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To save his girlfriend's webgoblin Ravirn a sorcerer with a shape ch This is crap There's no real point to the story it doesn't delve into deeper issues and who cares about combining mythology with hackersApparently my little brother read it on the plane on the way up here and decided it was crap Then it was at my house so my dad read it and decided it was crap Then it was in my bookshelf so I started to read it 2 hours later I was half way through and decided it was crap To the used book store with you so you can torment another helpless victim

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The magical Internet and without facing the Lord of the Dead himsel Fun fascinating and well written There were some minor details I didn't like but all in all I'm happy with this book

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Anging laptop must brave Hell itself Can he do it without corrupting It's always good when the second book in a series isn't a tired re hash of the first book Mr McCullough avoids this sopho slump though I feared for a little while in the beginning that he wouldn't The world is still interesting and full of intrigue and has a feel that I would almost call fantastical mob with all the strife between different houses of the big mythological family Ravirn is gaining even depth as he deals with the internal conflict being forced upon him by the people within his family as well as the external troubles he gets into both unwittingly and knowing full well it'll bring the wrath of the Fury death suadAll in all an enjoyable read that I would recommend to anyone interested in cyberpunk type stuff andor alternative mythologies

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Kelly McCullough was raised and educated by free range hippies Later he received a degree in theater and worked in improv That combination was the perfect preparation for his current career as author and cat herder He lives and writes in the Midwest with his physics professor wife Laura He enjoys hiking and biking and his role as self heating cat furniture He is the author of the WebMage and

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