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Two decades after radiocarbon dating declared the Turin Shroud a mediaeval fake brand new historical discoveries strongly suggest that this famous cloth with its extraordinary photographic imprint is genuinely Christ's shroud after allIn 1978 in his i. It was the late 1970s There was a newspaper on the kitchen table I gave its Shroud article a ui


Upport his original argument Shroud boldly challenges the current post radiocarbon dating view that it is a fake By arguing his case brilliantly and provocatively Ian Wilson once throws the matter into the public arena for further debate and controver. This was well written Ian Wilson comes down on the side that the Shroud is really the burial cl

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Nternational bestseller The Turin Shroud Ian Wilson ignited worldwide public debate with his compelling case endorsing the shroud's authenticity Now 30 years later he has completely rewritten and updated his earlier book to provide fresh evidence to s. My second time reading it actually Definetely one of the better researched books on the shroud

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    It was the late 1970s There was a newspaper on the kitchen table I gave its Shroud article a uick glance I thought even in that brief newspaper treatment that I'd immediately discover the fact that proved the Shroud of Turin to be a moldy embarrassing relic of a bygone era the Catholic version of Bigfoot The newspaper article let me down It introduced facts that boggled my mind The Shroud of Turin can be described as a photographic negative How did someone in the Middle Ages create a photograph? More importantly why? Teams of scientists from disciplines I'd never heard of were subjecting the Shroud to tests I had also never heard of and they were not triumphant in denouncing an obvious fake; rather they were in aweAfter much reading writing asking uestions and a lengthy conversation with STURP photographer and online archivist Barrie Schwortz I am now 97% certain that the Shroud is authentic We may all be missing something but given the amount of research that's been done on the Shroud I think there's only a three percent chance that it is a fake Ian Wilson's book The Shroud Fresh Light on the 2000 Year Old Mystery is one of the sources of data that have convinced me If you are at all interested in the Shroud of Turin you must have this book It's a one volume encyclopedia The Shroud is a fascinating book by any measure The Shroud of Turin has been rigorously tested by scholars in a wide array of disciplines; Wilson's book reflects that scholarship traveling throughout time space and multiple ultra modern laboratories darkrooms museums archives remote monasteries obscure archives hushed but impassioned clerical offices and politically yeasty university campuses Readers learn about radiocarbon dating identification of marble from Jerusalem the Crusades the Knights Templar and ancient v medieval textile fashions and manufacture Readers visit a land that time has forgotten the ancient Christian Middle East Indeed Egypt Ira and Turkey were once devoutly Christian Caliph Muawiya an immensely important figure in early Islam actually had his hands on the Shroud of Turin and is responsible for damage to it The book touches on Islamic Christian conflict occurring in the present day One of Wilson's pieces of evidence was an ancient mural in a Macedonian monastery The mural was destroyed by Albanian Muslims in a series of vicious desecrations extending from 2001 2002 Wilson has an eye for the gem like anecdote; you read of a wedding that took place as the bride's brother died in the next room; he received a fatal jousting injury while entertaining the crowds before the ceremony Another aristocrat died of drinking cold wine after a hot hunt Reading this book was an addictive pleasure and an intellectual adventure A measure of the rigor that Wilson and other Shroud proponents exercise is Wilson's treatment of new claims by Barbara Frale As Wilson's book was going to press Frale claimed that she alone had access to a document that could strengthen the link between the Shroud and the Knights Templar Wilson included her claims in his book with a proviso that he had not seen her evidence After he did so he assessed that evidence as unconvincing and he said as much in a carefully worded publication on Barrie Schwortz's site This scholarly scrupulosity is alas not reflected on the side of Shroud detractors as Wilson makes clear The denunciation of the Shroud as fake after the 1988 radiocarbon dating was decidedly not scholarly No other artifact would have been treated in a similar manner Case in point radiocarbon dating mistook the date on the linen wrappings of a mummified ibis by 550 years No one jumped up and claimed that the date on the ibis was wrong; rather they understood that radiocarbon dating made a mistake The Shroud was not treated in a similar manner because militant atheists with an agenda masuerading as neutral scientists so desperately wanted to discredit the Shroud They failed and their failure is exposed in Wilson's chapter on the fiasco of the radiocarbon dating Wilson works through a massive amount of data This is the kind of book that makes you grateful for the existence of the internet You will want to read this book with Barrie Schwortz's Shroud website your constant companion There you can find the full texts of the peer reviewed articles Wilson cites The evidence Wilson works through includes the following Mechthild Flury Lemberg a textile expert attests that the Shroud is consistent with the size uality and stitching techniue of the ancient world not of the Middle Ages Swiss criminologist Max Frei found Middle Eastern pollen on the Shroud Physicians and other observers familiar with anatomy going back centuries attest to the Shroud's accurate depiction of Roman flagellation and crucifixion Sampling of the foot area of the shroud image showed the presence of travertine aragonite a form of marble typical of Jerusalem There is Wilson then walks the reader through a detailed proposed history of the Shroud lasting two thousand years Wilson makes a very strong case that what we today call the Turin Shroud was once known to history as the Image of Edessa He argues that the notorious and shameful sack of Constantinople in 1204 by wayward Crusaders was the event that transferred the Image of Edessa in Turkey to Western Europe The Knights Templar Wilson reports were known throughout Europe for their banking and their fortresses They were very good at storing valuables and secrets The Knights Templar became too powerful and they were interrogated tortured and purged The last Templars were burned at the stake The victims included Geoffrey de Charny The first man in recorded history to display what we now call the Shroud of Turin was another man named Geoffrey de Charny There may be some connection Wilson argues Thomas de Wesselow is a non believer His book The Sign The Shroud of Turin and the Secret of the Resurrection pushed me very close to believing in the authenticity of the Shroud De Wesselow's treatment of the blood stains on the Shroud is masterful Wilson's book sealed the deal for me Read it I really cannot imagine any intelligent person not being fascinated by this book and awed by its implications

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    Ian Wilson has done it again When I first read his what became the Bible The Turin Shroud back in 1978 I was but a kid interested in Ancient Mysteries Now with this update he has brought some new and relevant information to the forefront He has made the connection of the Shroud of Turin and the Image of Edessa much plausible He with some new documents that were found recently pieces have now been added to the connection to the ancient trading city and pathway for Christianity While it still does not close the gap for sure to tie the two artifacts together it makes a better theory for it and does get us that much closer to absolute proof as in the years after De Charney's showing of the Shroud Also mentioned is some of the modern updated information about the carbon dating and cloth weaving which has also come to light in the last decade Anyone that follows the Shroud also has Ian Wilson's books as their go to books on the subject This is yet another in the line of must haves on the Shroud What I like most is that the information is presented in a unbiased manner and you can decide yourself where to go from there To many times the books are heavy biased for or against the Shroud because of the authors beliefs on the subject That is what makes Wilson's books refreshing

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    If a book gets five stars from me then it really made an impression Wilson's book is great I picked it up off a bookshelf in 2010 after seeing a documentary in my teens about the Shroud of Turin which intrigued me The book delves into not only what we know about this mysterious relic but also its most likely path since the first century Wilson examines the debacle of the 1988 carbon dating episode which rendered it a medieval forgery Wilson argues for its authenticity based on evidence predating its carbon dating It eventually got me to Italy in 2015 to see the cloth for myself I'm not sure about the e book version but the print version has some very high uality color plates available to help the reader navigate aspects of Wilson's research Well worth the price time and effort Judge for yourself

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    My second time reading it actually Definetely one of the better researched books on the shroud

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    A great account of a very long history

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    The Turin Shroud Fact or fake? Ian Wilson's 'The Shroud' claims the 2000 year old mystery solved Published 2010 this work updates Wilson's 'The Turin Shroud' published 1978 Firstly I've always been on the side of this historical artifact being the genuine article even since the 1988 radiocarbon tests declared an age of between 1260 and 1390 but have never been too deeply auainted with the factsrovenance of the Shroud as well as the Sudarium of OviedoWilson's Shroud journey is judiciously traced over the past two thousand years From Jerusalem 30ad from where the disciple Addai Thaddaeus takes it to Abgar V King of Edessa Modern day Sanliurfa Turkey Where for the next nine centuries it is known as the Image of Edessa and inspires mosaics frescoes and iconography In the tenth century the 'Image' is removed from Edessa by the Byzantine emperor Romanus and taken to Constantinople to become a sacred relic of the Eastern Orthodox church It vanishes after the sack of Constantinople during the fourth crusade in 1204 It is now the secret property of the Knights Templar reputed to be 'the head' that is part of the Order's sacred ceremony After French King Phillip's dawn swoops on the Templars of Friday 13th October 1307 the Shroud turns up again some forty years later as the property of a Geoffrey de Charney in Lirey France From here the Shroud is firmly on record and in time passes into ownership of the Dukes of Savoy to eventually reside in it's present home of Turin It only became the property of the Roman Catholic church in 1983 Incredible though this journey is even amazing is the cloths survival at all It has endured flood and earthuake a Muslim trial by fire from where the poker holes originate It narrowly escapes fire at it's home of Chambery in 1532 and a probable arson attack in Turin in 1997The work is not another holy grail hunt of the tabloid variety Wilson has written a most level headed appraisal of this relic of which he has spent decades in research along with a sound judgment of the late twentieth century scientific analysisMark Guscin states that the blood on the Oviedo cloth is group AB which matches the blood group on the shroud Ian Wilson makes no mention of this except to say that DNA tests have shown the blood to be from a human maleWhat happened on that 'third' day or how the image came to be imprinted on the cloth is for other folk to pursue as history is concerned the figure wrapped in the shroud was dead and the cause of that death was crucifiction

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    I am giving this book 4 stars because of the vast research and conclusions presented by the author Ian Wilson I had the great opportunity to view the Shroud in Turin this past June 2015 Wilson's book presents a good history of what could possibly have been the movements of the Shroud throughout history from 30 AD until the previous showing in 2010 He believes that the Image of Edessa which he has been able to research through historical documents writings and art and the Shroud are one in the same I particularly appreciated the photos and figures along with the well documented chronology of the Shroud and agree that it is a possibility that he is correct During the showing in 2015 a conference was held in Turin where evidence was submitted disputing some of Wilson's findings along with other topics of discussions and possibilities for the history of the Shroud Nevertheless the big uestion is whether or not the Shroud is real Well all I can say is that when I stood before it I was truly moved to tears The face on the shroud is amazing and actually looks into your soul Viewing the Shroud commands a presence of reverence and awe As Pope Francis commented after his viewing even if we don't believe it is real it still draws us to love I am eager to read some of the documentation from the 2015 conference but highly recommend this book as a well documented possibility of what happened to the Shroud However I believe the Shroud will be a subject of great discussion and study for years to come Perhaps that is the way it is meant to be

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    Utterly fascinating especially when connected to the potential 'second witness' The Sudarium of OviedohttpswwwshroudcomguscinhtmThe opening chapters of the book were my favorite as The Shroud was put through the rigors of our 21st century forensic process by recognized authorities in archaeology anthropology botany textiles visual art and the justice system producing some remarkable results or miraculous coincidences for skepticsThe majority of the book spends time attempting to connect the Image of Edessa from antiuity and the high Middle Ages to the Shroud of Turin No small task Personally I have my doubts that these are the same alone because the former is connected to heavy Christian legend But it is an intriguing theory nonetheless

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    This was well written Ian Wilson comes down on the side that the Shroud is really the burial cloth of Christ but he offers convincing and scholarly reasons why He does this in a very readable style without being preachy One problem he tackles very successfully is the Carbon Dating which proved the shroud was a fake It turns out there is reason to doubt the findings of the Carbon datingDo I think the Shroud is really the burial Cloth of Christ? It wouldn't surprise me but I don't need the Shroud to convince of Christ's Resurrection

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    The author examines the history of the Shroud of Turin while is believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ He spent forty years researching the subject and examines both scientific and faith based evidence The book is well written and worth the read whether you believe or not if read with an open mind There are also numerous illustrations and photographs

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