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A luxury cruise to Nova Scotia is the perfect sabbatical for overworked professor Sheri Stephensespecially when she's spending her nights in the arms of a sensual stranger Sheri surrenders completely to this magical interlude on the high seas never dreaming that. BoringSomething was missing The story was too jumpy and didn't make sense The characters cartoonist and poorly developed Thumbs down for me

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Her lover isn't who he seems Or that he has an agenda of his ownSheri may be beautiful but Dalton's never forgotten how she stood in the way of his academic success or forgiven her for it Now he's ready to take sweet revenge He'll seduce the gorgeous professor on. It holds your attention

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The moonlit waters and at every port of call But his plans go awry when he starts falling for SheriCan she forgive his deception Can he let go of the past And importantly is their bond strong enough to take them to their final destinationa love worth fighting fo. What a beautiful love store Good example of never judge a book by its cover You never know where you'll fine love just be ready

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