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    The illiustrations in this book are pretty though the story gets a little syrupy especially at the end Still nice overall effect

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    Gorgeous illustrations but the poems weren't my cup of tea a little too wordy and seemed very focused in one area before abruptly traveling to other placesbut not all? It just needed a little consistency in the story

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    Very poetic story about where the sunrise begins It crosses time and continents looking for the answer

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    Wood’s poem asks the uestion “Where does the sunrise begin?” He then offers ideas of where it might begin Perhaps the mountains? Maybe the treetops? Could it be the marsh the lake or the sea? Maybe different regions of the world? The Middle East Africa or the Far East In the end readers will be warmed by his answer of where exactly the sunrise begins Written in beautiful language this book truly celebrates our world and each one of us Wood has written a lengthy poem that is ethereal and beautiful At the same time he doesn’t rely on large words to convey his message His writing is simple yet compelling The use of the uestion as a refrain offers a necessary structure to the poem giving young readers a place to return to and start again on another uest for the answer Popp’s illustrations really make this book glow Each page is a powerful image filled with light and softness The images are done in conte crayon and pastel that have a depth of color that is amazing The complex colors of daybreak are captured in the pages with their pinks and blues that mix at no other time of day Popp has captured the special texture and weight of this lightA beautiful book this is a poem worth reading combined with illustrations that elevate Appropriate for ages 4 6

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    In Where the Sunrise Begins author Douglas Wood explains in a way that is interesting for children how the world is always turning toward the dawn of a brand new day Bringing with the brand new day is a brand new sunrise for each of us around the world to enjoy To correspond with the lovely narrative are the most gorgeous illustrations by Wendy Popp Each illustration features children and or nature The rich pastels vibrant orange and subtle hues will have you in awe; the perfect compliment to this sweet story If you are not familiar with Wendy Popp's illustrations you need to check them out One Candle and Sister Anne's Hands are other lovely examples of her talent This is a great book for the 3 7 age group but would be a special treat for parents and grandparents and teachers as well

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    Fabulous And Ryan loved it just as much as I did when I read it to him on 5302017When I first read it I thought I knew the answer to the uestion about where the sunrise begins Yet with each passing page I agreed with the author that the sunrise didn’t begin there And I imagined a new place where the sunrise began And again I was wrong This happened throughout the story until I caught on to what the author was trying to say On the final page I had my head on right and I really did understand where the sunrise began What a trip this was

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    I liked the idea of this book It's a uestioning book that works well for little one who are learning about our world I didn't read all the text during storytime I stuck to the first line or two I think it went over well The illustrations are beautiful2015 Storytime Theme Sunny WeatherReviewed from a library copy

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    275 stars Why I rated this book lower is one thing I couldn't WAITto get to the point and when we got to the point it was blah The pictures are soft and lighted interesting but the first RED page with the bird beak was intenseand a little too much The words were constructed well butjust too much too long and a let down in the end oh well off to another book

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    Where the Sunrise Begins 2010 Picture BookThe 4 stars are for the illustrations in this book and not the text The story was average but I was blown away by how beautiful the pictures were Very soothing to look at

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    Inspirational meditative text complemented with beautiful crayon and pastel illustrations

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Where the Sunrise Begins

characters ½ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Douglas Wood

F one child then moving to another child’s world farther away and then yet still farther to the ends of the Earth before bringing the text back to its starting point S. In Where the

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Where does the sunrise begin Douglas Wood asks this uestion in the style that has made him an internationally bestselling author He answers it by focusing on the world o. Gorgeous ill

characters ½ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Douglas Wood

Tunning artwork provides a beautiful sweeping look at a world that is simple yet complex one in which the sun always rises to reveal a new day a new life and a new chanc. I liked the

  • Hardcover
  • 32
  • Where the Sunrise Begins
  • Douglas Wood
  • English
  • 13 October 2018
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About the Author: Douglas Wood

Composer recording artist wilderness guide and self taught naturalist Douglas Wood is perhaps most widely known as the highly acclaimed author of OLD TURTLE a 1993 ABBY Award winner and an International Reading Association Book of the Year Author of several books for readers of all ages Douglas says he is always seeking themes that are universally significant to both children and adults His