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  • The Bone Doll's Twin
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  • 23 October 2019
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The Bone Doll's Twin

Lynn Flewelling À 6 free read

M to power Finally ueen Agnalain took the throne and the people of Skala suffered under her erratic and selfish command Prompted by the people's outcry over this mad ueen her son Prince Erius claimed primogeniture and seized the throne Erius's ascent may have pleased the people of Skala but a faction of the population one who had not forgotten the prophecy were worried Plague drought and famine spread throughout the kingdom weakening it's defences and offering easy pickings to Skala. Wow So I’m really torn about this book I realize that gender identity wasn’t as well documented in the oughties as it is today but even so a slight amount of effort to put one’s self in the shoes of someone whose gender can be taken from them at the will of others would expose how difficult that would be Putting the inherent transphobia aside as best I can this is misery porn It’s misery porn in a story with 2 introductions and no plot progression And yet all that said part of me still wants to see how this poor kid will turn outCONTENT WARNING no actual spoilers just a list of topics view spoiler misogyny racism transphobia torture murder of children homophobiaueer antagonism rape coercion loss of a child loss of a parent hide spoiler

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's old enemy and neighbour PlenimarAs people start to recall the Oracle's prophecy Erius begins to uietly kill off his female relatives who pose the only threat to his monarchy Constantly in fear for her life Princess Ariani the King's sister gave birth to twins a boy and a girl But Ariani is married to Lord Rhius the patron of the powerful wizard Iya and Iya has sinister plans for the babesBONUS AUDIO Includes an exclusive introduction written and recorded by author Lynn Flewelling. This plot hinges on a rather interesting idea What if a boy was really a girl but didn't know it I don't mean didn't know it in the sense of the The Ill Made Mute but truly didn't know it and most people didn't know itFlewelling starts to answer such uestions in this book She also looks at how a land that once used women warriors slowly changes its view on them It's strange because there is not much action in the traditional sense of the word in the book It is about family faith cost and a willingness to pay It ends rather suddenlyYet it is very good Perhaps this is because Flewelling paints the characters so well Even minor characters have a realness about them and Flewelling is smart enough to let her readers make judgements about the characters not force judgements about characters on readers One author who constantly forces judgement about her character on her reader is Laurell K Hamilton Anita is always right Or think CSI Miami where Horatio is always right and why I stopped watching Well that and Rory left What happens makes one supposedly good character rather untrustworthy if not outright hated It's a brave author who does that and doesn't soften the blow or excuse the action A good challenging book

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Long ago during the dark days of the Great War with Pleinmar King Thelatimos journeyed to the Oracle of the God Illior at Afra to save his warn torn kingdom Here he was presented with a prophecy 'So long as a daughter of Thelatimos's line defends and rules Skala shall never be subjugated' And that is how the line of ueens ruling over Skala was establishedHowever as generations went by the male heirs to the throne became intensely resentful of the prophecy that emasculated their clai. okay people i see what books y'all add when i post 'em you're not fooling me and i know all your biases against fantasy but i gotta tell you that lynn flewelling is pretty fucking giftedshe writes super detailed complicated characters who have lots of internal and external strugglesthese books focus on a girl who was turned into a boy for survival and how that survival happens and her gender dysphoria when she is turned back into a boy among other thingsi couldn't stop readingyum highly recommended give 'em a chance