Awakening Spirit Wise Seminary First Year Certification for Wiccan Clergy Summary ☆ 105

Awakening Spirit Wise Seminary First Year Certification for Wiccan Clergy

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Awakening Spirit WISE Seminary First Year Certification Course for Wiccan Clergy illuminates the shadowy corners of the Wiccan Circle and awakens the reader to the natural spiritual connectedness that resides within us all Finally this long awaited transformational journey of awakening is available to individual seekers and formal students alike combining a deeply empowering personal experience with a formal curriculum that is balanced comprehensive and challengingBelladonna combines her knowledge of metaphysics astrology and the healing therapies with her natural talent as a teacher to present the information in a way that. I am very into Metaphysics on all levels Linda Goodman Raymond Buckland Lao Tzu Manley Hall Chakra Systems Existential Living This book goes beyond all that I am sooo exited to see it here on Good Reads Chakra work creating your own reality energy transference and an excellent resource list I use the incense recipes in the book at home They smell great and she even tells you how to blend the ingredients so that they don't separate which was giving me a hard time It is backed by a Wiccan degree awarding college Woolston Steen Theological Seminary; The author being the Dean of the online portion but it is soymuch useful then just a Wiccan certification book I consider myself eclectic and this book has enriched almost every aspect of my studies This is a definite buy for anyone who craves an intelligent coverage on Metaphysics

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N teach the magical practitioner Brings awareness of God Goddess magic and sacredness into your everyday reality The real magic of Awakening Spirit is in the way that Spirit transforms the reader's reality in concert with the information given The color symbols meditations exercises and information presented all work together to appeal to your individual learning style bringing awareness of the spiritual realm into your active consciousness Anyone who reads this book will feel the energy of Spirit pulsating through it This is a truly inspired work that enables each seeker to awaken to the presence of Deity in his or her lif. This is a really great read for learning the basics of Wicca Bella writes well and provides great insight This book also helps provide a clear view of the morals of Wicca which is something that is important to me

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Speaks to your soul It is evident that her goal is to empower the reader to progress upon their spiritual path which makes this exciting book a very valuable tool which Activates the power centers in your body giving you the awareness of how to truly generate power connect with Deity and work in concert with divine will Teaches powerful energetic exercises that train your energy field to react with automatic and immediate magical responses Reveals the keys to understanding and using the ancient incantations of circle casting and shares the mystery of magical tools how they work how to use them and what working with them ca. Wow Where was this book when I first started on my path as a Witch This book jumps right to the point of the important lessons to get one started on this path Practical informative well written and is a great tool to lead you on the path correctly A must have book for practioners of the Craft

  • Paperback
  • 338
  • Awakening Spirit Wise Seminary First Year Certification for Wiccan Clergy
  • Belladonna Laveau
  • English
  • 03 February 2018
  • 9781412012294

About the Author: Belladonna Laveau

Lady Belladonna LaVeau High Priestess of the Covenant of WISE Church of Wicca and author of “Awakening Spirit” has been an initiate of Wicca and a devoted Priestess of the Goddess since 1989 She is a talented healer Reiki Master ordained minister of the Wiccan faith Navy Veteran and Dean of the Woolston Steen Theological SeminaryLady Belladonna has been a dedicated student of the mysteries

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