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The Beetle

Summary The Beetle

Ed with the fact that her beloved grandfather is suspected of no less a crime than treason against the United States With the help of old and new friends of Mary Louise the truth is uncovered The novel features a federal agent named John O’Gorman; he is assisted by his daughter Josie a young woman he has himself trained to function as an investigator The Josie O’Gorman character despite preceding Nancy Drew by than a decade is much less traditionally femini. This sounded so tremendous and then it turned out to be your standard Victorian Orientalist hissy fit with a healthy side of period appropriate sexism YayIn fairness the first part is elegantly creepy so that alone is worth a read However that momentum is simply not sustained throughout in spite of some snappy dialogue here and there The book fails as a weird tale but succeeds as a social document of its era's anxieties regarding gender roles and imperialist attitudes Except that's not what enticed me to read it I'm still stuck on giant vengeful Svengali beetle There needs to be literature about that

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A story about a mysterious oriental figure who pursues a British politician to London where he wreaks havoc with his powers of hypnosis and shape shifting Marsh’s novel is of a piece with other sensational turn of the century fictions such as Stoker’s Dracula George du Maurier’s Trilby and Sax Rohmer’s Fu Manchu novels Like Dracula and many of the sensation novels pioneered by Wilkie Collins and others in the 1860s The Beetle is narrated from the. Review to come eventually Damn my new job and all the hours it's taking away from me I will say that it starts off great Then it was just long winded and boring as hell until the end I know such great analysis there Three stars may be too generous25 Stars

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Perspectives of multiple characters a techniue used in many late nineteenth century novels those of Wilkie Collins and Stoker for example to create suspenseRichard Marsh was the pseudonym of the British author born Richard Bernard HeldmannThe title character is Mary Louise Burrows In the first books of the series she is a fifteen year old girl with unusual maturity though the other girls in her boarding school find her somewhat priggish She is suddenly confront. This book really grabbed me initially It was a strange weird creepy story that really held my interest because hey who doesn't like strange weird creepy stories am I right I liked the fact that the book was broken down into four parts but somewhere along the way my initial wow turned into yawn Still glad that I read it because it's not your run of the mill classics Shout out to my Goodread's friend Marina for the recommendation 😊

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  • 09 November 2019
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About the Author: Richard Marsh

Richard Marsh October 12 1857–August 9 1915 was the pseudonym of the British author born Richard Bernard Heldmann He is best known for his supernatural thriller The Beetle A Mystery which was published in the same year as Bram Stoker's Dracula and was initially even popular The Beetle remained in print until 1960 and was subseuently resurrected in 2004 and 2007 Heldman was educated

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