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Net of Magic Wonders and Deceptions in India

review Net of Magic Wonders and Deceptions in India

Vast like the subcontinent itself and teeming with outrageous and exotic characters Net of Magic is an enthralling voyage through the netherworld of Indian magic Lee Siegel scholar and magician uncovers the age old practices of magic in sacred rites and rituals and unveils the contemporary world of Indian magic of street and stage entertainers Siegel's journeys take him from ancient Sanskrit texts to the slums of New Delhi to find remnants of a remarkable magical tradition In the sualid settlement of Shadipur he is initiated into a band of Muslim street conjurers and performs as their shill while they tutor him in their con and craft Siegel also beco.

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Mes acuainted with Hindu theatrical magicians who claim descent from court illusionists and now dress as maharajahs to perform a repertoire of tricks full of poignant kitsch and glitz Masterfully using a panoply of narrative sleights to recreate the magical world of India Net of Magic intersperses travelogue history ethnography and fiction Siegel's vivid often comic tale is crowded with shills and stooges tourists and pickpockets snake charmers and fakirs Among the cast of characters are Naseeb a poor Muslim street magician who guides Siegel into the closed circle of itinerant performers; the Industrial Magician paid by a bank who convinces his audie.

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Nce to buy traveler's checks by making twenty rupee notes disappear; the Government Magician who does a trick with condoms to encourage family planning; P C Sorcar Jr the most celebrated Indian stage magician; and the fictive Professor M T Bannerji the world's greatest magician who assumes various guises over a millennium of Indian history and finally arrives in the conjuring capital of the world Las Vegas Like Indra's net the web of illusion in which Indian performers ensnare their audience Net of Magic captures the reader in a seductive portrayal of a world where deception is celebrated and lies are transformed into compelling and universal truths.

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    50 pages in I'm finding the style this is written in—uneven verbose self congratulatory trying too hard to be poetic—severely annoying On top of it the stories Siegel recounts early on just aren't very interesting Maybe it gets better after another oh 300 pages but I won't find out

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    It's hard to even describe this book about Indian street and stage magicians but I sure did like it It's part history part fiction part travelogue and wholly fascinating

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    uite surprisingly for such an accomplished text the Field Notes on Magic at page 423 are this book's most enchanting part