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To see Sam's PA up close and personal In Mike Shade's Ring of Pleasure Giles has waited patiently for Marshall's new piercing to heal When they pass the six week mark and Marshall seems oblivious Giles has to wonder if he's ever going to get to feel that ring inside him In Lee Benoit's.

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Fiddler in the Buff Preston springs for a penis piercing for Paulo's birthday Before he can share the surprise the retired Dom and his singing sub find themselves with an unexpected house guest Is the newcomer just a flirtatious diva or do his come ons spell danger for Paulo and Preston.

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How hot is a Prince Albert piercing The PA Toy Box shows us just how amazing it can beIn Poking Holes by Heidi Champa body piercer Sam finally gets the chance to give his favorite customer Derek the Prince Albert he's been talking about for months Before the moment of truth Derek wants. Louis Napoléon le Grand of truth Derek wants.

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