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Family In Progress

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Ra was uickly turning his mind from business to pleasureWorking for Steven was just the fresh start Samara needed But falling for her sexy boss wasn't part of the dealuntil an off the books date led to.

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Hiring crackerjack photographer Samara Kerizo was one of the best business moves Steven Warren ever made But falling for the gorgeous Tokyo transplant was not on the single father's agenda Even if Sama.

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And off the charts kiss And though Steven might be a whiz at restoring old cars Samara knew all the right movesespecially when it came to winning the hearts of the wayr widower and his irresistible ki.

About the Author: Brenda Harlen

Brenda’s first love was readingAccording to her mother she fell in love with books even before she could read and was always content when she had a book in her hands It didn’t surprise anyone when she decided that she wanted to be a writer but she was encouraged to pursue “a real job” firstSo she did—she became a lawyer Two years of practicing law taught her a lot about the world—and reinfor

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