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    One of the John Falkenberg CoDominium books Not what I was expecting as I'd gotten it confused with another after all these years Actually I didn't remember this much at all but it's probably been over 30 years since I last read it I enjoyed it uite a lot It raises a wonderful moral dilemma for the armed services diplomacy Colonial government Better it does it in a fast moving action packed story with likeable characters Even the bad guys aren't well read the book it's a tough situation he posits one that is historically accurateHe also gives some great examples of sustainable mismatched technologies that could very well be encountered in the future if we colonize terraform planets High tech mixing with very low tech in believable waysFun uick read Highly recommended

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    I first read this book as a teenager I don't remember if I read it serialized in a magazine or if I read it as a book I re read it today forty years later I thought this was a good book but then I enlisted and spent 28 years in the Military Now I know it is a GREAT book and something that certainly should be mandatory reading for every young man or woman who wants to be an officer candidate Academy ROTC or OTS I was ten years enlisted before I went to OTS and I've learned all the hard lessons that Major and Doctor Pournelle was trying to teach me with this book and the whole saga of John Christian Falkenberg If you wish to lead troops in battle you should read this bookif you wish to somewhat understand the psychology of military people you MUST read this bookPsychological treatises by learned psychologists who have never been in battle are like reading a sex manual written by a virginJerry Pournelle has been there and done that and has distilled that experience into an entertaining and gritty tale that teaches a lot of bitter hard won lessonsIF you've the wit to understand

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    Today’s review is for “West Of Honor” 1978© written by Jerry Pournelle Pournelle is a famous Science Fiction writer who not only wrote great individual novels he also wrote story lines which spanned several books – much like Robert Heinlein’s “Lazarus Long” story timeline In Pournelle’s case the premise is that the United States and the Soviet Union come together to form a “CoDominium” to 1 control the Earth and the exploration of space; and 2 maintain their relative positions in the “new” age of space exploration The “future” is strangely both dystopian and optimistic Dystopian in that surplus population is forced into space as cheap labor and optimistic as some of the planets manage to build workable civilizations The faster than light Alderson stardrives used in the book series “was” invented in 2004 and first used to go beyond the solar system in 2008 LOL So far not even closeThe main character in the time line is a “Napoleonic” figure named John Christian Falkenberg This book is the story of Falkenberg’s pacification of a planet The story is told as a first person narrative by one of Falkenberg’s junior officers – Hal Slater This really is a “good old fashioned” modern war story which just happens to take place on another planet You read about planetary politics military and medical technology and all that but in the end war comes down to men bleeding and dying To the extent Pournelle is able to convince you to believe the technology you buy the SciFi To the extent he convinces you to believe in the battles and the drama you buy the war story I “bought into” both and enjoyed the book tremendously Interestingly victory does not necessarily lead to a “happy” endingFull disclosure I first read this book back in the early 1980’s I also read a number of other books in the series but I no longer have those I’m not sure how or when I lost them but I suppose it was when we moved to Liverpool or back In any case I’m probably going to end up re buying them and re reading them Final recommendation highly recommended Particularly if you like SciFi Military Lit

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    Good military SCI FI I’ve read several Jerry Pournelle novels Most of them years ago I recently discovered rediscovered? that many of his novels share the same universe CoDominion of which a few I have read not knowing or at least not remembering that they are set in the same universeI looked for a reading order which was problematic due to Pournelle’s books being reprinted in various editions I think West of Honor seemed like the best place to start It was a uick readlisten I will probably continue reading through themFYI The Audible narrator wasn’t that great

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    A good but dated book Vietnam ended in '75 and this was published in '80 The combat is only slightly advanced from Vietnam era and the politics really aren't Soldiers are forced into dishonorable actions because of politics and even when they manage to fight against oppression the victory is tainted by the politics that created problem in the first place Nevertheless Pournelle writes an intelligent and enjoyable hero story and I'm glad I took the time to listen to it

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    Reading it againI readed this book back in 1978 I was in highschool I reread it almost ten years later for the second time I was in the desert on my tank in Eygpt The thrid time l was out of the Army and enjoying civilian life Now it's the fourth time l have reread this story I know that I'm not the same person I was back over the years but I think this story has spoken to me in different ways each time

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    The LegionA classic military scifi short on the science long on the military This starts the John Christian saga which is best appreciated by reading The Princeunfortunately unavailable electronically or new hardcover

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    I think I read this as part of The Prince collection Can't be sure

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    It's Pournelle doing his thing with futuristic military matters You'll like it of you won't I like it

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    If you like military sci fi you’ll enjoy this Set on an alien planet where former convicts have been running roughshod over the populace our hero’s save the day

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Of the USA and the USSR into a ruthless and imperial state that spans first the Earth and then the Solar System But because it fails to hold the loyalty of its soldiers it falters at the. A good but dated book Vietnam ended in '75 and this was published in '80 The comb

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Sooner or later all civilizations age and decline grow senile and die either by conuest from without or from internal rot The final days of Western Civilization are signaled by the joining. One of the John Falkenberg CoDominium books Not what I was expecting as I'd gotte

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StarsAs well as carrying the CoDominium Future History into the galactic period West of Honor introduces Jerry Pournelle's most important and influential character John Christian Falkenber. It's Pournelle doing his thing with futuristic military matters You'll like it of