SUMMARY ô Kant's Theory of Freedom

Kant's Theory of Freedom

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In his new book the eminent Kant scholar Henry Allison provides an innovative and comprehensive interpretation of Kant's concept of freedom The author analyzes the concept and discusses the role it plays in Kant's moral philosophy and psychology He also considers in full detail the critical literature on the subjec.


T from Kant's own time to the present day In the first part Professor Allison argues that at the center of the Critiue of Pure Reason there is the foundation for a coherent general theory of rational agency The second part employs this account of rational agency as a key to understanding Kant's concept of moral age. Summary & Analysis #AUTHOR#Instaread Summaries#END# key to understanding Kant's concept of moral age.

Henry E. Allison è 1 SUMMARY

Ncy and associated moral psychology The third part focuses on Kant's attempt to ground both moral law and freedom in the Groundwork and the Critiue of Practical Reason This is a major contribution to the interpretation of Kant which will be of special interest to scholars and graduate students of Kant's moral theor.