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When the nation's sole publishing conglomerate receives a mysterious bomb threat Chief Inspector Jensen is ordered to f. Jensen is a pol Sell It Like Serhant, The Sell, Way of the Wolf 3 Books Collection Set the nation's sole publishing conglomerate receives a mysterious bomb Sell It Like Serhant: How to Sell More, Earn More, and Become the Ultimate Sales Machine threat Chief Inspector Jensen is ordered Tiramisu to f. Jensen is a pol

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Pects Jensen realizes that he has uncovered a tragic story of betrayal and death in which he will play the central role. This novel come The Gold Bug Variations that he has uncovered a Tiramisu: My Little Lamb tragic story of betrayal and death in which he will play EcoDesign: A Manual for Ecological Design the central role. This novel come

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    Book ReviewIn the social production of their existence men inevitably enter into definite relations which are independent of their will namely relations of production appropriate to a given stage in the development of their material forces of production The totality of these relations of production constitutes the economic structure of society the real foundation on which arises a legal and political superstructure and to which correspond definite forms of consciousness The mode of production of material life conditions the general process of social political and intellectual life It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence but their social existence that determines their consciousness Karl MarxWritten in 1964 Murder on the Thirty first Floor is grey caviar The first in a dyptich starring Inspector Jensen Per's novel takes a fascinating albeit chilling look at the relationship between the individual and the State Fans of Kafka Orwell Graham Greene Heinrich Böll and Stanley Kubrick will undoubtably be drawn to Per's novels A pioneer of Scandinavian fiction's predilection to use the crime fiction genre to comment on economical sociological and political issues Per Wahlöö makes no bones about his ardent allegiance to MarxismSo let me stop right thereI knew all this before picking up the book You know right? I was prepared for Marxism But you would think that a book written by a Marxist would elevate the intellectual tenants of the means of production the social classes the proletariat and bourgeoisie Right?And then you come across passages like thisHere we have the abolishment of individualism and free will Identity is directly tied to the means of production On the pavements there were people who had temporarily left their cars As ever they were well dressed and looked very much alike They moved uickly and nervously as if they couldn't wait to get back to their cars Once inside their vehicles their sense of integrity was intensified Since the cars were different in size colour shape and horsepower they lent their owner an identity What was they brought about a sense of group identity People with the same cars unconsciously felt that they belonged to a peer group that was easier to grasp than society under the Accord in generalOr let's take a look at the total abolishment of private lives In the following a woman is found drinking in her own home at which point Jensen immediately sends for a police officer to arrest her Jensen never arrests someone directly as this is accorded to the identity and function of uniformed policemen not inspectors She was nineteen In the top right hand corner of her identity card there were two red marks fully visible even though someone had tried to blot them out That means two arrests for drinking A third would mean immediate admittance to an alcohol abuse clinicOr how about the Self Clearance estates? Large tracts of identical housing are left to whither as nature slowly takes over the grey concrete block structures thus eventually across years forcing everyone out Here and there he saw distant suburbs or self clearance estates silhouetted against the sky From the horizon to the motorway the ground was covered in an expanse of dry and dreary vegetation deformed trees and low scrubby bushesPerhaps it is my predilection towards capitalism or free will or individuality that is preventing me from seeing how anyone could ascribe to this kind of world Surely not even a Marxist would write this stuff? I mean no matter where you go this book is either described as cold chilling dystopian Utopian Orwelian or what not But folks this isn't some future dystopian novel This is not utopia This sociopolitical aspect of the book is not fiction The world described by Per is now actual history It is a chilling account of what actually happened in Russia and its satellite nations as Marxism is applied Perhaps some aspects are exagerated for the sake of fiction but the essence is clear enoughAs to the mystery? The book is a police procedural But procedures are tied to the economic means of production in this case the function of a police organization which is to safe guard the proper functioning of the working classes Inspector Jensen as said before does not arrest anyone That is the function of plain clothes men He is perfunctory with his orders to the lower strata of functions which he views as a function of society not as individuals to whom he is speaking always ending his orders with and be uick about itAs one reviewer puts it the book reads like a combination of George Orwell and Dragnet An accurate observationEven food plays a role in this mystery to see what the mystery is about just read the book description Throughout the investigation Jensen barely eats which results in gastronomical pain a pain that keeps him alert Only upon resolving the case do we find him scarfing down a huge plate of food at which point he sits back and relishes the dull sleepy semi conscious state eating affords him It is highly suggestive that this one of the final scenes in the book is a purposeful act implemented by whatever Ministry is in charge of food production food as a opiate to uiet the masses Speaking of Ministries There's one for every facet of life you can think of life as completely State controlledAnd of course primary to the novel is the Marxist view as to the proper function of corporations in this case The Concern the place where the crime takes place A conglomerate of newspapers and magazines no individual magazines or newspapers exist they've all been bought out by the Concern It's purpose? Read on In times past the press often exerted an inflammatory and unsettling influence on its readership Now its design and content are designed solely for its readers benefitWhat is that benefit? The publications are aimed at the family at being something they can all read at not creating aggression dissatisfaction or anxiety They satisfy ordinary people's natural need for escapism In short they are in the service of the AccordAt once surreal existential and imaginative this book is a fascinating view into socialism and Marxism cleverly disguised as an intelligent mystery novel Series ReviewPer WahlööPer Wahlöö 1926–1975 was born in Tölö parish Kungsbacka Municipality Halland Following school he worked as a crime reporter from 1946 onwards After long trips around the world he returned to Sweden and started working as a journalist againHe had a thirteen year relationship with his colleague Maj Sjöwall but never married Both were Marxists He was married to Inger Wahlöö née Andersson He was brother to Claes Wahlöö He died of cancer at Malmö in 1975 aged 48 He is considered one of the Godfathers of Scandinavian crime fiction according to Jo NesboPer Wahlöö is the co recipient of some of the finest crimethriller awards in the world including The Edgar Award US Gran Giallo Citta di Cattolica Italy the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award Svenska Deckarakademins pris Sweden the Danish Poe Club’s Award Denmark and Svenska Dagbladets Literary Award Svenska Dagbladets Litteraturpris SwedenAlong with his Dictatorship series and surely as a result of his collaboration with common law wife Maj Sjöwall resulting in 10 Martin Beck crime novels Per Wahlöö stands out as one of Sweden's finest and most controversial writers of the 20th century

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    A phlegmatic digestively impaired detective in an anti intellectual socialist dystopia has seven days to figure out who sent a bomb threat to a large magazine publishing company with lots of chromium furniture Society much like today has been so dumbed down that although magazines only dealt with princesses and how to make gingersnaps they are above the readers' heads I think the author is in favor of women's pubic hair but I couldn't tell if the badger that frightened the children was supposed to be allegorical

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    Jensen is a police Inspector in the capital city of plutocratic corporatist state somewhere in the near future investigating a bomb threat against a major magazine and newspaper publisher As his investigation develops it seems to become perfunctory slightly absurd and all the while disturbing In part this is a result of Wahlöö’s fastidious writing; the book is peppered with detailed lists – of what Jensen eats of the notes he takes of the contents of his desk of the corridors he walks in the Skyscraper home to the publishing conglomerate – the reek almost of compulsion but evoke a sense of detail surveillance of the minutiae and as a result of a panoptic order If he wasn’t a Marxist writing in the early 1960s I’d say he’d read too much Foucault but as it turns out it might be the effects of dystopians such as Orwell and Huxley This predates the Martin Beck novels written with Maj Sjöwall and is slightly less subtle in its politics although Wahlöö conjures up the image of a state that seems to blend the corporatism of Fascist Italy the plutocracy of contemporary Russia and intellectual torpor of mediatised late capitalism in a deeply disturbing manner At the heart of the tale is the control of a nation’s cultural life dominance by an élite and a willingness to suppress by any means necessary in order to maintain order And who better than a senior police officer to expose the machinations of power

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    This is the second of Wahloo's futuristic novels I've read I prefer his novels set in unnamed Latin American countries for a brilliant and astonishing novel of his read A Necessary Action set in a village in Franco's Spain in the 1950'sJensen is completely colorless except for stomach pain never explained hernia? ulcer? The novel has a strong narrative pull but is ultimately dissatisfying and even distasteful to this reader at least However some aspects of the society seemed prescient a complete dumbing downentertainment as most important Alcoholism suicide low birthrate are considered the society's downside

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    Incredible to think how short time span the whole book is happening One week Well it is so engaging it took me only a couple of days to read The dry humour and ridiculous characters one might meet during an ongoing investigation is incredibly entertaining The book sucks you into it and when you get to the last two pages you are so lost as to what the hell just happened you have to read it all over again And then the after an incredible book depression hits Unless you got another great book lined up This is brilliant

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    Per Wahlöö is one half of the Swedish mystery writing duo Sjöwall and Wahlöö who between 1965 and 1975 wrote a great series of crime novels featuring inspector Martin Beck and detectives Lennart Kollberg Gunvald Larsson Einar Ronn etc The series contains some of the best police procedurals I have read in my life; I find The Laughing Policeman and Roseanna the most outstanding In addition to highly realistic and captivating plots the books present uite a critical view of the Swedish welfare state societyPer Wahlöö's Murder on the Thirty First Floor is not a part of the Martin Beck series It is uite a uniue crime novel a dystopian police procedural The action takes place in an unnamed country Sweden could very well be the location at some point in not a very distant future The government is involved in a massive social engineering experiment heavy censorship and restrictive social policies are used in the name of creating social euality The newspapers and magazines can print only positive news and stories which make the readers feel good The anti alcohol policies are draconian; for example the police can arrest people for getting drunk in their own homesThe country has only one magazine publishing concern a conglomerate that produces all 144 magazines available in the country Chief Inspector Jensen is ordered by the Chief of Police to an emergency the directors of the concern have received a letter with a bomb threat against their main building which is the workplace for thousands of people After supervising the evacuation the Chief Inspector is given seven days to find the author of the threatening letter The plot is uite straightforward and I have not found it very interestingThe most interesting parts are the Orwellian fragments like for instance 'True' reporting is not always the best 'The truth' is a commodity which must be handled with utmost caution in modern journalism You cannot be sure that everyone will tolerate it as well as you can The higher a person is in the organizational hierarchy the stupider he or she is The publisher who is at the very top of the concern is a complete utter idiot the managing directors are all idiots the lower level directors are morons etc In addition the secret of the thirty first floor is plausible and compellingOne thing I do not understand Mr Wahlöö as well as Ms Sjöwall used to call themselves Marxists Marxism which I believe I know a bit as I grew up in its shadow resulted in one of the most catastrophic social engineering experiments in human history Yet the author criticizes a similar kind of social engineering to the one that Marxism led to I do not get itTwo and a half stars

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    Here is a police novel set in a near future world where the policewelfare state is fully establishedA powerful combine called The Concern has bought up all the magazines and newspapers in this unnamed northern country The people are fed a constant diet of bland meaningless nonsense Anything that could cause people to be concerned or upset is removed Whether it is a children's comic book or a women's magazine there are lots of bright colors everywhere Sometimes the same pictures of children or puppies are used in different publications Everything is edited and printed in the same thirty floor skyscraperThe building receives an anonymous mailed bomb threat and those in charge don't know what to do After worrying that the disruption will be too costly the decision is made to stage a fire drill and the building is evacuated When no explosion happens Inspector Jensen of the Sixteenth Division is given the task of finding out who sent the bomb threat His boss the Chief of Police intentionally does not want to know what's going on Jensen has one week in which to crack the case and he cannot let anyone in the skyscraper know what he is doing That might cause them to become nervous or fearful something which is practically a criminal offense His investigation leads to the nearly mythical thirty first floor of the building which few have seen home to the Special DepartmentI can only give this a rating of Pretty Good It has some really good utopian ideas in it but I guess Swedish police novels where this was first published are a lot different than American police novels It reads like a cross between 1984 and an episode of the police show Dragnet; Inspector Jensen is a person of very few words

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    This novel comes before THE STEEL SPRING which I reviewed recently Again it is a dystopian novel In the unnamed country crime rates are falling and so are birth rates but the government has recently made it illegal to become inebriated not only in public but also at home Every night the jails are filled with drunks and the government makes a small fortune by fining the inebriatesPublishing of all sorts has become a monopoly of the group that owns The Skyscraper the 31 storey building that dominates the capital city's skyline As a result the people are fed a bland diet of feel good material whatever their choice of reading The Skyscraper employs over 4000 people and these all have to be evacuated when the bomb threat arrives by post Stopping the presses even for a short time is extremely expensive and the managing director of the publishing group contacts the chief of police for advice and immediate action Neither is pleased when Chief Inspector Jensen advises that they must evacuate the building as he can't guarantee safety of those inside However there is no bombJensen is given seven days to find out who sent the threat His life is complicated by the fact that the pain that eventually sends him out of the country for a transplant in THE STEEL SPRING is ever present but he is a dogged investigator and eventually finds out the truth This is not your every day crime fiction novel and those who have no taste for political polemic or satire might like to steer clear of it

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    Marxist SF The Murder on the 31st Floor” by Per WahlööPublished for the first time in 1964 2011 edition read NB First read in German a long time ago This is my first reading in English “The Murder on the 31st Floor” starts as a spiritual murder of cultural criticism the freedom of expression and then in the physical liuidation of the last social critics “The Murder on the 31st Floor” is a novel in several ways that breaks with Wahlöös earlier novels which mostly take place in foreign dictatorships mainly Spain and Latin America But all his novels from the beginning with the football novel Sky Goat 1959 are power studies of various types You can read the rest of this review on my blog

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    I thought that this book was relevant to today with a few exceptions There would be no typewriters and there would be i phones everywhere today Inspector Jensen was aware that things were not normal at the building and wasn't fooled by the publishers finding a party to the letter themselves He struggled with the problem for the remaining time allotted him to find the perpetrator Per Wahlöö was a very intelligent chap to write this story back in 1964 The ending was worth reading the story