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Robert B Parker's brilliance is in his simple dialogue and in Spenser The Philadelphia InuirerA bitter divorce is only the beginning First the father hires thugs to kidn This—along wit

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Ap his son Then the mother hires Spenser to get the boy back But as soon as Spenser senses the lay of the land he decides to do some kidnapping of his ownWith a contract This is the one

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Out on his life he heads for the Maine woods determined to give a puny 15 year old a crash course in survival and to beat his dangerous opponents at their own brutal ga This is I think

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  • Early Autumn
  • Robert B. Parker
  • English
  • 07 October 2019
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About the Author: Robert B. Parker

Robert B ParkerRobert Brown Parker was an American crime writer His most famous works were the novels about the private detective Spenser ABC television network developed the television series Spenser For Hire based on the character in the late 1980s; a series of TV movies based on the character were also produced His works incorporate encyclopedic knowledge of the Boston metropolitan area Parker was 77 when he died of a heart attack at his home in Cambridge Massachusetts; discovered at his desk by his wife Joan he had been working on a novel The Spenser novels have been cited by critics and bestselling authors such as

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    This—along with Mortal Stakes Looking for Rachel Wallace and Ceremony—is one of the best of the first dozen Spenser books written in Robert B Parker's finest period Like the others it deals with America's shifting values and how a macho but moral hero—our Spenser—must make ambiguous ethical choices in order to preserve and foster what little good he canPatty Giacomin hires Spenser to find her teenage son who has been abducted by his father Mel Son Paul is little than a pawn in this separated couples' soon to be vicious divorce but when Spenser tries to talk with Paul he finds the situation is even worse Patty and Mel eually cold selfish and neglectful have “raised” a son who not only cannot choose between his parents but who has developed so little sense of self worth that he has no preferences and cannot choose at all How can Spenser give Paul independence and help him choose a life for himself?Why blackmail the parents of courseBefore he can find discover the proper method Spenser must negotiate a murky sea filled with suspicious insurance claims cryptic trips to Manhattan a few negligible thugs and one serious gangster But when it comes to the gangster Spenser has Hawk by his sideSpeaking of Hawk although an interesting and entertaining foil for Spenser he often functions—as he does here—as a variety of “magic negro” a super bad ass who performs certain necessary but disgraceful acts of violence acts of which our hero is morally incapable Hawk does the dirtiest of the dirty work so that Spenser can still look like a hero When I first read the book thirty five years ago I didn't notice this sort of thing But I notice it now The middle section of the novel where Spenser constructs a “manhood school” in the Maine woods is filled with some good macho Hemingway prose as well as a lot of tenderness and irony Not the least of the ironies is the fact that when Spenser's “school” has been successful and Paul has developed preferences and desires he chooses a distinctly non macho passion—one to which Spenser is indifferent and which his father Mel positively hatesA thoroughly enjoyable entertainment that gives the reader a lot to think about too

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    When Spenser is hired by a divorcee to bring back her kidnapped son from his father he gets than he bargained for Paul's parents are using him as a pawn and neither really want him around Spenser winds up taking the kid under his wing and soon has someone gunning for himOf the Spensers I've read so far this one is in the top three While it has all the Spenser hallmarks like a long description of cooking a meal wisecracks discussions of Spenser's code and Hawk being the baddest mother since Shaft it also has an offbeat plot When Spenser sees what a callow slacker Paul is and decides to mentor the kid the book starts firing on all cylindersPaul's parents are both human garbage and deserving of kicks to the crotch Paul and his attitude irritated the crap out of me and Spenser at the beginning but the kid grew on me toward the end Hawk was in fine form although I could have used a little of him I still can't decide if Parker includes Hawk as a mirror to hold Spenser up against or someone to do his dirty work Possibly a combination of both Susan Silverman was tolerable than usual but I found her jealousy and bitchiness toward Spenser spending time with Paul kind of juvenileThe book shows its age a little but not enough to cost it any stars It's clear the book was written in the early 80's with its references to self actualization and disco Also Paul would be on the internet or playing video games all the time if it were written todayThis Parker guy might have a future in the book business I'll pick up the next one Four out of five stars

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    Private Investigator Spenser gets caught in the middle of a tug o war between two parents and their child Both want the kid but for selfish reasons The only one looking out for the boy is Spenser This was a really good read All of Parker's Spencer books that I've read so far have been decent but Early Autumn is a notch higher in uality than most There's heart in this one Specifically I mean Spenser's heart Parker did a great job setting the stage for Spenser to show some real compassion

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    Spenser gets another peach of a client in this one Patty Giacomin hires him to get her son Paul back from her husband Mel Patty and Mel had a nasty divorce and they’ve made a game out of trying to keep Paul away from each other Spenser doesn’t have much trouble finding the kid but is disturbed by the fifteen year old boy who is suffering from an odd form of neglect He isn’t abused but since both of the parents are pieces of shit Paul has been ignored and never taught about much of anything He's a lump with no interests and his only skill is watching TV This was written in 1981 so if it’d been published recently I’m sure Paul would have spent all day on X Box LiveSpenser gets stuck in the middle of Patty and Mel’s game of keep away with their kid and ends up doing extended baby sitter duty Spenser starts to teach the kid how to work out to read books instead of watching TV constantly and how to build a house all in an effort to help the kid develop some self esteem and independence Just as Paul is starting to learn some things and get some confidence Patty and Mel declare a cease fire and want the boy returned Spenser refuses to send Paul back to a life of being ignored and begins a risky plan to pry Paul free from his crappy parents foreverParker was in his prime of delivering off beat plots for Spenser during this period and this one walks a very fine line between Spenser going to extraordinary lengths to protect a kid versus Spenser just being an outright kidnapper Yes they’re terrible parents but they aren’t abusive or physically neglectful Once Spenser decides that they're unfit to care for Paul he has no problem with taking him away from them While almost anyone would agree with what he does Spenser would probably have a hard time justifying it in courtAnother odd thing in this one is the way that Susan acts She instantly resents all the time that Spenser spends with Paul thinks that Spenser is doing something very stupid and she is just generally bitchtacular for the entire book This actually ends up being the early warning signs of the issues that are looming in future books for them but Susan comes across as extraordinarily selfish in thisNext up Spenser FAIL in A Savage Place

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    This is the one to read if you're reading only one Spenser is an acuired taste You have to like the formula and the archetype and not be overly concerned by the built in limitations imposed by both For me when done well it's like listening to a great old song you know what's coming but there's something irresistible about the melody Like Ronnie The Hawk Hawkins might growl it out I put a spell on youAt his best not all the books I love Spenser the wisecracking gumshoe whose heart beats pure and who will find a way to do right by the end He can be funny tough and effective and he usually knows how to leave enough out in the telling to keep the suspense rolling Though I've read the whole series some were annoying and harder to finish than others My problems usually revolve around Hawk Spenser's alter ego leg breaker partner in crime and Susan Spenser's main sueeze Spenser's white and Hawk's black and Hawk is the one who ends up doing the most hideous bloodwork becauseso Spenser can'twon'tdoesn't have to There's something wrong with this formulation and the way it too often lets Spenser off the hooks he's been sharpening He would be a fascinating complex and compelling character if Parker really made him face the conseuences of his dilemmas each time Susan is a psychologist and too often waxes pedantic about the whys and wherefores of the dark forces driving the wayward characters Spenser traffics in Their relationship's a nice touch but her heaviness of hand is not But for me Early Autumn approaches art about which I have a simple definition 1a thing of beauty in itself 2which stays with you 3and makes you want to return to it All those elements are true here and in deep ways In art as in life a subtle and apparent simplicity is often the best thing and this book is a beautiful expression of that transparent surface roiling depths From Robert Parker we would expect nothing less who might as well be the bastard son of Ernest Hemingway and Raymond Chandler so completely has he absorbed the ethos styles and beating hearts of both men In the story Parker gets involved helping Paul a sullen teenager being raised by selfish rejecting divorced parents whose only interest in him is to wound the other Spenser becomes the boy's surrogate father trying to help him grow up fast and survive his hellish forebears The development of their relationship the ways Spenser moves from wiseguy to wise man and Paul's entirely believable growth are rendered with surpassing delicacy subtlety and richness of feeling Parker rides the high wire of earned piercing emotion without sentimentality as only the best can doSometimes when I want to feel again a certain way I reread the ending It never fails to move me nor to remind me of how it's done That's art

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    # 2013 90#Funny how men dote on these Perfect Men that shoot well cook well have the perfect thing to say at every moment and charm the ladies What makes a man a Man? Is it the span of his chest the stomach muscles that are very well developed framework his towering height bold face calm countenance full beard mustache or deep croaky voice? Spenser epitomizes all these traitsIs this a coming of age story or pulp noir fiction? If genre is a type of cultural ritual what does the combination of genres imply? Does it imply that genres in their traditional form no longer fulfill the needs of the noir fiction culture? The best examples of Noir Fiction are the ones that are able to merge several types of fiction modes like this book here Genre works best by using a set of literary codes that are recognized and understood by the reader and the author via shared literary devices as the faux plot which is clearly on display here The classical faux plot depicted here is the damsel in distress who wants to protect her son from the father with ties to the bas fond This is a simple way for the damsel's son and Spenser to be introduced This device allows Parker to introduce a bit of standard private detective lore and a mini mystery for Spenser and Paul the son to pursue The mini mystery provides than one benefit to the young man struggling to find an adult identityIt's not so much a detective novel as a story about a teenager's path to adulthood that utilizes pulp fiction devices eg faux plot for story progression In that regard it works wonderfullyNB My last book of 2013 For 2014 I want to wish to myself that I won't care about weight gain or be depressed about it I also want to grow taller but due to the fact that height wise my genes tend to the short side maybe that won't happen And even if I grow bigger horizontally and vertically I think it's just a matter of personal perspective to accept myself or notEnough said smile

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    Loved this book but for different reasons than many of the other Spenser novels As much as i enjoy a badass team up between Spenser and Hawk i enjoyed it for the relationship between Spenser and Paul He forms a fatherson relationship with the kid He transforms a skinny prick of a kid into someone worthwhile and half the fun is the journey

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    This is I think the best of the Spenser mysteries It presents the hero as a fully rounded character with interests and talents outside the rote solving of crimes His interaction with the boy who has been damaged by the actions of his divorced parents reveals not only the human behind the wise cracking facade but important hints as to the past of Spenser himself Susan is also shown to have both flaws and virtues here I believe this was the point at which Parker committed himself to writing as close as he could get to literature and moved beyond the formulaic mystery novel

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    I really was wonder how the initial setup of this novel was going to bear out as a full story Not only did it but definitely one of my favs of his so far

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    Spenser is hired to keep Paul Giacomin safe from his father as he is a pawn between warring parents This is a much sedate mature and reflective novel where we learn about Spenser's motivations and values as he struggles to do right by Paul I'm not sure that this would be a good introduction to the series for new readers as it's not typical of most of the series but it is an interesting addition for readers familiar with it I thoroughly enjoyed the change of pace

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