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Led Eloise fled selflessly leaving her child in his care with a note to find her a good Christian home Now twenty years later the mob is obsessed with retaliat This is the fin

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As a novice FBI agent Jackson McGraw was deeply touched by the young single mother a murder witness in his protective custody When her baby girl was almost kil I love series b

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Ion against the woman whose testimony imprisoned their late don Jackson is determined to track Eloise down to protect her and reclaim two decades' worth of lov OK I love serie

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    I LOVED this book I couldn't put it down I connected with Jackson and Eloise so much and it nearly brought tears to my eyes close to the end when Eloise believed her life was coming to an end when the head of the Mafia Vincent Martino captured her She struggled with her faith thoughout the story and only wanted Jackson and her daughter to be safe from harm But she thought she had no choice with her own life I've never connected with the characters in a book in the way I connected with these I absolutely loved it I highly recommend this book if you want an action packed suspenseful romantic and inspirational read

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    I love series books because I always want to the story I love seeing Micah in a minor role while Jackson his brother is finally able to find love

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    Operation Black Veil The woman in the black veil has told FBI Special Agent Jackson McGraw that Salvatore Martino former don of the Martino Crime family is now dead His son Vincent is now the don of the group wants to kill Eloise Hill the girl who put his father behind bars as a final tribute to him Eloise has been found by agents is now under 24hr surveillanceThis can't be happening again22 years ago Eloise Hill witnessed a murder She testified against the mafia chief was entered into the Witness Protection Program They still managed to find her nearly killing her her baby so she fled leaving her baby with Jackson McGraw Now with a new life identity as Ellie Smith she has just witnessed her best friend being killed by her husband Not to mention yesterday at the café she received a bunch of white rosesthe same arrangement as had been on Danny's coffinthe same flowers Salvatore Martino liked to send to his victims funerals No The Mob couldn't have caught up with her again could they? A knock at the door startles her; then she is relieved Jackson McGraw has arrived the protector she fell in love with so many years agoSpecial Agent Jackson McGraw has never forgotten Eloise Hill when as a rookie he was part of the team supposed to be protecting her her baby he fell in love with her Now having finally found her he intends to keep her safe this time not only from the Mob but also a guilty husband who wants to silence Eloise as well as re capturing Vincent Martino breaking up the Mob Then maybe they can have a chance at happily ever afterA great finish to the Protecting the Witnesses Series this book is #6 You really do need to read these books in order as each book while a story on it's own also has a plot which runs develops through all the 6 books building up to the grand finale in this book This means that you will not only want to read this book but also the previous 5 in this series So if you are looking for a one off story to read then this is not the book for you However if you are short of reading material want a series to get you going then this series will be idealOther books in the series#1 Twin Targets Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense #180#2 Killer Headline Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense #184#3 Cowboy Protector Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense #188#4 Deadly Vows Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense #192#5 Fatal Secrets Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense #196 Protecting the Witnesses Bk 5

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    For a book that is described as “riveting inspirational romance” the romance plot seems shoehorned it FBI agent Jackson McGraw is trying to locate a witness to a mob hit a single mother named Eloise She’s been inside the Witness Protection Program for years after giving up her baby daughter now named Kristen however the mob seeks retaliation for her testifying against a don and putting him in prison Jackson meanwhile has been receiving information from the mob via a mole nicknamed “the Veiled Lady” because she always meets Jackson in disguise Jackson’s brother Micah a federal marshal also suspects someone in his office of being a mole and feeding information to the mob about Eloise’s whereabouts; both of these make good subplots and move the story along The suspense is very well done; Eloise is properly frightened even though she owns a lovable guard dog named Duffy a German shepherd Roses begin appearing on her doorstep a sign that the mob is close by—the Mafioso in uestion grew them in a greenhouse Adding to the suspense is another villain a crooked cop who beats his wife named Randall Parker He comes between Jackson and the mob seeking information from Eloise about his recently deceased wife Melanie who was Eloise’s employee The romance between Jackson and Eloise never seems realistic always forced and unnatural There are a couple of moments towards the climax where my eyes nearly rolled back into my head who really is the Veiled Lady? Will Eloise ever meet her biological daughter? because of the almost laughable situations the characters found themselves in Not bad for a suspense novel but pretty bad for a romance

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    Last book of an excellent series I would suggest reading from book 1 6 in order though as I'm sure the books could be stand alone but they really tell a complete story all togetherThis final book brings everything to a head and end Eloise Hill had testified against the Sal Martini a Chicago Mafia head 22 years earlierJackson MacGraw was a rookie agent and watching over her while she was under witness protection After a bomb goes off she leaves a note to have Jackson put her baby girl in a Christian home to be raised And then Eloise goes off on her ownSal has died and the son wants revenge for his death He is determined to find and kill both Eloise and her daughter KristinJackson brings his team to Montana to find and protect Eloise And to put an end to the Chicago mob family once and for all

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    This is the final book in the Protecting the Witnesses series Starting in the first book and continuing through the next five the Martino crime family has been trying to find Eloise Hill who testified against the old don 22 years previously They have found out from a leak in the US Marshal's office that she is in Montana so have been killing or trying to kill every green eyed woman in Montana that they thought was possibly her including the daughter she gave up for adoption after she ran from the Witness Program when her safe house was found Nowin this final book Eloise has been found by the FBI agent who loved her 22 years ago and is determined to keep her safe from the Martino family But she has someone else after her too; after witnessing a local detective kill his wife he is now also looking for her A very satisfying conclusion to the series

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    This is one book of a series called Love Inspired They are each a stand alone story but the message is one of love faith and hope The few I have read as is this one are good stories easy to read and I found myself reading them very uickly because I wanted to know what was going to happen to the characters One or of the main characters always has some sort of trauma or heartbreak they are dealing with and many of the characters lean on their faith to help them through The messages are positive throughout

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    I was not looking forward to this book but will read it The first one in the series was disappointing when at the end an exciting story became one with an ending which just fizzled out unresolved However this one ALMOST made up for it It was good

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    OK I love series books because I always want of the story In this case I love seeing Micah in a minor role with his brother Jackson finally able to find love It gives depth to his character from the earlier book Need the middle books

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    Found this book at a local library book sale so I have never read the beginning series but I truly enjoyed this book Loved the characters the story line had me hopping back n forth loved that For me it was a great uick read

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