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The Truth About Leo

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S worse and now he's a different person someone Leo doesn't recognize The truth is that Leo is covering up for him and when things get bad Leo escapes into his own head pretending every. This book is so heartwarming I find it heartwarming because of the situation Leo is in but also because I read the authors notes which some people may find crazy but I noticed that the author had been once an alcoholic and he gives you advise and its so sweet I however rated it 3 just because I found some parts boring and unrealistic but other than that an overall good read and I'm glad I've finally finished it it took me a while

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Thing's OK Things need to change but what can Leo do No one understands except maybe his friend Flora Leo wants his old dad back so they can be happy again because Dad is all he has lef. I don't really have spoilers but I do talk about my opinion on the endingWow I was crying at the end I'm not going to lie all in all I really enjoyed this book I'm glad it had a good ending otherwise I would have felt really depressed In the end Leo got the happiness he deserved and I'm really glad I found this book because it allowed me to really think about things in my own life

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'It had happened again Dad had shouted and yelled thrown things and smashed things up And then he had uietly cleaned everything away' Leo's dad has changed Since Mum died his drinking i. A great story dealing with a tough subject