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The Road He Travelled The Revealing Biography of M Scott Peck

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Road He Travelled makes sense of the fascinating paradoxes associated with his life and work modern guru bad father and husband excellent writer self centred prophet genuine seeker a decent person trying sometimes to be better the wounded carer the healing physician the great encourag.

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M Scott Peck was hailed as 'a prophet to the Seventies' when The Road Less Travelled was published His book spent in excess of 10 years on the New York Times bestseller list longer than achieved by any other living author Millions of readers understood his message that life is difficul.

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T and that it is by overcoming a constant stream of problems that personal and spiritual fulfilment is attainable operating at the interface of psychology and theologyM Scott Peck died in 2005 from Parkinsons Disease having recently divorced his wife Lily after 40 years of marriage The.

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    I was one of those people who thought The Road Less Traveled was life changing at least for me As a result I read most of M Scott Peck's books and even attended a couple of his lectures That was all in the 80's Fast forward a few decades and now I just finished a revealing biography about the late Peck The book was eye opening and an interesting read for Peck groupies like me I'd heard he did not practice what he preached but I had not idea to what extent or how much of his life was filled with demons The most important thing this book taught me was to separate the message from the messenger The message changed my life for sure The messengernot The book did not answer all my uestions and in fact most of the book left a lot of gaps for me mainly because the family wanted no part of it or Peck Thanks to his second wife and his two loyal staff members the end of the book filled in a lot of gaps for meWorth the read only if you were a Peck 80's Self Help follower

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    There are two reasons to read a biography you are either totally fascinated by the featured person or the book is stunningly well written so would draw you in whoever it was aboutNeither applied in this case I found Although like many people I was once inspired by The Road less travelled and other books by Scott Peck I discovered on reading this biography that I was not at all interested in the man himself And I found Arthur Jones' writing tedious and long windedI ended up skim reading and was hugely relieved to get to the end

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    Scott Peck well I don't know what to say I'm not sure that Jones does either but at least he has tons of evidence and hours of interviews to report

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