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  • Paperback
  • 470
  • Working Words
  • M.L. Liebler
  • English
  • 09 December 2018
  • 9781566892483

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Working Words

M.L. Liebler ↠ 5 Read

M L Liebler is the poet laureate of America’s working class The collection he has assembled rings out with truth intensity and love In a world full of despair it is comforting to have writers so gifted and generous singing our song of rebellion and hope This book is the kind of spark we need these days a rich intense and inspiring collection for and about those who get their hands dirty every single day Michael Moore“This book is not ‘fresh air’ It is a mighty wind While the nightly news continues to ‘do the numbers’ as if we were all i. Most people hesitate to critiue poems because it's subjective an artbut the bulk of these are amateurish and mediocre Any reasonable college professor would be red marking them so why anthologize them The vast majority have a tone of whining whining whining until finally with relief we get to the end the last poemI Hear America Singing by Walt Whitman thank God we get a poem with sublimity transcending conditionsThe inclusion of the lyrics Lose Yourself by Eminem really shines here next to so many dull poems and blows them away Yes a rapper can be a poet

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Nvestors here’s the larger part the real grit and savor of American life Spelled out in plain English” Peter CoyoteFrom the White Stripes' The Big Three Killed My Baby to Eminem's Lose Yourself; from the folk anthems of Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie to the poems of Walt Whitman and Amiri Baraka; from the stories of Willa Cather and Bret Lott to the rabble rousing work of Michael Moore this transcendent volume touches upon all aspects of working class lifeA collection about living while barely making one about layoffs and picket lines about farmer. MLLieber did a fine job of putting together this collection of contemporary American authors on the subject of the working life His short piece included in this volume is amusing and features the loca bar his poems deep The short stories all show pure grit and endurance This is work at it's most heartbreaking where the worker lives on the edge and may or may not make it past the job interview or strike or layoff I read my first Willa Cather story most of the others ring with the truth that the US is not all built on streets of gold or looks like life in the moviesThe nonfiction selections are mostly historical and portray a sympathetic view toward workers sometimes at the point of collective labor I loved the selection from Life in the Iron Mills or the Korl Woman by Rebecca Harding DavisThe poetry sections include some classics from Henry Wordsworth Longfellow Emily Dickinson Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie as well as many selections from well known poets like Philip Levine Diane di Parma and Eminem's Lose Yourself Most of the poems tend to be polished long poetry with plenty of thoughts about work and how it affects our lives and are entirely chant able

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S butchers miners waitresses assembly line workers and the Groundskeeper Busted Reading in the Custodial Water Closet this is literature by the people and for the peopleContributors includeAmiri BarakaBonnie Jo CampbellWilla CatherAndrei CodrescuDorothy DayEmily DickinsonDiane di PrimaBob DylanEminemWoody GuthrieAllison Adelle Hedge CokeLolita HernandezPhilip LevineHenry Wadsworth LongfellowBret LottThomas LuxThomas LynchMichael McClureMichael MooreMark NowakEdward SandersJohn Saylesuincy TroupeMIck VranichDiane WakoskiJack WhiteWalt Whitman and ma. This book is a compilation of short pieces on work working people and the struggle of the labor movement It contains poetry song lyrics essays and memoirs covering about 150 years of American life While by very design the piece is uneven there are a number of gems in here and despite the 500 page length I found myself turning the pages of this one uite uicklyMy one disappointment was how little faith or philosophy was represented The essays and memoirs of Dorothy Day from the Catholic Worker movement were a notable exception but I was surprised how little the characters in these stories and poems discussed God From my experience with working class people God is still a big deal to them Seems like that would be expressed in their art tooBe warned this book is a bit of a downer The plight of the working man hasn't been pretty throughout history These stories and poems will put you shoulder to shoulder with him in all of his sordid glory