Read & download Ñ Professional XNA Game Programming For Xbox 360 and Windows

Professional XNA Game Programming For Xbox 360 and Windows

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How to fine tune and debug your game for optimal performance Who this book is forThis book is for anyone who wants to write their own games for the Xbox 360 or Windows platforms You should have some experience coding with C# or a similarNET languageWrox Professional guides are planned and written by working programmers to meet the real world needs of programmers developers and IT professionals Focused and relevant they address the issues technology professionals face every day They provide examples practical solutions and expert education in new technologies all designed to help programmers do a better jo.

Download Professional XNA Game Programming For Xbox 360 and Windows

You haven't experienced the full potential of Xbox 360 or Windows until you've created your own homebrewed games for these innovative systems With Microsoft's new XNA Framework the only thing limiting you is your imagination Now professional game developer and Microsoft DirectX MVP Benjamin Nitschke shows you how to take advantage of the XNA Game Studio Express tools and libraries in order to build cutting edge games Whether you want to explore new worlds or speed down a city block in a souped up dragster this book will get you up and running uickly You'll learn how to implement 3D models generate huge la.

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Ndscapes map cool looking shaders to your 3D objects and much Nitschke also steps you through the development of your first fully functional racing game You'll then be able to apply this information as you write your own XNA cross platform gamesWhat you will learn from this bookTricks for managing the game engine and user interface How to program an old school shooter game and space adventure Tips for improving racing game logic and expanding your game ideas Methods for integrating amazing visual effects using advanced shader techniues Steps for adding sound and music with XACT bringing your game to life.

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