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Initially in Mediterranean Europe the Low Countries North Africa and the Turkish Empire but in the nineteenth century a second diaspora brought the Sephardim to the United States South America Israel and Western Europe She traces the origins and survival of.

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Their uniue language and explores the literature they produced Their relationship to Spain is also uncovered as well as their everyday lives Sephardim is an authoritative and completely accessible investigation of the history and legacy of this amazing peop.

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Here in a single volume is the first comprehensive history in English of the Sephardim descendants of the Jews expelled from Spain in 1492 Paloma Díaz Mas recounts the journey and customs of this fascinating group as they moved across the globe They settled.

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Paloma Díaz Mas nació en Madrid en 1954 y allí se doctora en Filología y se licencia en PeriodismoEstá especializada en lengua y literatura sefardíes y escribe varios estudios sobre la cultura sefardí así como sobre el Romancero y poesía tradicional Su ensayo Los sefardís Historia lengua cultura uedará Finalista del Premio Nacional de EnsayoSu primera obra la publica en 1973 a los 19

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    I like this and it traces a history that even most Jewish people don't know much about Some parts are much interesting than others There's some pages of pronunciation differences between Spanish and Ladino that may be too detailed for a lot of readers There are some cool stories and folklore and just general history and a lot of interesting pages about the relationship or lack thereof between the Sephardim and the country that kicked them out While they are proud of their accomplishments in Spain before 1492 they're not so interested in returning 500 years later So my advice is if you do plan to read this if you find yourself bogged down in one section move on to the next enjoy

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