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To stick together” and instructing her three children to refer to her in public as their babysitter Kate’s father was aloof ambitious and prone to blasts of withering abuse increasingly directed at the daughter who found herself standing between her embattled parents Kate looked for comfort in the imaginary worlds of books and found refuge in the kitchen where she taught herself to bake and entered the one realm where she was able to wield controlTelling her own story with the same lyricism compassion and eye for lush detail she brings to her fiction coupled with the candor and humor she is known for in her personal essays Kate Moses leavens each tale of her coming of I had a hard time g

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From the author of the internationally acclaimed Wintering A Novel of Sylvia Plath comes a funny touching memoir of a crummy and crumby childhoodGrowing up in the 1960s and ’70s Kate Moses was surrounded by sugar Twinkies in the basement freezer honey on the fried chicken Baby Ruth bars in her father’s sock drawer But sweetness of the intangible variety was harder to come by Her parents were disastrously mismatched far too preoccupied with their mutual misery to notice its effects on their kids A frustrated artist Kate’s beautiful capricious mother lived in a constant state of creative and marital emergency enlisting Kate as her confidante “We’re the girls we have I'm glad I disregar Droit Musulman, Vol. 2: Recueil de Lois Concernant Les Musulmans Schyites (Classic Reprint) parents were disastrously mismatched far too Droit Musulman, Vol. 1: Recueil de Lois Concernant Les Musulmans Schyites (Classic Reprint) preoccupied with their mutual misery to notice its effects on their kids A frustrated artist Kate’s beautiful capricious mother lived in a constant state of creative and marital emergency enlisting Kate as her confidante “We’re the girls we have I'm glad I disregar

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Age in Cakewalk with a recipe from her lifetime of confectionary obsession There is the mysteriously erotic German Chocolate Cake implicated in a birds and bees speech when Kate was seven the gingerbread people her mother baked for Christmas the year Kate officially realized she was fat the chocolate chip cookies Kate used to curry favor during a hilariously gruesome adolescence and the brownies she baked for her idol the legendary MFK Fisher who pronounced them “delicious”Filled with the abundance and joy that were so lacking in Kate’s youth Cakewalk is a wise loving tribute to life in all its sweetness as well as its bitterness and ultimately a recipe for forgivenes This book was defin

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    So did not want to finish this book because it just kind of unraveled 23rds of the way through but as I told several good friends after throwing the book across the room I have to finish because I have to warn the othersI've noted before that I'll read just about any memoir but I believe it's actually very difficult to write a good memoir This one started out so well Crazycrappy childhood with eccentric andor inattentive parents interspersed with recipes for baked goods ie the stress of bad parenting sweetened by sugar A perfect memoir recipe if you willTo illustrate why this book failed I am going to use a book by Vivian Gornick 'The Situation and the Story' Gornick writes that in all our life stories there is the situation our circumstances and it is the writer's job to turn this situation into a story That is decide what is the overall theme of one's life and use one's various situations to illustrate bringing some stories into sharper focus and tamping others down Let's face it everything that happens to us is not important The book the best illustrates this concept for me is 'The Glass Castle' by Jeannette Walls Walls' situation horrifying and haphazard parenting But what's the story? Even the worst parents still bestow incredible gifts Reading Walls' book I never believed until the end that she would redeem her parents and I was so incensed at them throughout the book But at the end she turned it around and had the reader viewing them with the same love and compassion as the author'Cakewalk' is all situation; Moses has not found her story Her mother goes from eccentric provider of a somewhat magical childhood to monster as the young adult's parent The father is either completely absent or unspeakably cruel but is suddenly reconciled with the author when she leaves for college How these tremendous arcs are accomplished is never explained The author goes from fat to thin with no explanation She finds herself married and divorced in her mid twenties again with no story In short she essentially writes down everything that happened to her threw in some awesome hence the two stars recipes and called it a day She makes no sense of her life for the reader Also just a side note but writers should not use who they know to make themselves interesting Moses was friends with both Kay Boyle and MFK Fisher yes I will admit to jealousy but they do not add to her story

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    I'm glad I disregarded the litany of negative reviews before starting this book I'm not a seasoned critic by any means but I believe the purpose of writing a memoir is to draw the reader into your world Kate Moses succeeded to that end at least as far as I'm concernedAlthough my story so far is vastly different from hers I found myself wanting to sit with her over a cup of tea and a slice of cake her recipes are ridiculous and I envy her talents and just expound on life in general and the joys and sorrows of being a womanReading about the struggles she encountered I wanted to put my arms around her When she triumphed I wanted to celebrate with her This is how we as women at our best are wired I am so looking forward to sharing this book with the ladies in my book swap group because those are the kinds of relationships we have formedEvery person has a story that is uniue and valuable and I thank Kate Moses for sharing hers with me

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    a beautiful booka delicious booka book about survival and redemption and life and loveand cakes

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    I had a hard time getting into this book It is a memoir Kate grows up with both parents in an unhappy marriage who stay together for too long and two brothers The family moves freuently due to dad's job Lots of dysfunction Kate finds comfort in sugar especially cake Each chapter ends with a wonderful recipe related to that particular time period in her life As in many most memoirs the power of the human spirit is amazing and how she not only survives but thrives is always great to seeThere is one section in the book that really resonated with me when she decides against her better judgement to visit her mother after graduating from college and cleans out her mother's hoarding like refrigerator The rage from from her narcissistic mother that follows is heartbreaking very well written and hit a nerve with a personal experienceOverall well written great recipes but each chapter was hit or miss for me At times I thought I could not finish and at other times I was really into it

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    Moses' memoir of a childhood imbued with sweets and two self absorbed parents reads like a sugar high you can't get enough but you know you're going to feel ill later The included recipes are like raisins in an oatmeal cookie they do stand out but the book needs the added sweetness uite possibly the best chapters are the later ones in which the reader is introduced to Moses' young adulthood away from her family and her introduction to the world of writing and food of which this memoir is the zenithFans of The Glass Castle and its accompanying mates in genre will enjoyCakewalk as will those who've enjoyed the writing of Amanda Hesser Mollie Wizenberg and Julie Powell

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    Moses is well educated well read and has an extensive vocabulary Unfortunately in this case those accomplishments do not a good memoirist make I believe the book was intended to be at least partially a food memoir since it includes much talk about her love of sweets and recipes Moses’ parents’ bad marriage and her relationship with both of them was another large part of the book I just never really felt her recollections flowed nicely into a complete book She was kind of all over the place touching on numerous stories some inconseuential and didn’t delve fully into some of the substantial moments in her life It seems to me that she would have had a much richer outcome had she worked through of her core issues in therapy prior to finishing this book

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    Who can resist a memoir written by a lover of sweets? Certainly not meIn this somewhat disjointed memoir Moses takes us through her crazy childhood and leads us to her much saner adulthood Along the way readers will savor the sweets that got Moses through the tough times; recipes are includedFrom the brownies that impressed MFK Fischer to the cheesecake for her father Moses tempts readers at every turn At times this memoir is jumbled and annoying But at other times it is beautifully written and joyous in its celebration of sweetsNot what I expected but still worth reading

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    I read this book because Nancy Pearl recommended it on her That Stack of Books podcast Nancy said this was a good memoir because the author had a happy childhood and also her brownie recipe was fantastic Have not yet tried the brownie recipe but must say if this is a happy childhood the bar is set very low A narcissistic mother a father who is never home and just plain cruel when he is home siblings who torture each other a succession of moves a probable eating disorder an entire cake for dinner an unplanned pregnancy and subseuent disastrous marriage Whew Will report back later on the authors brownie recipe which MFK Fisher asked for

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    This book was definitely a mixed bag Started slow really got interesting then it seemed to lose its focusI think if the author would have stuck to her difficult childhood and how she over came it it would have been betterI liked the recipes after each chapter and hate that I have to return the book to the library without getting to try them all However sometimes she told a rather insignificant story in order to have a reason for the recipeNot a bad read but not a book I'll think of againunless I think about those recipes

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    I loved the idea of this book stories from the author's life with recipes at the end of each chapter relating to what you've just read However I just wasn't able to connect and enjoy the stories

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