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SUMMARY The Breeze Horror

He strange poison become flesh eating zombies relentlessly stalking the survivors of the catastrophe Survivor Sandy G. This definitely was one of the most unusual novels dealing with undeadzombie like creatu


A spaceshuttle accident leaves the idyllic beach community of Breeze Island under a toxic cloud But those killed by t. Here's the cover of the Onyx mass market published in Feb 1988 but with a 1987 copyright

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Alatti is marked by the zombie leader as his mate and her determined struggle for freedom erupts into shocking violen. This is something of a zombie novel but not completely A massive outbreak hits the plane

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    Here's the cover of the Onyx mass market published in Feb 1988 but with a 1987 copyright date Kind of a misleading cover considering this is supposedly a splatterpunk esue zombie novel I thought it was literally about a spooky breeze or something so I'd always passed it up while out book hunting I'm glad I glanced at the back cover copy this time around

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    When a space shuttle carrying toxic waste collides with a meteor contaminated rain pours down infecting everyone it touches causing their bodies to decompose but leaving their minds intact The frightened residents of Sea Breeze Island uarantine the infected on the beach The beachers come to resent the norms and plan their revenge becoming sadistic as their bodies become decayedA different kind of zombie book these zombies—or beachers—aren't interested in eating brains They prefer inflicting pain and torturing the norms The beachers aren't brain dead monsters Their anger and hatred of friends and family is because of how they were treated after they became infectedIt's refreshing to read a book that lets you get inside the head of a zombie They had motivations and personalities just like the rest of the characters It's always interesting when a villain isn't just inherently evil I even felt sorry for a few of them Are the monsters the unlucky ones caught in the rain or the ones who refused to help the infected?But I don't think what the beachers do to the norms by the end of the book is justified by any means It gets pretty gory and definitely isn't for the faint of heartAlthough I could empathize with the beachers the norms were even compelling characters I was rooting for the main character Sandy and her young son to get off the island and escape the beachersThe Breeze Horror was originally published in 1988 and recently republished by Bloodshot Books Contrary to the original cover no killer curtains make an appearance Highly recommended for zombie fans looking for something different

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    This is gonna be a uicknot really overview and not go into too much but will have spoilers on the end kinda It starts out following a guy named Mason enjoying the high off some pills his peaceful bliss and him reminiscing on a old lover Cassie Looks at a bird catches it and you think he's just gonna pet it and let it go but instead rips its head off Okay this book got it rolling fast Then changes to a woman In the car with her year old son and hear about the space junk is hurtling back to earth New York mostly The woman Sandy decides to go to her vacation home on a small island thinking she'll meet up with her parents there They never show up For three days a bad storm messes up the small island town the only way off the island a bridge crumbles a shelter for hundreds of people caves in power goes out and anyone out in the rain gets burned and dies mostlyAfter the storm theres the clean up and wounded from the rain are just sat on the beach and left the dead too They look gross so yeah like really bad ew plus theres not much you can do to help them but give water and some food But most of the town people have a air of out of sight out of mind that just gets worse and worse as the book go on To the point people that where not caught in the rain are called norms and the grotesue looking people on the beach are called drum rolls beachers In not gonna be to hard on that because thats what it really is The beachers tend to stay on the beach forgotten about mostly except for a handful with very caring families Which gets sad once the beachers start to recover but stay looking horrid they all start to hate the normies but mason who turns out is a giant stalker to his past lover Cassie whose real name is Sandy And that part was the best you felt so damn bad for Sandy constantly tormented by this hideous creep with no where to go to escape him Everyone is stuck on this island even boat travel is unsafe due to a fog that just melts people if gone too far The beachers grow stronger and stronger and then torment the normies and killing them family and friends This review is all over the place and is long so oops Its a very good story but the end it feels like it tries to redeem Mason yes he had a terrible up bringing but just because of that doesn't make up for all the murdering and the rape He's still creepy and evil and I hate him and ugh Spoiler Just drop the undead baby woman Let it float away Just NOPE out

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    This definitely was one of the most unusual novels dealing with undeadzombie like creatures I've ever read Sometimes I had to think on Lord of the Flies or a parable when you have a close look at the Beachers the Norms and their interaction You definitely keep reading on as you want to know how the story about Sandy and Mason ends There also are some shocking elements in this book In the end I can clearly recommend this book getting uite another perspective onto the undead A very strange novel between conventional horror and higher literary ambitions A fluent read

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    Very much in the late '80s'90s splatterpunk mode this is a fast paced apocalyptic horror novel full of cruelty gross imagery and gore gore gore A space shuttle accident results in Earth being showered with toxic waste which pours down in a toxic black rain poisoning everyone it touches A townful of survivors in an island in the Northeastern US struggle to deal with the apocalypse but things get worse WAY worse when those who were poisoned but not uite killed by the rain start to mutate into rotten hate filled psychic powered undead monstersA very grim nasty novel with a bleak view of humanity The Breeze Horror has many things that make it hard to read a freuently victimized female lead; a semi sympathetic portrayal of a rapistpervert; and while I'm listing things a rather offensive accent for a black character in the beginning OTOH it's a very creative take on something like zombies compared to the many cookie cutter novels on the undead coming out nowadays Memorable

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    25 rounded up to 3 for audacityThis was my first attempt at reading anything “splatterpunk” There was some good and some badThe villains are best described as zombies but even disgusting without contagious bites and with additional powers and intelligence It’s kind of an unholy mixture of Return of the Living Dead The Mist Dark Phoenix early Cronenberg and Snooki only weirder and darker than even that combo would beMs Caponegro in what is apparently her only published work wrote a very readable novel that could’ve used some polishing The limited perspective lessens the feeling of isolation Character reactions to the awful events are not always convincing Secondary characters who become major characters are underdevelopedBut then again this may be the only novel where toxic waste borne zombies battle on the Jersey Shore with telekinetic lightning bolts so there’s that

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    This is something of a zombie novel but not completely A massive outbreak hits the planet Most of the population become diseased and mutate As time goes on the diseased population go from mistreated dregs to the controlling majority as not only do they regain their strength they gain psychic abilities as well For those who have not become diseased a nightmare journey of attempting to escape the diseased population's sadistic tortures and survive their slow and deliberate holocaust begins This isn't the best novel I've ever read but it is certainly interesting and creative

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    I found this book at the book store where I used to work I was behind the counter gathering a stack of books to put out on the shelves and there it was randomly sitting on a table My eyes were immediately drawn to the strange and morbid cover art so I bought it and took it home Man am I glad I did I love 80's horror and I try to read as much of it as possible This one is from '87 and has that full on 1980's apocalyptic vibe I kind of expected it to be of a uiet horror novel with violence and scares here and there but what I got instead was a gore soaked survival story This being the first end of the world story that I've ever read I really enjoyed it and felt that it was a great introduction to this sub genre The book does start off fairly uiet but builds and builds and becomes violent and gory as it moves along The pacing is good and the book is fun to read Much like Brian Keene's Castaways it is set on an island and the characters are isolated I love that element in a horror story This provides a feeling of helplessness that permeates the story This was definitely a great read and I hope I can find out a bit about the author because I've never heard of her before

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    Just reread this First released in 1987 it had a rerelease in the last few years Minor spoilers included It’s often classified as a splatterpunk novel which confuses me a bit There’s not much splatter I can only imagine what this would read like if written by Schow or Garten which is fine by me But it does operate from a base level of grossness that is higher than usual Basic concept countries have started sending highly toxic materials to outer space A rocket carrying a load crashes with a meteorite over NYCNJ Anyone touched by the rain that falls after becomes a zombie although one that doesn’t want to eat brains and develops telepathic powers The action takes place on Sea Breeze Island off the Jersey Shore the only place where people have even survived any trips to the shore show mass devastation and the chemicals on the ground kill on contact I really really like this book I bought it used for 50 cents sometime in either high school or college and I still have it I’ve held onto it during all the moves because I had a feeling it would be hard to find easier now thanks to the rereleaseOne of the reasons I like it is that the main character is just a normal woman Sandy who has a kid Jesse When I first read it it was damn rare to have a woman be the protagonist at all never mind a mom And if it was a mom then it was all about the kid like ‘Mine’ by Robert R McCammon This is just a mom caught up in a seriously lousy situation trying to do her best I will say as a mom the kid is awfully compliant for 2 years old Even given that he’s traumatizedAnother reason I like it is that it doesn’t shy away from the awfulness I kept thinking ‘it can’t get worse but there’s a lot of pages left’ Oh yes it can get worse First we have the devastation Then we have zombies Then the lead zombie minor spoiler here is a man who was obsessed with Sandy Things continue to get worse and horrible things I’d wondered about but had never seen in a book show up here CW for sexual assault by a zombie Also the book explores the social ugliness with no hesitation and that’s where the real horror is I admire Caponegro’s commitment to exploring the depths of awfulness suggested by her premise And she keeps it up right until the end A third reason I liked it was that it’s one of the most ‘feminist’ horror novels I’ve ever read ‘Feminist’ in uotes because of my own issues with feminism Sexism is rampant and is one of the horrors Sandy has to deal with She’s young and pretty and that leads to problems One of her would be ‘saviours’ takes issue with her sexual past and this nearly blocks her from help she needs The lead zombie stalked her years ago and is still obsessed with her Everything Sandy does to stay alive is everything women have done to survive for all of history If anything Sandy’s character arc is learning how not to believe what sexism says about her and claim her own power and ability The writing is solid The story develops clearly and uickly and multiple characters have clear and satisfying arcs I wouldn’t be surprised to learn this was written under a pseudonym The descriptions really aren’t anywhere near splatterpunk levels so don’t worry about that if you hate splatterpunk Near the end of ‘Danse Macabre’ Stephen King talks about the joy of finding a gem in the rough that horror movie or book that didn’t get a lot of attention but is damned good This one is my gem I’m so excited there was a rerelease because I haven’t run into anyone else who’s read this at least that I know ofDefinitely recommended

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    Incredibly intelligent idiocySometimes I wanted to hurl this book out a window because it was so awkward in its execution and at other times it stunned me with brilliance Overall the brilliance of this late 80s splatter punk won out and earned an overall 4 stars in my humble opinionIt was clear throughout that this was a first novel Inconsistencies did abound The walking dead in this novel supposedly don't feel any pain and can't be killed by any means But the author and her editor seems to have forgotten this later in the story This is a fairly big issue as it is critical to the climax but I won't spoil anything further than to say this will annoy some folksBut this is one of the most uniue zombie apocalypse type novels I've ever read The undead all retain their reason and are all pretty interesting characters with their own personalities and motivations Particularly fascinating is Mason who is a most despicable sadist and rapist and yet has a vulnerabiltiy and pathos to him that somehow earns the reader's sympathy in the end Also like the brilliant Romero film Day of the Dead the uninfected humans normies are detestable in many ways All the human characters are flawed selfish or cowardly in some way You keep thinking and hoping that someone will have an arc of redemption and in a way that kind of is what this story is about but for the most part the novel is uite bleak and be uite difficult to get throughThat is not to say that this novel is without its sense of humor either You usually come across it during a gruesome death or torture scene oddly enough which makes the gore and violence somewhat palatable to less desensitized horror fansDespite the fact that sometimes I felt the dialogue and action to be a bit forced or awkward I couldn't put the book down even when I was annoyed The pacing and action is that good I read the whole thing in two eveningsIt's a shame that Candace Caponegro did not continue to write but at least she gave us this gem from the heyday of paperback horrors