pets 3 Bebe does help to explain some of my uestions but not all by any meansStill it is a very entertaining read and with the caveat that all three should be read together I recommend this book to those who enjoy erotic scifi capture fantasies

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    Liked this much better than the first one That doesn't surprise me because I usually relate to the submissiveslave than the ownermaster I did not find this book arousing mostly it made me frustrated and not in a good sexual way because I just kept being in PaniJudy's head and there were times I wanted to throw the kindle Very interesting Thought provoking Even though I was not fond of the first one the story from the owner's point of view I think I would not have missed it both together are really uniue and give you a perspective that makes these books truly one of a kind HEED the warnings though folks This one had a warning that it had severe corporal punishment Well to me not so much but then I like a lot of pain I wouldn't class this much than mild with a few very few moderate type scenes Enjoy

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    To me this was a strange story Perhaps I didn't like it because I didn't read the first book but there you go Though reminiscent of Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas it wasn't nearly as well done First I had a lot of trouble connecting with the characters Second there was one glaring plot hole I couldn't ignore how can Pani's abductor be so oblivious to her intelligence or rather how can the abductor's species apparently choose to ignore the fact that the human species are almost identical except in size? Again this might be something I missed because I didn't read the first book but it seemed weird to me

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    Well that explains why she returned to papa I can't say I blame the girl the alternative was not appealing The rest of the story can be summed up in one word stretching 25 stars

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    Let me first start off by saying that if you have not read book 1 you should do so as it will give this book substance I think that for me especially now in retrospect if I had not read book 1 first I would not have enjoyed this book as much as I did Having said that this book was not overly enjoyable to read The overall focus of this book despite the sci fi plot and the numerous elements of kink seemed to be following Judy'sPani's character through various forms of continuing emotional torment Beginning with a mashup of misery despair and sheer terror she eventually finds herself on the road to deep frustration mainly due to the massive language barrier between herself and her alien captor but ultimately she ends up in a state of overwhelming desperation and crippling depression Fear is a constant theme throughout There is a small ray of emotional light at the endwhether this constitutes a HEA I'll let you decide As it stands I'm going to rate this at 3 Stars It was very well written though probably not something I would want to re read

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    This is the pov of the human pet Pani from the first book in this duet there are three books in the series but I stopped hereIn the book Bach's story we know absolutly nothing about his human pet Pani what we read is from his alien pov So in this book we learn that Janet a writer of books one of which landed on the bestseller's list was out for a jog one morning and got stung by a bee and woke up in an alien's homeWe see her side of what happens and what we can only guess at from the first bookWhat I wasn' too happy about was the fact that after all the hurt and abuse Janet went through she wanted to get back to her alien pet ownerGo figure

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    While I liked this one than the previous one I think it would have made it even better had the 2 been merged into one book giving the point of view from both Papa and Pani This one did have a slightly darker feel to it but I think that it's like that because we are getting the story from the person it is happening to and not a third party connected as he may be to the situation There is a strong Stockholm vibe but I still found myself happy that it ended the way it did

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    I read this book after reading Bach's Story by this authorWhat a revelation Judy a successful New York author is abducted whilst running in the park and is drugged then sold into 'pet slavery' to Tar'buk an 8 ft tall four fingered Neanderthal looking alienShe suffers discipline anal stretching forced Age Play although Tar'buk ain't playin' and spanking Lots of spanking SeriouslyThis is not my preferred trope or theme but if you can ignore the whole spankfest going on then the story is uite intruiging

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