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F power and seduction The king's woodsman a rebellious girl a young priest a roguish adventurer and a young man made suddenly into a knight all face malevolent forces that shake the foundations of the kingdom This title al

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Two thousand years ago the Born ueen defeated the Skasloi lords freeing humans from the bitter yoke of slavery But now monstrous creature roam the land and destinies become inextricably entangled in a drama o I am giving t

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Even as the Briar King legendary harbinger of death awakens from his slumber At the heart of this many layered tale is Anne Dare youngest daughter of the royal familyupon whom the fate of her world may depen Not a bad rea Hidden Treasures is Anne Dare youngest daughter of the royal familyupon whom the fate of her world may depen Not a bad rea

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    Greg Keyes needed to torch his thesaurus and who ever told him such a thing existed needs to be drug out into the street and shot“But oh ye blogger why would thou an English major deny the beauty that synonyms dost bestow upon the worn weary and drear language?”Because ye ingrates– synonyms are only replacements They don’t make worn wear drear language any better They just make it ridiculous Like putting Alexander Mcueen or Prada on a scarecrow Or a cow And I mean a literal cow not the denigrating derivative sometimes used to refer to fat peopleYeah I know I’m insensitiveTo prove my point here is a passage from J R R– wait do I really need to tell you who that is and what he wrote? I would find that patronizing“War must be while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour all; but I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness nor the arrow for its swiftness nor the warrior for his glory I love only that which they defend”Words than two syllables 1 Count it One And it’s “destroyer” There’s elegance to that rhythm music It’s grand and wonderful Beautiful But uncomplicated unpretentiousNow an outtake from The Briar King“At that moment Wilhilm reappeared with a stoneware platter of cheese a pitcher of mead and mazers for each of them It suddenly occured to Stephen that he was hungry and when he bit into the pungent almost buttery cheese he amended that to ravenous The mead was sweat and tasted of cloves”Uh Spork I need a spork so I can dig my eyeballs out with itDerivative spellings of common Earth names are lame Respelling Lucas to Lucoth does not make it cool It makes it lame Virginia Dare spelled as Virgenya is also lame Don’t insult the intelligence of your readers like that William Willhelm whatever– Wilhilm? What the– even if you wanted a special name there’s too many letters that look alike for your readers to get the sound and feel of it without painfully sounding it outThere’s a basic rule to good writing– use strong nouns and verbs Prepositions typically function as adjectives or adverbs and this book uses them to pieces Dead horse much? Of cheese of mead of them of cloves– that is the sign of a writer trying entirely way too hard “Of” does not make you sound cultured historical whatever– it’s pomposityAlso Keyes uses adjectives on top of the prepositions Adjectives on top of adjectives No strong descriptions no rhythm or music to his selections just piecemealed synonyms plucked out of a bloody thesaurusAlso the narrator’s voice– I would have understood if the narrator was a pompous ass Or if one of the main character’s voice was a prick– but Locuth the man who barely serves any purpose at all and in my opinion could have easily been completely obliterated without any detriment done to the plot at all – described a man’s voice as “cultured and sibilant”Sibilant? Really? The backwater village’s local idiot used the word sibilant?Insert eye roll here

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    I am giving this 45 stars This is the first book of a interesting series At the beginning it takes us way back in the time when mankind were slaves to a race of powerful magic users We get to see how we fought against them and earned our freedom lead by a powerful witch ueen But in doing so we did something that has a potential to come back and haunt us Times change mankind moves on and forgets Kingdoms are formed they are fought for grow strong then stagnate become too compliant and assured of themselves Our kingdom Crotheny is ruled by a weak and naive king who has no idea that he is being fooled by somebody close to himMagic and its users were viewed as dangerous There are no powerful witch ueens The church is formed who persecutes all who have the potential as heretics Soon the old Gods are defeated jet some remain asleep and waiting They awake only when the times are right when there is change in the air All agree that this is a bad omen Now there are some indications that church leaders condone old rituals so they can strengthen their 'holy' army All this so they can usurp the royal line Princess Ann was just a little girl when she was playing in the city of the Dead She stumbles on something and falls through into a burial chamber below and lands on a sarcophagus She tries to open it but its too heavy She can move it just a bit so a crack formes Knowing inside is her ancestress the legendary ueen she talks to her Something stirs Princess keeps it a secret That day she started something that will make her the only living descendant of a royal line of Crotheny capable of communicating with the shadows There is a war coming and they warn her that when the old God the Briar king awakes Crotheny must have a ueen And then there is treachery and carnage They try to wipe out the royal family Our kingdom suddenly finds its self on a brink of ruin And then the Briar king awakes

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    Understand that this author is new to fantasy and this is his first stab at writing in such a genre So while this was compared to George RR Martin's SONG OF ICE AND FIRE series understand it doesn't come close That said this is an honest start with solid promise in the future GOOD POINTS 1 Lots of time spent on a believable History;2 good cast of character;3 it moves;4 author is good at creating emotional affects; especially fear and curiosityBAD POINTS 1 dialogue needs work While it doesn't suck it lacks complexity and nuances that we expect in dialogue;2 Some of the characters like the dialogue needs development Lots of archetypes for those who like it;3 a few plot holesThis novel will be helpful in assisting me with my writing as I can use it to George RR Martin to compare pieces Sometimes you learn from a novel that needs some improvement than something as flawless as George RR MartinSTORYPLOTTING B minus to B; CHARACTERSDIALOGUE C plus to B minus; WORLD BUILDING B to B plus; FANTASY FOCUSESTWISTS B minus to B; OVERALL GRADE B minus to B; WHEN READ 2005 revised review January 2013

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    What is often cited as a weakness for this book is the standard cookie cutter characters that inhabit the story And while I admit this is very true I believe that Keyes pulls it off nicely He takes those typical tropes and works them through an original and intriguing story His dialogue and plot are great and his world building is fantastic The characters themselves are solid in their representation and I hope that in further volumes of this series they are fleshed out and given a uniue flair all their own It wouldn't take a lot to make them truly interestingThat being said this is a first rate fantasy epic with a story that moves uickly and bounces from one scene to another It will leave the reader hanging on the edge of one's seat and pushing through the relatively short chapters to see what happens next A great debut for the series and I'm looking forward to delving in deeper Just have to be careful; those briar thorns look sharp

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    The one where people are about to pay the price for some sort of unclean power used by their ancestors as the Briar King a figure out of myth rises to destroy the worldOr in other words six hundred pages of prologue By the time we're done we have the enemy dimly known and poorly understood through mythology and the cast of characters a gruff woodsman and his plucky girlfriend a monk who's the classic scholar turned fighter in the Blair Sandburg mode a swordsman who's so very Italian I don't know why the author even bothered to give his country a different name a foreign knight who's Benton Fraser he even says And I you and a tomboyish princess Not to imply that there's no action in the book; the action never stops It's just that it's the kind of action that's only used to get the major conflict started I suppose I have to read The Charnel Prince and The Blood Knight to see it resolved And I really hope those titles don't mean he plans to carry the story through the entire chessboard before resolving it in a book called The Iron Pawn or somethingI have mixed feelings about the many different languages in this book The linguistics has an air of authority and yet it can be very confusing; I often wished the author would sacrifice authenticity for clarity Likewise the two two prologues; I see the usefulness of the information that's in them but that's an awful lot of unfamiliar characters languages and places to be forced to endure before you're fully committed to the book The characterization of the two most important women Anne and Winna bothers me too I do realize that in the preindustrial age where fantasy lives if women want to be part of the story at all they're going to have to break rules ignore advice and go where they're not wanted But it seems to me that they both do it stupidly Winna makes Aspar vulnerable when she insists on following him and I don't see that she offers any corresponding strength to make up for the weakness she creates And Anne rebels over really idiotic things; she sacrifices a chance to learn the crafts of magic and assassination because she's too highborn to be forced to make cheese? Seriously girl get ahold of yourself And maybe I'm missing something or maybe this will all be explained in future volumes but I don't understand what he's getting at with all the evocations of the Lost Colony of Roanoke This is a world that has at least two intelligent humanoid species; obviously we're not anywhere Sir Walter Raleigh ever set foot so what's up? I did enjoy the book; it's vivid and exciting and surprising and occasionally witty though obviously not perfect2007 Locus poll The Blood Knight #14 fantasy

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    This title always catchs my eye then I read the descriptionand realize I've read it This has happened 4 or 5 times I don't know why this book was so unmemorable to me Only the names of the characters and the backstory of the slave rebellion stick in my mind

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    Not a bad readgot caught up right away but it slowed down some Update originally reviewed 2009 I never followed it up much I started the second book and laid it aside

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    The Briar King is one of those delightful books that slowly grows on you It starts off a bit slow gaining in momentum until you look up and it is 3am and you kick yourself for all those just one chapter momentsNot only does the story grow on you but most of the characters do too Notice I said most There were a few characters that I never got in touch with but overall I was happy with the characterization Actually I feel that way about the entire book The story was great though in some places I felt a bit lost The world building was eually good though again some parts left me a bit confused The interesting thing is it all balanced I cannot think of a single area pacing characterization world building or plot that strikes me as being exceptional when compared to other areas There were plot twists I saw coming and there were some that left me stunned There were characters I loved or hated and others I wished I knew better There are uestions asked and answered and uestions left hanging in the air All I know is that together it all worked and was then enough to make me read that one chapterFull Review here Dragons Heroes and Wizards

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    I was very uickly carried away by the characters and the race to the finish plotlies Some developments I was able to predict some not but overall I bought in I like that one of the main character is if an aging hero his insights add a great deal to the storyline I also appreciate the younger brash and somewhat naive characters who are a counterbalance to his worliness I like that some of the good characters can be petty and vindictive and that some of the uestionable ones are motivated to help in their own twisted way I could say but hate spoilers in reviews My best recommendation is that I've bought the next three in the series and plan to get to them soon

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    This should have won some awards IMHO maybe it was the narratorA good fantasy story although definitely in the European cast There's backstory about 2000 years back that is interesting but doesn't seem to be in focus in either the background nor the foregroundSo here's what I think is going on Our main story is set in a medieval world It's been 2200 years since an enslaved humanity and elf union revolted from their creepy mystic alien masters But there is a flashback prologue and clues throughout the novel that the leader of the revolt was Virginia Dare and some Croatans of lost Roanoke colony fameSo what I think happened is some undefined actions of the slavers leaked people out of our world and into Keyes' world because the leakage stopped when the slavers were defeated But it left elves and Renaissance humans with magictechnology they didn't understand and no infrastructure so things settled into a bronze or or iron age culture for a couple thousand yearsNow though science and religion and magic are all on the move again and prophecies are awakening the Briar King and the world will be shaken to it's roots in another couple of booksMeanwhile there's some really likeable really believable characters a royal family of the house of Dare and landless but talented knight sworn to them; a ranger woodsman holter? accidentally paired to brilliant but slightly hapless young monk from a civilized region; and a young duelist who finds the trouble he is looking for when he rescues a rebellious Dare princess

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