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D her body uiver like this But with her life in tatters she needs a job To his convenient wife Zarek thinks Rhianne makes the perfect secretary But on a business trip to the. The heroine

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From the Greek's secretaryWhen fresh faced Rhianne Pickering agrees to work for masterful Greek Zarek Diakos she knows it's a mistake no man has ever made her heart uicken an. Rhianne lost

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Beautiful island of Santorini he decides her skills are undervaluedHe's in need of a bride under the warm Mediterranean sun he'll show Rhianne it's a position she can't refus. 3 12 Stars

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    Rhianne lost her job and found her fiancee writhing on the LR floor with her best friend All on the same day Then she almost gets hit by a car However her luck has just changed because inside that car is Greek gazillionaire Zarek who takes her to his penthouse and generously offers to let her move in with him Her response? ‘Move in with you—a complete stranger? The man who nearly killed me Are you insane?’Undetered he then offers her a job as his secretary Jeez what's with HNs and car accidents? How come they always involve rich dudes on the other end? I thought rich dudes had chauffeurs And how come these things never happen to me? I've been involved in 2 car accidents in my life and noone ever made a pass at me or even brought me flowers much less offered me a penthouse or a jobZarek walks a fine line between too good to be true Samaritan and creepy obsessive dude in regards to Rhianne It was a weird mix for me The rest of the story consisted of Zarek and Rhianne changing their relationship constantly First they are Boss Secretary then they are marrying in name only so Zarek doesnt lose his company Then Rhianne decides to consummate the marriage after all and they go at it like rabbits Then they dont need to be married any and he offers her her old job as Secretary back Huh?This is my second Mayo and there is something about her writing that I still like Probably the fact that she is not ultra dramatic and does give some indication that she knows how stupid a lot of the tropes found in a HN are That's the way I look at it anywayAccording to the author's note this is her 75th novel Congrats to Margaret MayoGrade CTropes Terms of the Will

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    The heroine Rhianne has had an awful morning First she was made redundant then came home to discover her fiancé and her best friend having sex and now she has been hit by a car The driver of the car is Zarek the hero and he takes Rhianne back to his to make sure she is OK Rhianne opens up to Zarek about everything and Zarek feels very drawn to her He offers her a job which she is extremely grateful for but he is slightly disappointed when she makes it clear that as she will be working for him then nothing will happen between the Despite the attraction between them Zarek and Rhianne become close friends and when Zarek needs to return home he asks her to go with him as he feels she deserves a holiday Zarek's father is ill and he tells Zarek that due to a codicil in his will Zarek will not inherit the business unless he is married Zarek asks Rhianne to marry him telling the truth about the reason why and although she is very reluctant she does eventually agree on the condition that it remains a marriage in name only Rhianne tries to ignore the desire between them but eventually gives in even though the marriage is only temporary While this book is perfectly enjoyable it's unfortunately 'same old same old' The story is well written with two good characters some nice sexual tension and a good ending but there is nothing new done here I was reading it waiting for a twist or something but it didn't come Not that this makes it a bad book it's not it is just a little boring in it's predictabilityI'm sorry I can't really think of anything else to say about this book because well there isn't really anything else to sayA good book and enjoyable but a little too samey for me Originally posted at

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    3 12 Stars This is the first book I've read written by Ms Mayo and I found it to be a delightful treat Our hero Zarek makes a marvelous knight in shining armour with beautiful Rhianne his tantalizing damsel in distress I love how both think they can keep their emotions at bay Though we see clearly from the start that Zarek fully intends to seduce Rhianne we also see that he's very much afraid of making the wrong move because he realizes that she is truly special A delightful read

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    Did not like it I did not the heroine at all she was so bitchy and unappreciative like when he offers her a job she is such a bitch His infatuation with her did not make sense to me Np

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    I think my issue with this author is the way her male leads are so paternalistic toward the women ick

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    Hay libros ue no deberían ser publicados Éste particularmente no fue horrible pero tampoco fue revelador Estuvo bien Punto