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A Family Christmas

Glenice Crossland ¾ 2 Review

Her family first But despite their continued hardship and despair Lucy resolves to turn their home into a happy one for her brothers and sisters and for the family of her own she dearly hopes for And she is determined to make Christmas a joyous occasion for them all once. A family ChristmasAbsolutely wonderful reminded me of how family life used to be its about a loving family the gabittas how all the sisters and brothers brought up their family but always stayed close

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Ympathy from their tyrannical mother Annie and their first Christmas without him holds little comfort and joyThings seem to be looking brighter for Lucy when she meets John Grey and falls in love That is until Annie becomes seriously ill and dies and Lucy is forced to put. HomelyWhat a wonderful story of love the book didn't dwell over the war which was good The story start s with a family of 7 mum dad and five children in a tied house with the mine which eventually took their fathers life when he died of a lung condition the mum had a bad leg which was eventually amputated her daughter Lucy was the best one to take over as a Mum she was sensible and looked after her siblings with love and affectionEventually marrying she had five of her own her siblings always came back to the house that was her parents although still stuck to the mine The story goes on how the siblings get on their own loves but they always came back to Lucy their 'Mum'

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Lucy Gabbitas has just left school and is excited about joining her sisters at the local umbrella factory But then her beloved father dies of lung disease leaving Lucy and her brothers and sisters broken hearted With barely enough to make ends meet the family receive no s. This is not a Christmas book as this all important holiday is only incidental to the story A family must survive after the devastating loss of both their father and mother and they do The story happens in the early 1900s when few people have much money but they have a lot of love The older children work to help contribute to the finances of the family so that they keep a roof over their heads and food on the tableYes the children survive and thrive but still have to handle one crisis after another without their parents Friends and neighbors are there to help at all times as part of the extended familyThe story was okay but seemed to drag on for far longer than it needed to There was also a lot of descriptive sexual tension between the various young people in the story than I thought was necessary I am not a prude it just seemed unnecessary to advance the story

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