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Er brothers in her care she needs Cole's protection whether she'll admit it or not As danger escalates Cole will risk everything for the right to make this newfound family his to love and protect for a lifeti. Another good light reading romance historical reference in this one a lot about San Francisco just after the gold rush days I didn't know much about this time so it was interesting


Ess determination that drives him to action Sara Beth has vowed to clear the name of her murdered father and she'll face any obstacle to achieve her goal Orphaned alone in the world except for the three young. Sara Beth becomes the lone caretaker of her younger brothers after the suspicious death of her parents She meets Dr Taylor Hayward upon learning of their deaths This begins a tale of mild suspense and way too perfect orphans I wanted to like this book as I want to like most of the Christian fiction I read Unfortunately so much of it is poorly written and in need of a good editor Did anyone else notice that Dr Taylor Hayward is named as Dr Cole Hayward on back blurb If the name isn't even right between the back cover and the internal story then I guess I shouldn't expect the best

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He found his calling ministering to the downtrodden in San Francisco But in Sara Beth Reese Dr Cole Hayward finds something The beautiful young woman's spirit and kindness warm Cole's heart but it's her fearl. I loved this one I love how she weaves the corrupt people of San Francisco government into the tale of a young woman who loses her parents because of the greed that runs rampant among the city The story of Sara Beth seeking justice to wipe her father's name clean only adds to the mystery that surrounds their death Her stubborness and fierce determination is what sets her apart from most women and the Dr Cole is drawn to that but at the same time thinks she needs someone who can provide better for her It isn't until he almost loses her that he realizes that he is the best one to take care of her and her brothers and that God brought them together for a reason It was a great story

  • Paperback
  • 280
  • The Doctor's Newfound Family
  • Valerie Hansen
  • English
  • 26 January 2017
  • 9780373828371

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