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St popular boy in blue is hardly going to help her keep a low profile This guy could blow their world apart if he discovers her secretFunny thing is he may also be her only hope If she had someone like. Do you take this cop handled a very heavy theme child molestation Faith aka Lynne Addison has been on the run along with her son for almost 3 years ever since her husband was acuitted Faith wasn't a very nice person she didn't want to grow up like her mother so she used sex as a tool ensnared a rich man like her husband and got pregnant on purpose She didn't care about the pregnancy but once she held her baby her feelings changed but throughout her marriage wealth was important and she used sex to keep it When she discovered her son was being molested she started keeping him away from her husband and hoping that he would go to prison for the other child abuse case But when he doesn't she panics and with the help of Allie runs She was afraid of her husband's wealth and influence and scared that her past would make her lose her sonNick is a cop he is a favorite brother there for all his sisters Initially Faith doesn't want him in his life but when she sees his loyalty she goes all out after him for her son's sake as she needs someone in their corner She sets out to use him and Nick knows that she has other motives But for the first time Faith feels real with NickAnd it was so heart breaking to see Austin tell Nick not to touch his mother and that it is wrong and when he confesses what was done to him In her efforts to stay ahead of her husband Faith ignored what her son had been through hoping he didn't remember and not getting him help and Nick tells her thatI don't know why I didn't enjoy this book much I wanted to but couldn't since I couldn't like Faith that much I liked how she tried to protect her son but I didn't like her overall since she was a user always She didn't want to put her son through the trauma of a trial so never spoke up but she should have done something instead making them live a nomadic life full of fear of discovery If it wasn't Nick I am sure Faith wouldn't have done anything It is difficult to say what Faith should have done I agree but this book well child abuse is one of the most painful subjects to read aboutRating 25

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Nick on her side maybe she could finally be free and give her son the life he deserves But trusting Nick means telling the whole truth about her past He might protect them Or he just might turn her in. I've read novels by Andrews before and enjoyed them but this one fell far off the mark for me I was liking heroine of this book until she decided she manipulate hero into caring for her because she needs protection Why not just tell him the truth and ask for help You really think leading him on and lying is going to help your cause The good news is that the hero is onto her He knows she's playing a game he just isn't sure what it is She also played the let's pretend everything is ok and it will be game a little too often for me Prentending a problem doesn't exist doesn't make it go away Her son greatly suffered because she refused to deal with her issues Had it just been her I might have been able to overlook this Her son deserved better though I was really liking the hero at first too He was strong caring and compassionate He genuinely liked her and wanted to get to know her better I thought it was sweet how he acted with her son He really worked for me all the way up until the end That's when he stopped acting like a copy and started acting like a jerk who'd been scorned by a woman It was so frustrating He was the reason I kept reading and then he totally ruined it the last 18 of the book

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Without the badge he'd be perfectThe last thing Faith Lewis needs is a cop poking his nose in her business Okay yes Nick Coletti is gorgeous And charming And great with her son But dating the town's mo. it's a little series comprending 1 not without her family2 A Not So Perfect Past3 his Secret Agenda4 Count on a Cop Do You Take This CopI had huge expectations for this one but I was disappointed The plot could have been stronger in the end everything was so easyBut anyway I enjoyed the whole series

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