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    The author had access to two major individuals Madoff's assistant and a former security person referred to as Little Rick The author is an ABC reporter and he uotes various ABC commentators throughout While there were some insights overall it read like a listing of things Madoff's assistant and Little Rick recalled in addition to commentary by ABC journalists and publicly available information and as a result gaps were present The writer needs to read nonfiction that reads like a novel in my opinion Certain persons such as Fred Wilpon owner of the New York Mets were brought up several times and always were reintroduced eg there were at least four sentences that began like Fred Wilpon owner of the New York Mets a long time Madoff investor This was distracting in that I knew before I picked up the book that Wilpon was the owner of the Mets and a big Madoff investor There was also one misspelling that was brought up repeatedly something like misled was spelled as mislead in a critical document This type of writing was distracting In all I learned some things I did not know but it was a tougher and less satisfying read than I had hoped

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    This was a very good insight into the mind and family of this master minupulator and thief The book is not big but it is a good read and pretty much gives you the whole Uncle Bernie storyIt is hard what to say about this guy except there is just no conscience here at all I think you will enjoy the book if for nothing else just to see what makes this guy and people like him tickI guess it boils down to are thirty years of living like nobody else in the world can worth being in prison for 150 years or whats left of your life like nobody wantsIf you get a chance to read it probably on the reduced price shelf now I would read itAgain if it looks too good to be true it probably is

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    Interesting audiobook about the whole scandal but didn't learn anything new However I enjoyed the narrative but I could have done with less commentary from just the one secretary it would have been better to hear from many

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    Fascinating I don't know how he slept at night but he is a master of deceit

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    A gossipy little read that provides many inside details about the Madoffs' lives and the inside workings of the firm than say Diana Henriues' book Seems a little hurriedly written and with time perhaps could have been a little polished to read like a classic true crime Plus I really despise Brian Ross the dean of Fake News

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    I loved this book Most of the information has already been out there in the news but the book brings it all together which is convenient Also being 2012 some of the details have started to get fuzzy It does a good job telling the personal side of the story the people involved the people that tried to stop it investors feeder funds family etc as well explaining the specifics of the fraud The real strength of the book in my opinion though are the take away lessons For example It reiterates the importance of diversification of your investments don't have all your retirement with one fund or even broker I feel so bad for everyone who lost money but especially the people who thought they had a few million maybe even 10 million were retired at maybe 80 yrs old and lost it all and had to go back to work Don't invest your money where the advisor also has custody of the funds Don't accept an experts opinion or recommendation solely because they're an expert Many people thought something fishy was going on with Madoff but still invested due to a combination of greed and accepting experts recommendations Due diligence with investments Always ALWAYS make sure you understand where you money is invested Sounds basic but it happens all the time Sometimes people don't think they have enough of money to warrant detailed due diligence but just calculate what that money will be worth in 30 years and in effect you are investing that sum of money today Incentives Legendary investor Charlie Munger always goes on about the importance of incentives and this book is yet another example at the power of incentives The organizational chart at Madoff Securities looked like a family tree Some of whom were not entirely ualified for the position and could not make an euivalent salary in the marketplace at another firm Thus they were incentivized to turn a blind eye to anything that might jeopardize their job and their family and friends who were also working there Also the feeder funds had HUGE incentives to turn a blind eye and even HELP Bernie pull off the scheme The feeder funds were hedge funds themselves and charged their clients huge fees 1 2% of assets under management plus performance fees of 10 20% profits However they weren't even investing the money themselves They were simply investing the money with Madoff and in return Madoff was NOT charging them Thus they were getting to charge the fees that Madoff should have been charging them under normal conditions It was a classic too good to be true scenario Once they got used to this and was making tens and hundreds of millions of dollars they didn't want to be the one to kill the golden goose The largest of them all Fairfield Greenwich even received an email from their firms general counsel stating that Madoff's so called independent auditor was a one person operation thus should be looked into The firm only replied thank you and never did anything As you can tell parts of the book are infuriating especially when people are turning a blind eye or are so close to uncovering the scheme Bernie was actually close to being caught a number of times dating back as late as 1992 Regardless it's still a great book and I'm looking forward to reading a recently written book that has tracked some of the court cases and outcomes of people connected with Madoff

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    This has to be one of the world's most sloppily edited and written books How many times do we have to be told Madoff did not pick stocks that he and his family used Platinum American Express Cards There's actually a exclusive Black Card offered by this same company but I digress and other repetitive stuff A lot of the language used is pedestrian and at times you're going to want to scream at how many times Brian Ross the reputed author he probably was because a professional writer would not have let such a manuscript go without intense edits repeats and repeats Clearly he wanted to get the book out fast while interest was high so he could make as much money as possible and the same criticism applies eually to his publisher Hyperion; but that said I found the book fun to read enjoyed learning about the main characters Plus the book is short so you're done with it uickly enough

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    I don't speak Wall Street or high finance but was fascinated by the crime Bernie Madoff mastermindedThe Madoff Chronicles by Brian Ross is an amazing account of this incredible crime It tells of the dayin day out activities of Bernie and his crew You will be on the edge of your seat every time the SEC stops by and then leaves having found nothing of interest Ross his sources and colleagues deliver the story in a manner that returns great dividends to those curious about how this could have happened without getting caughtHighly recommended

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    This is the third book on Bernie Madoff that I have read Each had its strengths Mr Ross's is that he manages to compress the sorry tale into a rather short but gripping narrative His book contained a bit of a character study than the others Because the author interviewed Mr Madoff's lifelong and devoted secretary now disillusioned it gave this book some behind the scene glimpses into the aftermath of the scandal If you have to pick one on this subject I highly recommend it

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    I read this after reading The End of Normal I just had to know what happened what he did and how he did it Interesting to know how many people were in on it AND how many people who you'd have THOUGHT were in on it weren't Even crazier how many people got close enough to sniff out his crimes years in advance but never followed through They are almost as guilty as he is

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The Madoff Chronicles

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The collapse of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme led to the instant evaporation of 65 billion of wealth The effects of Madoff's brazen fraud were felt most closely in New York and Palm Beach but the story was and continues to be front page news across the country Now Brian Ross and his team of investigators shed an unyielding light onto Madoff's scheme how he got started how he succeed for so long who helped him and who shielded him from early investigations From hard hitting revelations to fascinating anecdotes this is an incisive and voyeuristic look into this first family of financial crime This is both news and the most addictive kind of true crime reading certain to appeal to both Madoff junkies and neophytes who will love a juicy story filled with intrigue betrayal and bi. This was a very good insight into the mind and fami

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As going on inside the Madoff apartment as Bernie prepared for his life in prison and Ruth prepared for life in self imposed confinementExtensive cooperation by Madoff's personal assistant Eleanor Suillari Extensive cooperation by Little Rick a former employee who used to fetch drugs for the Madoffs Little Rick knows all their dirty secrets We learn that Bernie also liked prostitutes He kept his favorites' names and numbers in his Little Black BookDetailed chronicle of Madoff's conversations and movement inside and outside the office in the days before his arrest Contains incriminating connections between Madoff and certain members of the SECCooperation of childhood friends and neighbors has enabled Ross to write a compelling portrait of Bernie and Ruth in their early years. This is the third book on Bernie Madoff that I have

review ä PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô Brian Ross

Llions and billions of dollarsThe Madoff Chronicles includes a vast array of news and material that readers won't find anywhere elseContains a reproduction of Bernie's Little Black Book The essential contacts contained here were always kept close at hand This material has been extremely useful to the FBI investigation as they try to determine the roles that ther people played in the fraudRoss has also secured Madoff's calendar for the past three years and other never before seen documents from inside the Madoff empire straight from his deskRead key details of how Madoff carried out his scam and the revelation that he began the fraud from almost the first day in the 1960s Hear how investigators tell believe that a billion dollars or may have been hidden by MadoffLearn what w. Fascinating I don't know how he slept at night but

  • Hardcover
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  • The Madoff Chronicles
  • Brian Ross
  • English
  • 05 October 2017
  • 9781401310295